Carter Denounces Obama Administration For “Widespread Abuse of Human Rights”

Former President Jimmy Carter has joined civil libertarians in denouncing President Barack Obama for his “widespread abuse of human rights” by authorizing drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists. Obama has continued the drones strikes despite the public demand of Pakistan and other countries that he stop the attacks on sovereign territory. While the United States would never tolerate such attacks on our soil and would treat them as an act of war, Obama officials have said that the attacks will continue so long as it views them to be in our national interest. Carter also denounced Obama’s continued use of Guantanamo Bay, his continuation of abusive surveillance programs, denial of privacy protections of citizens and other violations.

While avoiding the direct mention of Obama’s name as opposed to referring to his Administration, Carter cited the clear violations of 10 of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a New York Times op-ed on Monday that the “United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights.” He noted that we are not only violating international law but that “[i]nstead of making the world safer, America’s violation of international human rights abets our enemies and alienates our friends.”

Since January 2009, we have carried out an estimated 265 drone strikes in Pakistan alone — killing at least 1,488 people (1,343 of them considered militants).

The United States now routinely commits acts that would be deemed acts of war against other nations. For example, consider the recently reported computer virus unleashed by U.S. and Israeli intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program reportedly caused explosions at a critical plant and damaged the entire program. The use of Stuxnet and later Flame has been heralded as a great success — even the later now appears to have spread to other nations causing disruptions. The use of “cyber missiles” differs little in impact from a bombing raid or an assassination on foreign territory. In this case it caused an explosion — a classic form of sabotage. Imagine Iran sabotaging a U.S. nuclear plant. Not only is the use of these virus an obvious act of aggression, it has denied the U.S. the moral authority to object to current attacks by China and North Korea. We have started a cyber war. Just as with our torture program, our objections to the conduct of nations like China is viewed as blatant hypocrisy abroad.

Carter’s public condemnation highlights the widening gap between the Administration and civil libertarians — some of whom are unwilling to vote for a president who has committed such violations as well as publicly refused to allow CIA employees to be prosecuted for torture (let alone Bush officials). The current presidential race presents the greatest ethical challenge for civil libertarians in decades with good people falling on both sides of this ongoing debate.

Source: ABC

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  1. Shano,

    Thanks for info that Wikileaks still seems alive. Is he still at the ecuadorian embassy?

    As for the Executive Orer and the Examiner. Have you watched this source for awhile? There are very few independent channels today. Who is controlling this one?

    My reading of the text gives an entirely different interpretation. It is motivated as a way of insuring that funds are not prevented from being transferred to the Russian Federation to pay for the cost of the reprocessing of HEU stored there from missiles withdrawn from service in accordance with Star (?) treaties.

    What is it that says the finance examiner’s interpretation to this will mean calling for a response from RF? Can’t find the connection.

    Obama is perhaps caught with his pants down by someone, it isn’t the first time for any President. And lacking the time to dicker from a law from Congress, he reaches for the tool previously provided by law. He says he can kill Americans by XO, so why not this? He at least has a law to point at, which he does not in the XO killings.
    If it was for George or for him I don’t know.

    There are two unsnswered questions, who could and would attempt to take over such monies; and what else is Obama planning to do with his emergency powers.

    Those powers are considerable already, including the “drafting” of men, women and children for forced labor, mass movement of populations arbitrarily to concentration camps (don’t recall what they call them, but some corp is making over 300 million a year in “preparedness” payments only. Under FEMA I believe.

    Good luck with your work.

    And my regards as usual to the boys listening in.
    Sleep well tonight America, your intelligence is watching over you.

  2. found on Timothy Pools twitter, but I follow Wilileaks too,
    (“hi cia/fbi/hs trolls).

    Anonymous, the Occupy Movement and all hacker groups love Wikileaks. They believe that the Wikileaks cable dump is the spark that ignited Tunisia and the start of the Arab Spring.

    The media has been captured by the 1%, the Multinationals, so we have very little real journalism these days.

