Thanks for the Bed

I had to laugh when I saw this picture on Reddit. My dog Molly did the same thing when we bought her a nice bed.

Molly, a goldendoddle, loves to sleep on anything soft. However, Leslie draws the line on beds and sofas. On occasion, Molly tests us by jumping on a bed and watching intently if we object. This always happens when the kids have a sleepover. She seems to take the position that this guy is not even a family member, but I have to sleep on the floor?

Do you let your dog sleep in your bed?

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  1. Woosty,

    What kind of cat are you? You know the large felines are more dangerous than the large canines. The little kitties think the same way as the larger ones.

  2. When he died, my mother cut off a small corner of that pillow and put it in a tiny, silk jewelry bag. Itโ€™s upstairs in the back, right-hand corner of my jewelry box with the instructions that I take it with me when I die.
    you are good people. ((xxx))

  3. You can’t do anything about it. Poor doggie. If you keep kicking them out, it makes you feel mean because they keep coming back. Then they think they can take over the entire bed.

    I tried to put the dog in the basement one time, but the ex-wife wouldn’t let me. There was a crate down there. Nice and comfy. The stupid dog kept whining. She slept on the couch with the mutt.

  4. leejcaroll,

    Dogs, cats, kids, grandkids … all find their way to our bed at night … my husband calls them the bridge to nowhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Blouise ((*_*))
    My mother had gordon setters (and later a poodle). We used to fight about who would get to sleep with them when I visited her house. (I know her house, but then I was a guest at that point and should have gotten to sleep with them but my mother usually won) I have a 2 cat night as my cats will sleep nowhere else at night except on my bed, all that shedded hair makes an additional blanket ((*_*))

  6. Used to. They’re stubborn that way. They sneak when they think you’re asleep.

  7. Blouise,

    A fresh bed to lie in. How nice, and never a word to you.
    Thanks otherwise. Hoping.

    Do you have an open fireplace to burn cedar logs? Don’t bother answering. Just a nice idea which came.

  8. Blouise,
    That was an amazing story!
    Our yellow lab Buster has several “beds”. His old kennel crate that he still goes into at times and a store bought bed. He also jumps on our bed at times, especially during storms!

  9. SwM, mespo, id707,

    Every 6 weeks or so when I crawled into bed I would catch a whiff of fresh cedar. That meant my mom had emptied the pillow, washed the case and loaded it with fresh cedar shavings. Whenever I smell cedar I know all is right with the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

    (“Lusse sleeps with Kerstin.” … id707 I’m sure they’ll make room for you when the time comes. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  10. My pal Max sleeps at my feet unless I get restless or he gets too warm or whatever and he moves to his own bed.

    When I visit at a particular home they have 3-4 dogs all vying for attention. One in particular would join Max on the bed (the dogs there sleep wherever they want). Gracie was beta dog and Max was the intruder who challenged her position with me. The two of them would have a contest on who would sleep closest to my head. The one closest would be the dominant one. Well, this alpha dog doesn’t like other dogs sleeping near her face so Gracie no longer gets to stay in the room with me. Max moves down by my feet. She isn’t happy with the demotion but she deals with it. She’s still in charge of the rest of the dogs and she seems to know that the intruder won’t stay long.

  11. My “bestest” friend in the world, as a young child back in the early 50’s, was my black Cocker Spaniel. He walked with me to and from school every day, rain, shine, snow (this was the early, early 50’s and there were no school buses nor did my mother have a car as my dad used it for work). On really cold days the janitor would let him in to sleep in the furnace room but otherwise, every school day I could look out my classroom window and see him waiting for me. During recess he played with all of us.

    He was not, under any circumstances, allowed to sleep in my bed. It was Christmas time and I was in second grade. I wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking him to bring my dog a big pillow that I could put under my bed for my dog. It was the only present I requested.

    My grandmother, who thought all dogs should be “outside” sewed a large pillowcase out of red flannel and my grandfather, who thought all dogs should be “working” dogs, stuffed it with cedar shavings. That Christmas Day night I put it under my bed. My dog crawled on top of it and slept on that pillow every night for the rest of his life.

    When he died, my mother cut off a small corner of that pillow and put it in a tiny, silk jewelry bag. It’s upstairs in the back, right-hand corner of my jewelry box with the instructions that I take it with me when I die.

  12. We let the dogs sleep with us in motels, but no dogs in the bedroom at home.

  13. Kinda hard to follow Malisha (tough act to follow).

    But even if it’s not the soft warmth they like, there is also the family smell which is lacking in their usual bed. (Assuming you don’t spend time in their beds.)

    Our cat Lusse liked sleeping next to Kerstin’s head. They liked it both of them, Kinda made me feel leftour, so the wise wife gave me a clap behind her back. I usuallly whined in return, thanking her.

  14. My grandwhippet (now deceased, RIP) used to sleep on a sofa with me. But he had designs on the BEST PART. So story:

    One night, winter, freezing, middle of the night, whippet leaps up from where he was situated (at my feet, long sofa) and begins to do the running around in circles dance which means, “gotto go out.” It was not safe to just let him out, he had to be leashed and walked in that area (no fence) so I got up, wearily found my coat, put on my clogs, got his leash ready, turned around.

    There he was, triumphantly on the PILLOW! (It is the warmest place in the bed, of course.) He gave me that, “You can’t actually get mad at me because I am adorable” look and lay his head down to sleep through the chilly night.

  15. Our schnauzer, Molly, has the run of the house but prefers to sleep perched atop a couch in the sun room during the day. What the hey she’s a lot neater than the boys and their friends.

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