27 thoughts on “What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?”

  1. SORRY, THAT SHOULD BE A**, forgot the FABB-ulous reminder.
    But, it WAS used anatomically and not perjoratively meant—so maybe a pass anyway. Like “my A** is heavily ladened” as JC said to his buddies on entering J-town.

    J as in Jerusalem. Words are so easy to trip on, phew. And that’s true, not an out taken lightly.

  2. Barkin’,

    Could you relax your sphincter if your ass was hanging out like the cow’s is. Would bet it would be looking for a hiding place under your heart.

  3. It’s a MOOOOOOOtercycle, humans are not allowed on MOOOOOOtercycles in India. It’s against some type of Religious law.

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