    More here from the Obama Administration that is under the radar:

  3. Shano,

    Thank you VERY much. I can’t get enough of Chomsky and did not know of Tariq Ali. How did you find it—assuming you googled.

  4. BettyKath,

    How big a ripple could be made? Might be an interesting alternative. Assuming peaceniks are divided between the two sides, that is to say. Could it bear a message to these clowns?? “Get the EFF out”. Bring them home.

    As it is now it is chess. I think they see it as the only alternative to you or me—who nukes first.

    Maybe so, but we ain’t winning hearts and minds.

    Oddly I never get spat at here whenever my frequent greetings are made to foreigners and I say that I am American. They smile, with the exception of the Somalis—and they frown at everybody. Only a postman makes them smile.

  5. bettykath-

    In the 2008 Wisconsin primary I wrote-in Dennis Kucinich for President. In the general election, I voted for Obama with no enthusiasm at all on the theory of “the lesser of two evils” (which I now reject). The “lesser of two evils” is evil, and should not receive anyone’s vote.

    In the 2012 Wisconsin primary I wrote-in Dennis Kucinich for President again, and again was the only one in my community to do so. Maybe the only one in the State of Wisconsin to do so. But, it was not a wasted vote because I voted for a man worthy of the Presidency. If the Democratic Party wants my vote in the future, they must run better candidates.

    I also don’t buy the “Obama will appoint better people to the Supreme Court” argument. Obama will never appoint a hard-core Civil Libertarian to the Supreme Court. In my opinion, anything less is a bad choice.

    Don’t worry, bettykath, I vote in every election. I will get some info on Jill Stein- I would like to be able to vote for an actual Progressive for a change. I grit my teeth every time I hear someone call Obama a Socialist. If only it were true!

  6. Carter is backed up by the U.N.:

    Heyns, a South African law professor, told the meeting: “Are we to accept major changes to the international legal system which has been in existence since world war two and survived nuclear threats?”

    Some states, he added, “find targeted killings immensely attractive. Others may do so in future … Current targeting practices weaken the rule of law. Killings may be lawful in an armed conflict [such as Afghanistan] but many targeted killings take place far from areas where it’s recognised as being an armed conflict.”

    If it is true, he said, that “there have been secondary drone strikes on rescuers who are helping (the injured) after an initial drone attack, those further attacks are a war crime”.

    Heyns ridiculed the US suggestion that targeted UAV strikes on al-Qaida or allied groups were a legitimate response to the 9/11 attacks. “It’s difficult to see how any killings carried out in 2012 can be justified as in response to [events] in 2001,” he said. “Some states seem to want to invent new laws to justify new practices.

    (“>UN Says Drones Illegal).
    jongrif851 1, June 26, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    … Jimmy — OK I hear you — except for one thing. The Muslims coming out of Waziristan (sp I know …) are traveling across the border into Afghanistan and ATTACKING and KILLING US Soldiers
    U.S. soldiers kill 6,570 of themselves each year via suicide.

    That is more than all the fictitious enemies have done in a decade of mindless wars.

    Have you forgotten that Saudi Arabia did 79% of 9/11 and nothing has come of that.

    The places you do your jingoism on, both Iraq and Afghanistan combined, did at most only 21% (Iraq did zero BTW).

  7. HenMan,

    You are very much on target and in touch with the voter apathy……

  8. Dear Bob Kauten,

    I do agree we should not have invaded Iraq — but Afghanistan / Osama Bin Laden — they HAD to go after 9/11 I guess you forget that the soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghan are only following orders — you DO know that correct?

    They had nothing to do with President Cheney (I am correct here as well ..) / VP Bush and SecDef Rummie’s Decision Making Process. And yes, they are trying to instill peace despite your denial (a river in Egypt)

    I wish that we could bring them all home tomorrow but that is impossible. However, once again, those fighters coming across the border are supported at home in Waziriztan in many ways and I see no difference between their support and that given the German armies in WWII. Hence, despite being “civilians” (in name only) — sorry they’re fair game.

  9. jongrif851, I was all set to reply but

    Bob Kauten, thanks for the reply to jongrif851.

