New Jersey ACLU Releases New App To Record Police

A colleague sent me the link to the new ACLU App designed to allow citizens to more easily record police on their cellphones and to make it more difficult for police to delete the recording. It is a bold action in light of the trend of police arresting citizens who videotape them in public and efforts like prosecutors like Anita Alvarez in Cook County to put citizens in jail for such recording.

The new app called “Police Tape” that lets users secretly record police encounters by recording audio and video discretely with a stealth mode. The camera will not show an outward sign of recording. It is also difficult for officers to find and delete the videos — as has occurred in a number of cases. Citizens can also send a copy to the ACLU-NJ for backup storage and analysis of possible civil liberties violations.

I have previously written about the first amendment right to videotape officers. This app helps secure that right and is a creative approach to the ongoing abuse of citizens.

Source: CBS

22 thoughts on “New Jersey ACLU Releases New App To Record Police”

  1. My heart soars at the arrival of this app! I have the 2009 blog here beat time-wise. In November 2006 I was sitting home alone studying for a nursing degree, seen plainly thru open glass windows, with no criminal history and having committed no crime. My son visits, get this, wired for freakin sound with local police watching said son go in his dad’s house…again. Two hours later a knock, i walk to door to see locals; i am pulled outa my home at gunpoint and house is rushed. No one hollering “search warrant.”. This was a “knock-and-talk” turned “knock-and-enter” with later warrant and affidavit making no sense. Vid would have cleared it all right up. Sure, street encounters should be video taped, but it’s when you are alone with the gang-in-blue that one must worry. We also need a digital paper trail for purported warrant docs. Yes, a malpracticing defense attorney helping police weave their tale, but I took no plea. No luck with civil suit against police, but I would not change the experience for anything. Press either ignores or assidts with coverup. DARE program…don’t get me started! This is my real name. I hide from no one.

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