Report: Zimmerman Passed Lie Detector Test After Martin Killing

A new report shows that the day after killing Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman passed a police lie detector test. He registered truthful in stating that he was afraid for his life before shooting the teen. The report does not materially affect the trial since such tests are not admissible but may explain the the resistance of local officials to bring the case. It also further supports the view, again, that Angela Corey overcharged the case. She was no doubt aware of the test which, while not admissible as evidence because their reliability is questioned, can be considered by the prosecutors in determining the appropriate charge. UPDATE: A police report shows a critical view of Zimmerman’s account and says that he missed two opportunities to defuse the situation.

Zimmerman willingly submitted to a computer voice stress analyzer (CVSA) “truth verification” on February 27 and the test “was classified as No Deception Indicated (NDI).” This included the question of “Did you confront the guy you shot?’ He answered, “No.” He was rated as telling the truth in both saying that he did not confront Martin and that he was in fear of his life.
Also released recently are further details from Zimmerman to the police. Zimmerman insisted that the teen knocked him down and began to pound his head in the sidewalk while telling him “You’re going to die.” Zimmerman claims Trayvon reached for the gun and that he grabbed it to protect himself.

Both the question of fear and the party responsible for the confrontation could be distorted by Zimmerman’s perspective and not accepted objectively by third parties. Of the two questions, however, the confrontation question is the most interesting. It is rare for targeted suspects to agree to lie detectors, though I have agreed to such tests in past cases.

Once again, this evidence does not rule out the basis for a criminal charge, but in my view strongly militates against a charge greater than manslaughter. In fairness to the local officials, the evidence also offers support for their view that no charge was appropriate. One can disagree with that conclusion, but they may have had solid reasons for opposing a charge. That does not excuse sloppy police work and there was still a basis to detain Zimmerman at the scene. However, the case has become more muddled with such new evidence. As a criminal defense attorney, I have always viewed this case as one with strong defense arguments for trial. While the odds always favor the prosecution, the factual record has a number of elements that could create reasonable doubt. Obviously, the trial itself can present facts in different light and the prosecution has yet to be fully heard in the case.

Source: NY Daily News

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  1. Damn Yankee, George has no immunity; he’s been on TV talking about al the good he has done and all the righteous he is and all the wrongs of Trayvon Martin. He’s fair game everywhere. And since all the bad stuff about Trayvon comes ONLY from the mouth of George Zimmerman, along the lines of “we defend those who can no longer defend themselves,” I think it’s a good activity for any of us who care about the life interest of Trayvon Martin to actually challenge every false word Zimmerman says, or has said, about the evening of 2/26/2012.

    I personally believe that George is a liar and that his whole story of what went down that night is false. I personally believe that Trayvon Martin had every reason to believe he was in grave danger and to act accordingly that night, no matter what little injuries his (ultimately unsuccessful) self-defense inflicted on his killer. So looking at Trayvon’s perspective when “here comes the creepy guy again” was happening, I think I’m on pretty firm territory.

    What the FBI finds about George’s porn habits is information that gives us more data to form a clear impression of what (a) happened that night in physical reality; and what (b) Trayvon Martin might have thought was happening to him, and was about to happen to him, in the few minutes before he died.

  2. Quit making George into a folk hero. What did he do that you haven’t already said that he’d do. Viva las locos’.

  3. With the cops on the way, I doubt that Zimmerman was seeking physical sex. He was most likely into a power thrill.
    However, if he was into that sort of porn, and had been viewing it earlier, some additional ‘freaky’ might have been apparent in his body language and face when he finally encountered Martin.

    The porn thing would be an objectification of young black males.
    The ‘punks’ thing would be another type of objectification.
    Incidents like the tormenting of the ME work colleague and the the claimed childhood sex abuse of a younger female point to ‘bully’ in his makeup.

    Quite apart from the following in the truck and on the ground, Zimmerman might have been giving off very freaky vibes when approaching Martin.

    And of course he had totally forgotten that he was carrying a gun until the very last second when he felt Martin reaching for … ‘Wow. He’s got his hand in my waistband…. cock? ….. oh … not my cock… my gun…. goodness I forgot that was there – and that it’s already cocked so all I got to do is pull the trigger.’

  4. BettyKath, I think George is seeing a shrink as a strategic matter. He had to have been seeing a shrink at one point in the past, of course, to get the Adderall and other prescriptions. But if all else fails, maybe O’Mara’s gonna try to buy time for George saying he’s got PTSD and can’t cooperate with his lawyer to prepare for trial or some such nonsense. We have a lot to learn about what will happen from here on out.