    Henman, I agree that voting for either of the choices is a wasted vote, however, please vote. Not voting is tacit consent to the devastation that either of the two major candidates will give us. I’m voting for Jill Stein as a statement of anti-war sentiment. The more people who vote for an anti-war candidate – find one that you like – the louder we will be.

  10. Mitt Romney is a pathetic balloon-folding birthday clown and a spineless worm. Barack Obama is a pathetic balloon-folding birthday clown and a spineless worm. Hmmmmm. Which shall I waste my vote on?

    The answer is, I shall vote for neither. I, and all Americans will be worse off after this unfortunite election. Neither birthday clown will lift a finger to restore our lost civil liberties. Neither birthday clown will protect Social Security. Neither birthday clown will veto the bill that will raise the eligibility age of Medicare to 67. Neither birthday clown will remove our troops from Afghanistan. Neither birthday clown will give Bradley Manning, or anyone else who exposes government wrongdoing, a fair trial in a civilian court. Neither birthday clown will stop the militarization of local police departments by the Federal Government. Neither birthday clown will protect the peoples’ right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Neither birthday clown will tell the American people the truth when it is easier and more convenient to lie.

    When this sad election is over, I will be worse off. But I will have one thing left. I will know that I did not waste my vote on either of the two spineless worms. I did not give my precious vote to Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. I will still have my self-respect.

  11. Jimmy Carter is one of our few statesmen. He cares about you, and he says what he thinks. Appreciate him while he’s still here.

    jongrif851, a few comments:

    B. The folks from Waziristan are crossing the border to Afghanistan to kill U.S. citizens because U.S. citizens are in Afghanistan. There’s no justification for our citizens to be in Afghanistan.
    No, “we” are not in Iraq and Afghanistan to instill peace, and never were. There is no peace process, only killing. The U.S.A. invaded both countries. The time to leave was long ago.

    “Although some men and women may not cross over the border, those that do are certainly being supported by their tribes in terms of food, water, shelter, etc and we have every right to break that chain.”
    And that’s justification for murdering everyone in the surrounding area. We do not have the right to break that chain, by Constitutional or international law. “We” do it because no one has the courage and the means to stop us.

    Since the next generation will grow up as “insurgents”, we’re justified in killing all women to prevent it, correct? They’re growing up as “insurgents” because they’re being slaughtered. We create insurgents. They hate us, for good reason.
    I don’t sympathize with the tribal religious/philosophical views of these people. I don’t have to, they live many thousands of miles away. Just go away, and leave them alone.

    E. “…we as a nation cannot protect Human Rights correctly until we as a nation are both SAFE and SECURE.”
    This nation will never be safe and secure until it stops invading small, nearly defenseless countries, and quartering troops in the majority of countries in the world. “Imperialist” sounds like an out-moded concept. It fits the U.S.A., perfectly.
    Perpetual war brings neither safety, nor security. Perpetual war gives authoritarians in the U.S.A. an excuse to curtail our liberties.

  12. A. Dear Otteray Scribe — please STOP with your comments about “Americans of color” — last time I checked “white” (Caucasian) was a COLOR ….. When blacks or other ethnicities continue to use phrases like that — all they do is keep the wedge driven deeply into American society to keep the ethnicities divided instead of trying to unite this country against some of the evils it faces both externally and internally.

    I guess you have forgotten BASIC English grammar — white or Caucasian, black, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, Vietnamese African etc. when describing Americans are all ADJECTIVES — modifiers of a NOUN. The operative word (noun)here is AMERICAN. IF we, as a nation, could STOP using some of the aforementioned adjectives and ONLY used the word American to describe ourselves we would be 10,000% better off in this country!!!!!

    So PLEASE STOP — NOW !!!

    B. Human Rights — Jimmy — OK I hear you — except for one thing. The Muslims coming out of Waziristan (sp I know …) are traveling across the border into Afghanistan and ATTACKING and KILLING US Soldiers / Marines etc etc. So I TOTALLY support Pres. Obama’s attacks on these lawless regions IF Pakistan is NOT going to do its job to stop it. After all, aren’t we still in both Iraq and Afghanistan to “install” peace and yet these lawless b*stards, with funding and arms from Iran continue to cross over and disrupt the peace process. Look at the stats — approx. 1300 out of 1400 deemed to be militants.

