25 thoughts on “If You Cannot Join Them, Give Them Cats . . .”

  1. W=^..^

    If you take those statements as a whole, that is by in large what we do already have but especially a marketplace of ideas.

  2. OMG, I think we should start to be frightened of our computers now.
    they can be almost as frightening as the concept of ‘Doom Kitties…’

    on the other hand….the really scary thing may be that we need this;

  3. Kudos to the Professor! If only society could learn to use more constructive criticism and less vulgarity and social assault we might learn that we CAN all co-exist. Nothing soothes the savage soul like a cute kitty!

  4. Carol, I had a good laugh when I read your posting- great bit of pop culture insight and satire- but you didn’t add a smiley and I didn’t know if you were kidding or not. So I did a search.

    OMG, I think we should start to be frightened of our computers now. As a Sci Fi fan I’ve read this book many times: it never ends well for us. šŸ™‚

    Great catch, Carol.


  5. Heard parts of a report on NPR yesterday. Someone put a new computer in front of UTube to see what it could learn, It learned to recognize cats, (among other things).

  6. So I had heard of the guitar playing cat video but had skipped past it, it didn’t seem all that interesting. The site that posted it hadn’t linked it to an earthquake. And it’s terrific and I had to watch it a couple of times. Very surprising the cat didn’t just run away.

  7. Anon, even we can find common ground on a cat-centric thread. Who knew? I had seen the first Henrie and enjoyed it immensely but forgotten about it and had not seen the last two. They are a marvelous trilogy.

    Thanks much for the posting. Your taste in cat vids is deep. šŸ™‚

  8. And if the Professor’s hint to be more civil isn’t followed? He sends Stephen, the Cat Of Doom, to play guitar on your front porch. He had to send the StCOD to visit a particularly rude Australian commenter earlier this month.

    via BoingBoing:

  9. Yeah, absolutely, Althouse loves nothing more than being a drama queen and having a weeks long blogfight.

    You can’t win, she has no productive life outside of her blog. Even the title of her last post on this was to memorialize her first most famous blogfight.

  10. The civility discussion needs to go forward. Here in the dogpack we seldom get nasty with each other verbally. One reason may be that it is ok to bite another dog in the arse but not ok to bark right in his face and call him a mutt or something. Most dogs in this dogpack were former humans and in this reincarnation they chose to come back as dogs in this life. Uncivil discourse is common out there on the Yahoo news blog. People read that and then come over here to the Turleyblog and forget their place. It is uncivil to ridicule another person or dog. Unless of course they are RepubliCons. If you want to meet up with a particularly civil feline variety find a Linx Pointe Siamese. They will talk your ears off and never utter an uncivil meow.

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