    George said, on the Hannity interview, that he was going out for groceries “after we tutored the children” or something like that. So I wonder if there are any witnesses (children, their parents) to tell the prosecutor when they last were at George’s house that Sunday, and what they observed about George in the few hours before he set out for the grocery store.

    Hours before he set out he tutored little Black kids?
    Hours before he set out he checked into the Black gay porn sites?

    UH OH.

  5. BettyKath, I also don’t think George was hoping for a quickie when he tailed Trayvon, because he had called the police and because he REALLY wanted to bring Trayvon (Trayvon-the-criminal) IN to show he was a good cop-to-be. I have already spoken about what I THINK his motive really was. But I think his secret sex life is relevant, because it does show that one possible fear Trayvon would be justified in having was that a predatory pedophile had spotted him, slowed down in his vehicle, and then hunted him down, for a perverted reason. I was supposing this not because I thought it provided information about George, but because it provided information about Trayvon, while people were saying, “How come the kid didn’t just answer George’s questions and then this wouldn’t have happened?”

    Trayvon could well have known that Zimmerman was armed, from the get-go. Had George taken out his gun before even finding Trayvon, he certainly would not have admitted that to the police when they showed up. ALSO George knew how long it usually took for the police to get to his neighborhood from the station; he had that information in his mind and he told them NOT where he would wait for them, but that they should call him once they showed up, so he could guide them AT THAT TIME.

    In fact, it is possible George did not expect the police when they DID show up because he had not told them where to find him; he might have expected a call from them, instead of their actual appearance on the scene.

    I really wish his cell phone records had already been disclosed.

  6. Malisha, I saw the sexual predator in more than one comment as a passing thought by the poster(s). I don’t know that Zimmerman was into being a sexual predator that night b/c the cops were on their way. Looking at porno photos doesn’t mean that one is necessarily a sexual predator, but it does suggest a latent (hidden from himself), or at least hidden (from others), homosexuality. Man, his head is so screwed up. I guess that’s why he is seeing a shrink.

  7. BettyKath, thank you for speculating that the idea arose from SonofThunder, and maybe it did, on perhaps another thread. He is a damn good profiler, in my opinion. I’d like to be that good.

  8. I put that comment up on the “New Witness” thread on March 26, 2012 at about 6:57 a.m. This was before George Zimmerman was charged. About an hour later, Woosty cautioned me:

    Malisha1, March 26, 2012 at 6:57 am
    clean up your fear before it becomes Malice….Malicia’

    But I wasn’t expressing my own fear that Zimmerman was a predatory pedophile; I was expressing the idea that Trayvon could very well have thought that was a possibility when he faced Zimmerman that night. I didn’t try to argue the point with Woosty because my respect for Woosty is so great that I simply took her admonition at face value, if my memory serves me. Later in that thread and others, I have gone right ahead and admitted malice and even admitted that I chose the name “Malisha” to prank on that meme.

  9. BettyKath, I think it was me. But not in the context of “maybe he’s a sexual predator,” rather, in the context of, “Why would Trayvon Martin wait to see what nice talk Zimmerman might come up with, when he could very easily be afraid that Zimmerman was, for example, a predatory pedophile because kids are warned about stranger danger and because it was a dark night and a guy was following him?” In fact, I just went back to the old threads — before you asked the question — because I remembered that I had suggested that at one point, and the suggestion I had made that went to the possibility of fear in the mind of Trayvon Martin on this issue was met with people (except for Idealist707) basically thinking I was a bit too paranoid. I found one example of what was going through my mind then:

    I said, on the “New Witness reportedly comes forward” thread:
    “Mr. Turley, that wouldn’t have changed much in my opinion. After all, Martin had a right to respond with force, INCLUDING DEADLY FORCE, if he was frightened. Don’t YOU think he was frightened? I would have been. To me, Zimmerman looks like someone who was up to no good — maybe on drugs — and he definiately SAW Martin before he got out of the car and then he got OUT OF THE CAR so he was acting aggressively. In fact, I would say that Zimmerman should probably turn himself in to some police agency somewhere to protect himself because absolutely and without doubt, ANYBODY who sees him NOW has every right to feel terribly afraid of him (he still has his gun) and therefore, anybody might stand their ground and kill him in self defense, at least in any one of those states with the “stand your ground” law.

    “In my book, if a guy looks a bit like a violent wife-batterer, a lonely predatory pedophile, a mentally disturbed person, a hoodie-hater, or what some folks call an “angry white man NOS,” I’m scared of him when he approaches me for no good reason.”