    Also, has Pres. Carter forgotten the lessons of WW II. We held the German and Japanese populaces accountable for their support of their armies waging war. What is different here now??? Although some men and women may not cross over the border, those that do are certainly being supported by their tribes in terms of food, water, shelter, etc and we have every right to break that chain.

    C. Re: Romney — I am middle middle class. IF Romney makes it in — I see a definite shift — once again — as the middle class takes on MORE of the tax burden as Willard Mittster Romney insures his rich buddies get richer at the middle class’ expense.

    Who goes to the Daytona 500 and states as he’s walking thru the pit area — well I know several of the OWNERS –not the mechanics or god forbid the NASCAR DRIVERS — I know the OWNERS !!!! Yeah, more of your buddies with money contributing to his SUPERPAC !!!!

    America should be SUSPECT of ANYONE backed by Karl Rove or “Hush Bimbo” — (Rush Limbaugh). Hedge Fund managers like Romney make their MILLIONS by buying a corporation, cutting jobs to make it lean and mean — when the business shows a small profit — the managers go to a friendly bank — a la Goldman and borrow 100 to 200 million or more and pocket it all while the once profitable company is now saddled with the debt. If you are unfamiliar with these practices they have been going on since the 1980s with the likes of KKR et al. And if you missed it you’re BLIND.

    D. Obama is NOT perfect — who is? But the Mittster WILL take Georgie W’s policies and make him look like a FOOL that he was as he makes the rich richer and the Middle Class more deeply in debt.

    As a former soldier of 24 years service to our beloved country, I applaud Obama’s taking the fight to the enemy — whether it is with a drone or the STUXNET virus. Remember Iran wants to take us down they just haven’t declared all-out war.

    E. Cyber War — Talk to China about them sending students to American universities in Computer Science courses especially and then they are brought home where they are forced to attack both the American military computer systems as well as private industry here in America as a price to repay the Chinese Govt. for their American education — partly subsidized by us as well. The Pentagon suffers approx. 3 MILLION cyber attacks A DAY.

    Mittster will NOT be getting my vote in Nov. !!!!!!

    I applaud Carter for his attempts to protect Human Rights — but we as a nation cannot protect Human Rights correctly until we as a nation are both SAFE and SECURE.

    Go ahead, Mr. President — Sock It to ‘Em !!!!

  13. Blouise, I was on the Jimmy Carter national campaign staff in 1976 although earlier in the year I had supported Udall. It was the first time I was paid money to work on a campaign, and I was very When 1980 came around many of my friends were supporting Kennedy and I didn’t get involved. Reagan won in a landslide.

  14. @ Plato, as a leftist myself, I can assure you that Obama is not a leftist. He is a centrist Democrat, which is a far cry from a leftist.

  15. When Carter speaks the truth people flip out. Sadly being a humanitarian in the political arena appears to be a negative. I do miss the country of my youth, where we hoped for liberty and justice for all. I fear the country of my and my children’s future. The American commitment to democracy is increasingly bleeding out. I am afraid. Like Bush, Obama seems to be a nice enough guy, engaging and pleasant until his policies and secrecies are exposed. If we don’t do something now, where will our hope be?

    The only honest thing for me to do with such conflict about this upcoming election, is to write in “Jimmy Carter” for President on my ballot.

  16. Jimmy Carter is right. Good to hear him say it.

    Obama has doubled down on the policies and practices of Bush/Cheney. We had no business going into Afghanistan and Iran. We have no business staying. We have no business making drone attacks in Yemen, Somalia or anywhere else. The drones should go to the aircraft graveyard in Nevada and left there to rust out.

    While I’ve been tempted to sit out the election for a lot of reasons, silence can be mistaken for consent. I’ll be making an anti-war protest vote for Jill Stein.

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