Trump Dumps USA Today — Instantly Elevating Newspaper’s Standing

As a columnist for USA Today, there are times when I simply burst with pride over the association. That feeling occurred today when I heard that Donald Trump had publicly canceled his USA Today subscription.

Trump dumped the newspaper via Twitter after calling the paper and its founder Al Neuharth “lightweights.” He told followers: “Just cancelled my subscription to @USATODAY,” Trump tweeted. “Boring newspaper with no mojo — must be losing a fortune. Founder [Al Neuharth] has always been a lightweight — just like his paper”

The recent appearance of Mitt Romney with Trump made millions of Americans cringe. There was nothing presidential in appearing with a man generally viewed as little more than a clownish caricature. I must confess that I have never figured out the appeal of Trump beyond a fascination with the grotesque. There honestly must be a few things that no one should be willing to do for public office. One of the top five is appear with Trump.

Of course, Romney got a boost this week not only with Bill Clinton saying that he should be complemented not criticized for his business career but also heaping praise on Trump.

Source: Politico

7 thoughts on “Trump Dumps USA Today — Instantly Elevating Newspaper’s Standing”

  1. Michael Moore said in his book that Clintor was our most successful Republican Predident. He then gave the names of the bills they passed through Congress, and by golly the statement appears to hold. (Sorry, I forget that “by golly” is under the ban now.)

    And now he’s endorsing businees success and Trump to boot.
    Bil has changed party, before he wss elected: Now he’s admittting it.

    As for business success, he done quite well”aiding” the Haitians with cardboard shanks. It’ no´t the cost, it’s the margin that hurts.

  2. Thanks for publishing that photo of the ugly looking Trump guy. We hung it in the dog house and all of the fleas fled. There are rats in the outhouse and we will hang it there and check back with you later in the day and give a full report.

  3. “Trump dumped the newspaper via Twitter after calling the paper and its founder Al Neuharth “lightweights.””

    How droll that a man who has accomplished nothing but squander his inheritance and gain fame as the ultimate vulgarian calls someone else a “lightweight”. Trump is a comedy gift that unknowingly keeps on giving.

  4. Ya think Clinton is switching parties?

    My my….. Tsk tsk….

    The allure of trump as you’ve said is grotesque, but today’s politics demands some sort of freak show…..we’ve already seen the side show….

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