    In fact, I had (on some thread) suggested that Trayvon Martin would have had a full public school education type exposure to the “Officer Friendly” stuff telling kids never to go along with strangers who tell them they need their help or cooperation, etc. Many people responded to me to downplay this consideration, but I didn’t, because I have always taught the kids I had in day-care or any other environment, the following rules:

    * If you don’t know someone and they appear to be starting up with you while you have no parent or caretaker around, don’t engage in conversation, and leave as soon as possible;

    * If someone approaches you in a way that makes you feel scared, don’t try to be polite, just GET OUT OF THERE;

    * If an adult tells you to come with him, to follow him, to get in a car, to help him with something in an area you’re not in, refuse and run.

    * If ANYTHING makes you uncomfortable or scared, don’t be embarrassed to scream bloody murder and worry about the rest of it later.

    In fact, in day-care, we practiced some of these scenarios so the kids could get over their embarrassment and so forth. I did this because I would take them to a park where there were lots of play areas, and I couldn’t keep each kid in view at all times while the others were going in and out of tunnels and structures, and I took them to the pool, the petting zoo, and some interactive museums. I couldn’t keep an eye on six kids at the same time and still let them have fun. I expected that all my teachings and all “Officer Friendly” stuff and all their own parents’ warnings would have lasted throughout their childhoods and into adulthood as well.

  10. Was it sonofthunder who first opined the possibility of Zimmerman being a sexual predator?

  11. Back on the old “new witness comes forward” thread about the Zimmerman case, a commenter said:

    “The point sweet cakes is TrayVon was a thug want to be. There ain’t no chance of that happening now. Now look at his mommie taking advantage of his name. Can you believe that she wants to make money off of his memory? Creepy people doing creepy things.”

    HE meant of course that Trayvon Martin was doing a creepy thing by being a thug when George Zimmerman killed him, and that his surviving mother was doing a creepy thing by trademarking his name when the press started to get into the case big-time. Could we believe that the mom “wants to make money off of his memory”?

    Now, we have George Zimmerman charged with murder and his mom and dad going public asking for money. Hmmmm. Can we believe it? Is it creepy people doing creepy things? Or is it righteous people asking other righteous (and charitable) people to give them money to defend their son’s righteous privileges to kill somebody whose parents they have chosen to pray for? (Notice, these parents did not make a donation to Trayvon Martin’s funeral fund BEFORE THE PRESS GOT INTO THE CASE!)

  12. George was in treatment for ADHD, according to his interviews with Serino and the voice-stress test guy. His meds would have been prescribed by an M.D. He probably was seeing a psychiatrist; those notes should be subpoenaed. Perhaps Corey already saw him. NOT that George would have said anything to a psychiatrist to admit to anything that he wanted to hide, even from himself, but just sayin…

    With all this recent furor over the psychiatrist that James Holmes saw prior to his having been accused of a crime, it would seem natural to comb through George’s psychiatric records for at least signs of the following:

    1 – elements of free-floating rage
    2 – feelings of intense longing for recognition as a “little hero”
    3 – irrational fears
    4 – memory problems severe enough to make him forget the names of streets in his own neighborhood
    5 – feelings of being misunderstood and denied his proper privileges, of having his authority challenged for no reason

    and like that.

  13. Hell YEAH, if Trayvon started to go “apesh*t” because George wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, and George began to think that Trayvon was gonna tell the cops, who were gonna show up in a minute, what the real cause of the confrontation had been, George woulda HAD TO kill Trayvon to prevent that from coming out, wouldn’t he?

  14. Meanwhile, over at the Department of WTF……

    I had seen some time ago that Martin could have interpreted Zimmerma’s following (aka “walking in the same direction as”) as indicating an unwelcome sexual interest.
    And now this:

    George Zimmerman investigators: Startling motive for shooting Trayvon Martin

    “What chief FBI investigator Hallen Jameson stumbled upon Saturday afternoon generated a rift in the initial search of Zimmerman’s property. Among facebook messenger, eBay biddings, and Bank of America online banking, also dwelt a Firefox Mozilla browser history containing URLs to several pornographic websites aimed toward gay Black men. The sites visited were,, and, to name a few, with the latter being visited four times just hours prior to the shooting. Graphic in nature, the sites are premium adult pay sites containing images, videos, and erotic stories of Black ‘thug’ males engaging in sexual acts with other men. Several investigators and detectives have begun incorporating these findings into what may be an incredible twist in what may factor a role into the true motivation behind Zimmerman fatally shooting the Black teen in February. Perhaps an unreciprocated sexual invitation gone awry?”

    This is going to drive his supporters mad – unless it’s an elephant to them.

    Of course, it could just have been research into the social mores of “suspects”- or something like that. Y’know.
    We was just browing in the same direction as people with a sexual interest in young black guys. See? Perfectly plausible.

