American Pietà: Florida Child Found Alive In Arms Of Mother Following Tornado

Every once in a while a story comes along that it both horrific and inspiring. The story of Heather Town, 32, is one such story. Heather’s 3-year-old girl Anne Marie was found alive in her arms after a tornado lifted her home off its foundation and threw her hundreds of feet. Heather held the child safely to the very end and was found alive and cradling her child by rescuers. After the child was pulled from her arms, Heather died.

The little girl suffered a broken pelvis and broken ribs. Both the mother and child were found covered in debris and barbed wire.

Anne Marie is currently in stable condition at Tampa General Hospital.

The loss of Heather (shown left) for Anne Marie will no doubt be a terrible loss as she grows up. However, she will also have a story of a mother who died in an act of absolute maternal love for her child. Fortunately, Anne Marie has an extended family to watch over her now.

This article includes pictures of this extraordinary person. In a time with few genuine heroes, she has given us all something to think about. While tornadoes deal out destruction with a crushing randomness, this was a death with meaning for us all.

Source: CBS.

Kudos: S. Vernon

8 thoughts on “American Pietà: Florida Child Found Alive In Arms Of Mother Following Tornado”

  1. There is no more powerful force than a parent’s determination to save a child. This story is a tragic but wonderful testament to that.

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  3. Terrible, terrible. I hope they did not hasten or cause her demise by taking her chlld out of her arms.

    You and I share a similar loss, If not for FDR it would have been nigh impossible for us and mom to survive. . It was touch and go until I was five, and never secure after that.

  4. Horrid


    mostly horrid…..

    it brings to mind my own mother whose daily existence was made torrentially difficult after the death of my father when we were all young. It really shouldn’t take these incredible acts of selfless heroism and instinct to get a societies innate support and positive regard.

    I hope the healthcare bill is not castrated.

    Especially now, for the sake of this child and others like her…

  5. LK,

    I am with you….what a tragic end….. Mothers do know when to act…..

  6. In San Diego we have had story after story for the past few months of parents killing their children and then themselves. The level of despair is almost beyond comprehension. To read this restores my spirit.

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