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  1. Idealist, I wasnt hit (yay!) but decided not to use any more links hey gave me because was staring to get paranoid give all the time you hear don;t click on links you don;t know. I was starting to feel more like I was going to hit a $100,000,000 for you nigerian link instead or maybe the estonian bad one.

  2. One more point: Stupid site. Stupid way to find out about it. Word of mouth. After two years work?

    Great chance to use the Obama text message to all function. dear folks……!

  3. leejcarrol,

    Yep, it is definitely contingent. What they mean is that you could have come to the green page because of intervention done by your ISP, which has corrected for requests for the BAD DNS server—as I take it.

    The only definite proof is to do the remedy they guide the reds through. This entails going into DNS addresses in your PC, checking for ones not on their list, and replacing with approved ones from their list.

    Might be even automated and thus simpler.

    I am guessing, have not done it myself—-LAZY. Just an old programmer who speculstes a lot.

    On the green page is a link or url to where you can make the real check yourself, with their assistance.

  4. Mr. Turley…can you advise me on this??
    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington(CREW) and National Security Archive(NSA) filed a suit against the EOP for email and records…and the judge ordered a settlement…. http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20091214/index.htm
    my case against the EOP was for emails and documents during the same time period as CREWS and NSAs suit, but the judge ruled against me….is the judiciary subject to political manipulation…see my suit on FBI wiretapping the Supreme Court… w.voinche v. FBI, 940 F.Supp. 323(DDC 1996)….you are aware of the other cases i have filed against the FBI and EOP…i sent you copies and they document in part the harrassment by this agency of this writer…i would appreciate your help with my case

  5. A little bummed cause sent me to the enlarged answer when I clicked so sure saw the cat then. Think this time I would have gotten it even if I hadnt been sent to the solution. (At least I like to think so)
    Idealist re the july 9th thing if you go to site to see if your comp was infected says if see green background you are okay but you may still not be okay. very strange. Thought it might be a hoax or that page was hacking. Seems legit though but makes no sense: no youre not but yes you may still be. Ummm, Ok.

  6. MR. Turley…can you give more comments on the recent Supreme Court case involving tracking devices on Amerikan citizens cars and Mr. Muellers comments on the FBI putting tracking devices on Supreme Court judges cars….and on the FBI assassination program of Amerikan citizens…???

    The FBI has a long history of disregard for the 4th amendment and is using wiretapping and GPS on any Amerikan citizen it feel necessary to

  7. AY started it!!! And I can’t resist the chance.

    Briefly, if bugged, your server which converts site names to numeric addresses has been replaced with a false address in your own PC.

    So, it will occasionally send you to a false server which will send you the numeric address to George’s Ripoff parlor instead of WhiteHouse.gov which was what you asked to be connected to. Got it?

    It does not send you to the false DNS server all the time, because then you would be forced to fix it. Ugh, whazzup?
    It did so occasionally.

    Of course it is worthy to note that those seeking to come the Whitehouse.gov before 2008, ALWAYS CAME TO GEORGE’S RIPOFF PARLOR. Got it?

  8. PS -The FBI site will tell you what to do IF your PC is buggy.
    Mine was not. There are also European check sites listed.

  9. AY,
    You did not see my post yesterday.
    Simple: go to this site.


    It will tell you if your PC is OK or buggy.

    More explanations via link there. Briefly, the intl crime ring from Lithuania and USA had spread malware. This is a check to find out if you are bugged.

    During the period from 2009 they had with internet people set up DNS bug-clean servers.

    July 9th the servers will be taken down.

    Some of us here have already done this.

  10. This one would have been easier to find if the sky had been blue.

  11. Puzzling, I welcome our cat-worshiping AI overlords. It will be kind of like “Stargate” meets “The Forbin Project”. 🙂

  12. Awe……

    Just an FYI…… I’ve heard rumor that the FBI is going to prevent computers access to the Internet commencing July 9th that have computer viruses….. I do not know how true it is…… But if you have trouble…….It maybe true…..

  13. Enjoy these while you can…

    How Many Computers to Identify a Cat? 16,000

    … Presented with 10 million digital images found in YouTube videos, what did Google’s brain do? What millions of humans do with YouTube: looked for cats.

    The neural network taught itself to recognize cats, which is actually no frivolous activity….

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