The Vatican Goes to War Against the Nuns over the “M” Word

Respectfully submitted by Lawrence Rafferty (rafflaw)-Guest Blogger

We have discussed the alleged War on Women in past blog articles here on Prof. Turley’s blog, as well as the Roman Catholic Church’s attempts to silence the Nuns over their support of Obamacare.  The Vatican is now battling the good Sisters over the alleged evilness of Masturbation!  The Vatican’s watchdog office called “The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith” has come out against a book written by Sister Margaret Farley’s  in 2006 titled, Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics, because, among other evil statements,  the female author states that masturbation never hurt anyone.  Such heresy!

Let me state up front that I just can’t imagine why one of the world’s largest religions, entirely led by men who are sworn to celibacy would be against masturbation?  Does Pope Benedict really think that his priests do not masturbate?  These are the same men who continue to hide child molesters from civil authorities on an international scale, but they cannot sit back and let any women suggest that masturbation is harmless!

Maybe the Vatican is just upset that this nun is getting the royalties and not the real experts on the subject.  MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell uttered the evil word many times on a recent TV segment during his defense of Sister Farley’s book.

“Coming to the defense of Sister Margaret Farley’s 2006 book “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” O’Donnell displayed an image of a crucifix and the Bible with the word “rewrite” just below them, then thanked the Vatican for bringing Farley’s book to his attention before launching into his tirade.  As it would happen, he said, the church’s office that “spends its time deciding which books to hate” was, until 1908, called “The Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition.” O’Donnell was speaking, of course, about “The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith,” which took issue with Farley’s book and singled out her positions on three specific things: masturbation, same-sex relationships and divorce.  And in particular, they called self-pleasuring “an intrinsically and gravely disordered action” that poses “grave harm” to Christians — whereas Farley suggested that no harm has ever come of it.”  Raw Story

Now, I realize that this story isn’t the most important issue that is confronting the nation, but I was struck at the sheer arrogance of the Vatican’s hypocrisy.  Allegedly celibate men wouldn’t think of ever pleasuring themselves, right?  At least not according to the official word of the Vatican.  I would think that if the Vatican was smart that they would take the high road and keep their pie hole shut and worry about the evils that their celibate men have exacted on the world’s youth.  I guess doing the right thing only works in the Bible.  Don’t the Cardinals and Bishops know that masturbation might actually prevent cancer?

Researchers in Australia did a study and asked men with prostate cancer and those without prostate cancer about their sex habits. The results might surprise the Vatican.

“They found those who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to develop the cancer.  The protective effect was greatest while the men were in their 20s.  Men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.”  BBC

I am not suggesting that all priests should masturbate in order to help save their lives, but when is the last time that you heard of a priest developing prostate cancer?  Hmmmm??   🙂

I will be attending the 48th reunion of my St. Lambert’s Catholic Grade School class this coming weekend and I don’t know if any of our good Benedictine Sisters are still alive or if any will be in attendance, but if they do attend, I will let them know that I appreciate their fellow Sisters taking a stand against the Male dominated Roman Catholic Church and its attacks on Catholic women speaking their minds.  What’s that old saying, “Behind every good Church is a Good Women”?     I think I have that right!?

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  1. The only one the DYING Catholic church is really at war with is itself. The sad fact is that most priests & most Nuns, are accepted into seminary before they themselves reach sexual maturity, and are from that point on indoctrinated in the church’s own twisted outlook on all matters sexual….. Therefore, rendering them unable to, and incapable of rendering decent information on the subject. And, that’s the way the church wants it. Remember, if you control a person’s sex life, you’ve pretty much got that person totally under your control! Oh, I wish I was younger than 67….. I’ve dreamed of watching the Catholic church destroyed, and razed to the ground…… But, I fear, it’s taking way too long. We are witnessing the beginnings of the realization by beleivers, that their beliefs may have been based on false information, and people are opening their eyes to the truth. The ranks of the ‘Non-Believers’ are growing faster than any other facet of religion. Thankfully, their, the Catholic church’s, ignorant, regressive, out of touch Nazi Pope, is helping speed the process up a bit. I hope I’m not too old to join the celebration when the church finally does become just a memory, instead of the Plague upon Humanity which it is now……..

