Lawyers Have Bigger Briefs: Study Finds Lawyers and Judges Prone To Weight Gain

This may not come as much of a surprise to some, but lawyers report some of the highest rates of weight gain of any professions due to stress eating and eating out regularly. The study also reports high weight gain for administrative assistants, travel agents and other desk bound folk.

Notably, however, police and firefighters are included in the list despite their more active professions.

As shown by Supreme Court Chief Justice Taft, this is not a recent problem. Moreover, the country as a whole is certainly getting wider. However, the combination of stress and weight gain is a killer for lawyers. I have long discussed whether the law school should do more on programs related to health and fitness in light of the problem. I can personally report weight fluctuations during litigation. I tend to gain when in court due to stress eating and lack of exercise.

Source: Larry Bodine as first seen on ABA Journal.

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