Uber-Nanny: Bloomberg Administration Now Moves Against Popcorn and Milk

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been justifiably ridiculed for his banning of large sugary drinks — refusing to allow adults to make such choices for themselves. Despite the overwhelming criticism of the soda ban, his health board appears emboldened rather than chagrined by the controversy. It is now moving to ban certain sizes of popcorn and milk.

At the meeting discussion of the soda ban, some of the members of board said they should be considering other limits on high-calorie foods. Bruce Vladeck wants to see limits on the sizes for movie theater popcorn — noting that “The popcorn isn’t a whole lot better than the soda,”

Board member Dr. Joel Forman has a pet peeve with milk – calling for limits on “milkshakes and milk-coffee beverages that have monstrous amounts of calories.”

The members seem to be struggling to confirm the worst expectations of a food police — once the government gains of taste of food limits, they develop an insatiable desire for more. It becomes a slippery slope . . . if soda, why not popcorn . . . if popcorn, why not milk. The board seems to want to fulfill every stereotype of a nanny state.

By the way, many of us with multiple kids buy large popcorn and split it to save money. Will the Board require certification of a multiple person purchase or just force families to pay the higher price of multiple small popcorn sizes?

We have seen the same phenomenon in California and other states. Once the taste of the nectar of nanny laws takes hold, officials demand more and more control over the diets and choices of citizens. New Yorkers are not known for withholding their opinions in traffic or any other forum. I would hope that they would be heard loud and clear about this board and the need for some new members.

Source: Fox

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    See with everybody fighting over their popcorn, nobody heard that last pop—

  4. Somebody needs to tell Bloomberg to watch out for Chicago’s latest “wrinkle” in the parking meter deal. Chicago has been presented with a bill for those days, due to street maintenance or summer fairs, when no parking is permitted on a street. Last I heard, Rahm was contesting a “bill” of some $57 million. I guess it was in the lease contract that was drawn up by the law firm of Daley’s choice. That same firm now happens to employ Daley and a couple of his top aids. There’s a deal that stinks to high heaven.

  5. I would think it would be better in the realm of the federal government to regulate food issues. Having something as basic as food subject to a patchwork of local regulations, all differing to some extent, would create a very illiquid commerce situation.

  6. These needless controversies are designed IMO to give cover to Bloomberg on the big issues facing him like the above mentioned sell off of the parking meters. Whenever I see a politician doing silly stuff like this I have to wonder what s/he’s hiding. The first skill a magician or politician learns is misdirection. And does it work? Well, everybody seems to be talking about soda and popcorn instead of the fire-sale that is America.

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