  2. Commoner, I think it is for several reasons:
    (1) because the idea of “spilling seed” is a male evil based on the idea that women have no “seed” to spill so they are not wasting god-substance; it doesn’t “spill” eggs either;
    (2) the law is written for men and they don’t really care what the women do unless it is something the man wants to control and then, the control is simply his to apply and needs no law;
    (3) men don’t really mind womansex; in all the ancient cultures I have read about it’s perfectly OK because there’s no real competition involved (“who cares what the girls do as long as we get what we want?”) and
    (4) It wouldn’t keep men from having their wives, their children, their property, their perogatives. And
    (5) Who cares if the women all go blind; that just makes it easier for the ugly men to find dates.

  3. Interestingly in traditional Jewish Law masturbation and gay evils are solely male, while females are free to masturbate and be lesbians to their hearts content. (I actually had the balls to ask a knowledgeable Orthodox Rabbi about this subject. Granted, he was a free thinker as far as the Orthodox Rabbis go.) This is inconsistent with the claims that traditional Judaism is sexist against women. Why do they get a free pass?

  4. Rafflaw, oops, sorry.
    See, when I pretend to be an expert in something, I always get found out!

  5. Y’all forgot to thank the Prof. Snarty, shart, snart.
    Good cause anyway. The more we masturbate the less we fight and sexually abuse, at least in theory.

  6. Rafflaw, I took the Fifth once in the Pentagon and a general nearly broke my goddamn hand.

    True story:

    He had called me and said he needed to meet with me (another activist and I had contacted him and a dozen others about a child abuse case at Fort Benning, GA) immediately. He practically begged me to get there within the day and I got there in the early afternoon. I was escorted to his office by a Colonel, very polite, very accommodating. I came into the General’s office in my grey suit (“look officially acceptable”) and he stood to greet me. BEFORE reaching me, he asked, “Where did you get the documents?” I reached my l right hand out to shake his and said, “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.” He squashed my hand so hard that I could feel it three days later; it went “crrrrrrrrrr” as he shook it! I realized later that what I should have done was to scream and fall to the floor, but I couldn’t think fast enough.

    Another true story:

    I was subjected to a trial in Virginia that was a mixed criminal civil trial, without any criminal charges, all hodgepodged together because a judge was angry. I was called as the first witness — against myself. As the attorney (NOT a prosecutor) was questioning me, I answered one of the questions, “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it could incriminate me.” The lawyer argued and said, “How could it incriminate you to sign over ownership of a used car?” I repeated the language. The lawyer asked the judge for a ruling, and the judge said, “I don’t know if the Fifth Amendment applies in a civil proceeding like this.” Then the lawyer asked me if I understood that refusing to answer the question would give rise to an inference that I was lying. I said, “No, I don’t understand anything at this point.” Later, the Court of Appeals of Virginia refused to review the case because I had filed a civil appeal rather than a “writ of error” for a criminal appeal! So much for the Fifth Amendment.

    Where did you say you hid that vodka? I think I’m still hungover.

  7. Rafflaw, trust me for the “interesting angle.” My hobby is saying, “Another way to look at it is…”

    Someone taught me once that you can never tell anyone “there are four (5, 5, 6, 7, 8…) reasons…

    You have to stop at THREE. She said, “ONLY THREE THINGS! EVER!”

    So I made it my business to always find the fourth.

    An ex-husband of mine made it his business to always find the fifth (of vodka).

  8. Elsie, you got it.
    Unfortunately, though, it will only be a wave destroying a sand BUNGALOW.
    We never got that castle built.

  9. Oh, the same old rhetoric coming from the holier than thou catholics. My entire sexual educational experience at my school (catholic) in Belgium consisted of a nun spending a few minutes on the ‘coming together of a seed and an egg to create a wonderful new baby’ and ten minutes on the evils of masturbation: we’d go blind instantly. The rebel in me couldn’t wait to get home of course and I disappeared into my bedroom to try it out. I admit I was really worried about opening my eyes but when finally I did I jumped out of bed and told myself that they had gone too far. Watch out for Santorum and his dedicated love to the catholic church (via Opus Dei) and hope that he never amasses any more power than he already has for with him the rights of women will be eroded faster than a wave destroying a sand castle.

  10. I think I’ll go back to signalling my jokes with JOKE again. Safer if more boring. I make the aame mistake so many times myself Rafflaw.

  11. Malisha,
    interesting angle!
    thanks for the link. I saw some articles about the bus tour. Those nuns are brave for sticking their necks out.

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