Party Animals on the Loose: Bunch of Bovines in Boxford Break Free and Crash Beer Bash

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

People may believe that residents of New England are staid and reserved. That may be true of some but definitely not all of us. It’s also not true of our farm animals—and I have a news story to prove it:

According to reports, a half dozen bovines invited themselves to a backyard party in Boxford, Massachusetts, last Sunday. Police Lt. James Riter said that the human partiers, a group of young adults, abandoned their beers and “decamped to the deck” of the house when the animals arrived. Riter added that the bovines knocked over the plastic cups of Bud Light and Miller Lite that the party goers left behind on the table. He claimed there was evidence that the bovines—six Belted ­Galloways—appeared to prefer the Bud Light.

Riter, who is a 21-year veteran of the Boxford police force, said that he has had encounters with the animal kingdom in the past. “I’ve been chased by Texas longhorns, chased by an ornery horned goat and his friend the donkey. Once I had a snapping turtle invade a 5-year-old’s birthday party and then refuse to leave the cruiser when we transported it.”

Fortunately, no humans or ruminants were hurt at the beer bash last Sunday. The bovines made it back home safely after their evening of binge drinking. There were no charges of public intoxication filed against any of the Belted Galloways.

Beer-guzzling cows crash Boxford party (Boston Globe)
Drinking cows crash party (Salem News)

25 thoughts on “Party Animals on the Loose: Bunch of Bovines in Boxford Break Free and Crash Beer Bash”

  1. LottaKatz,

    Wrong tree. Should be fir, spruce. The juniper bushes they leave alone. I harvested purple berries to use in a moose stew once with good result.
    Speaking of “meese” babies, wish I could send you a video shown on our nature program here. It stood in a water puddle and stamped its hooves just like a three year old child. Several times. Fun as hell he/she thought obviously. Just didn’t have rain boots on.
    Maybe it’s on youtube.

  2. Idealist,
    Moose babies are lovely, stolen apples aside. Silly ra-deer, Juniper berries belong in Gin, not their tummies 🙂

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