    Unless……. maybe it wasn’t Zimmerman doing that browsing, eh….
    No. no…that’s even worse – if Zimmerman discovered it.
    Unless she told him that was simply browsing in the same direction as …. but he thought that sort of excuse was a load of whatzit.

    Oh dear.

  15. In fact, here’s a description of the public meeting where Chief Lee’s folks were kicking out Chief Tooley. Comments by George Zimmerman:

    “I would just like to state that the law is written in black and white. It should not and cannot be enforced in the gray for those that are in the thin blue line,” he said at the hearing. CNN obtained a recording this week.

    “He mentioned Brian Tooley, who was Sanford’s police chief at the time of the Ware incident. “I’d like to know what action the commission intends on making in order to repeal Mr. Tooley’s pension. I’m not asking you to repeal his pension. I believe that he’s already forfeited his pension by his illegal cover-up and corruption and what happened in his department.”

    “While Zimmerman is not heard specifically mentioning Ware in the recording, the official minutes from the hearing state that citizen demands included “a full review of the Sherman Ware cover-ups on behalf of” Sanford police.”

    “Read more:


    Citizens demanded a review of the cover-up
    Citizens were there to kick out Chief Tooley
    One citizen, George Zimmerman, was there to help kick out Tooley AND remove his pension.

    Zimmerman did not, however, even MENTION Sherman Ware.

    He was there to lend his political support to Chief Lee, so he would have a friend in office.

    Oh and — he mentioned to the female detective on 2/27/2012 that he had e-mailed Chief Lee to put a commendation in her file for some prior action on her part that he liked. He reminded her of that; she had not seen it or couldn’t remember it and didn’t seem terribly impressed.

    Zimmerman and Lee were in contact for a long time. They were each other’s helpers, politically.

    Lee was “Zim’s Guy” in the SPD.

  16. Now that mom Zimmerman and Dad Zimmerman have their own web-page asking for money, they have resurrected the old “Our son helped a poor homeless Black man against the Sanford Police” myth.

    The reality is that George climbed on board Chief (now ex-Chief) Lee’s political machine to get rid of former police Chief Brian Toohey, so that he could cement a relationship and get hired onto the force. In fact, he never handed out fliers (Ware’s sister confirms this and long ago joined the Trayvon Martin family’s attorneys in activism against Zimmerman, decried by the Zimmerman parents as some kind of betrayal) and he never cared at all about the rights of Blacks in discriminatory conduct of the well-known racist SPD.

    He COUNTED on SPD to let him get away with murder and until there was a public outcry, they did that for him. Chief Lee, who rode into office with George’s help, was ridden OUT OF OFFICE due to the cover-up he orchestrated in the Zimmerman case. So although there will probably be no opportunity for any judge to opine on the credibility of the Zimmerman parents, I’d say they will be lucky never to get sworn in again.

  17. Personally, I would make an educated guess at this point that George had his gun out before he found Martin again, but he probably didn’t raise it and threaten Martin with it until Martin refused to kowtow to him and/or come with him voluntarily. Zimmerman had it in his head he was going to deliver a terrified trussed-up criminal to the police and get his first medal. Martin, on the other hand, saw danger and a “creepy guy” and decided not to risk being kidnapped.

    Think of two groups: One has historically abused and dominated the other, for hundreds of years, or even more. Oh let’s just say MEN and WOMEN, for an example. So a woman is walking along at night, all alone, and along comes a man she doesn’t know. He has been watching her and she noticed that, so she ducked into an area he couldn’t see and waited there for the guy to disappear, but he didn’t. Suddenly he shows up again. She’s scared. She naturally believes he is up to no good; what would make her think otherwise. She’s alone, he’s not in uniform, he doesn’t say anything like, “Ma’am are you OK?” or “Are you lost?”

    She would naturally want to defend herself.

    If that man wanted to do her some good, like make her go down to the police station so they could check on whether she was a run-away or a prostitute or someone disoriented and walking around in the wrong neighborhood, maybe he would really get shocked and angry if she acted overly defensive or challenging to him. Crazy b*tch, she shouldn’t do THAT! Maybe, if he carries a weapon, he’ll pull out that weapon, with one hand or the other. Maybe that will cause her to scream and holler and try to fight him off. Maybe he’ll shoot her and consider it self-defense.

    Just sayin, maybe…

    It’s best not to follow strangers in the dark. It’s even best not to APPEAR to be following strangers in the dark. It could spook them and they might have to stand their ground. Damn!

    (BTW, it is very delightful that Taaffe is all exercised. Prepare him for his testimony at trial!)

    (Remember he said George only shot Martin because he was “fed up”?)

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