Trump Selected As “Statesman of the Year”

This week Richard Posner, the conservative icon and intellectual on the Seventh Circuit, shocked many by saying that he was estranged from the Republican Party and becoming less conservative due to the “goofy” direction that the GOP has taken in recent years. As if on cue, the Sarasota Republican Party has decided that this year’s “statesman of the year” is none other than Donald Trump. That’s right, according to the Sarasota GOP, Donald Trump is the greatest statesman this year. Some would call it “goofy,” some would say “delusional.” I am honestly curious is GOP leadership in Sarasota are just out to sell tickets at any cost to their own credibility or whether they honestly believe this widely ridiculed character is a statesman in some parallel universe.

Tickets will be sold for $150 for general admission or $1,000 for a private meeting with Trump.

Of course, prior world statesmen including the 2011 recipient former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (given the award by that other Benjamin Disraeli of world leaders, Herman Cain). Unfortunately for the GOP, the party is split with members who embrace clownish figures like Trump and serious folk who believe deeply in the principles that once shaped the GOP under leaders like Goldwater and others. The Sarasota GOP appear to prefer the model of Trump to true statesmen like Nelson Rockefeller. It is signs of brain death for a party. As many of you know, I have equal contempt for both parties and their abandonment of principle. However, it is hard to imagine a greater self-indictment than this award.

What is clear is that the goofy factor is not improving this week for Judge Posner.

Source: Politico

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  1. The threads all work together. A video posted on another thread where a couple goes around the world and get lots of people to dance, beautiful. My idea of ambassadors and states people. Of course, the article that started the thread was about idiot cops taking down people who like to dance.

    re: Trump and the FL GOP and Romney (remember Romney and Trump when the TX results came in?) and how do they relate to Mike Spindell’s thread, Mythology and the New Feudalism from a few days ago where there was discussion on the role of celebrity?

  2. I nominate Ted Bundy as….and John Wayne Gacey as….and Jeffery Dahlmer as….and Tim McVeigh for……

    You’re kidding us right?

  3. mespo,

    “This is just priceless. Is he our ambassador to Hair Club for Men?”


    You’re off by one vowel. Trump is our ambassador to the Heir Club for Men.

  4. Now it is official. The inmates have taken over the asylum for sure. My wife used to enjoy watching reality shows, but could not stand Trump’s TV program. She thought he was one of the most arrogant and ill mannered people on TV. She made some comparison once about Trump and Simon Cowell. She thought Cowell had better manners.

  5. The video link I put in the comment above shows that trump behaves the way he does because of his environment, not his gene structure.

    He is a member of the secular Church of Saint Ayn Rand, the mom of the current right wing GOP, the outback, bush folk.

  6. Jabberwocky–trump is a statesman in the new world created by the Republican Party. Words have no meaning. Values are hollow. People who outsource jobs to China are called job creators.

  7. I just looked up the costs to rent The Donald on one of the Speaker’s Bureau websites. $40,000+ price range. That’s a lot of meet and greets. I’d rather have Eleanor Clift from the McLaughlin group at 8 grand.

  8. Well I’ll go out on a limb and say it would be interesting to meet him. I’ve met politicians I didn’t like politically but it was at least fun to see them in real life without all the fanfare and controversy, just two people making each others’ aquaintance. It does at least offer an opportunity for another perspective on a person.

    I once met a particular “Hollywood Celebrity” who I did not like previoiusly based upon her public image. After being with her for about an hour or so, I found my opinion of her was misplaced, she was very down to earth, nice, and fun to visit with.

    Maybe this Republican Organization would have done better to just coronate The Donald as an honored guest speaker, not stirring up as much controversy. He is who he is. I wonder what is involved in a Meet and Greet with him. Is it just Hello / Goodbye or is it something more than what you get at the $500 rate which includes a photo. It does seem like a commodity when they offer him for a price. As a statesman of the year? not really there in my book.

  9. What’s that spinning sound I hear by the graves of Metternich, Disraeli, and Cardinal de Richelieu?

  10. Like Georgie W, Donald Trump born on thid base but thinks he hit a triple. The irony of this award is almost too painful. Statesman in what beknighted sense?

  11. Someone reported to the dogpack that this Trump Frump put his dog in a crate, tied it to the top of his van and drove from NYC to Atlantic Beach. Said that he was a Romney driver. Is this true? Inquiring dogs want to know.

    1. I hope somebody at the awards will have the guts to ask Trump why he is violating the law by having his jet registered in Bermuda. I think that is a good question to ask a great American who pays his taxes and “loves” the USA.

  12. LOL. This is just priceless. Is he our ambassador to Hair Club for Men?

  13. Hell this is nothing! Just read the Texas GOP state platform for a real departure from reality. They are opposed to critical thinking, citizenship for children who are born here, support the guv who tried to steal much of Texas land for his foreign buddies, These are truly the nutiest bunch of folks I have ever run into.

  14. i saw in an earlier thread where a suicidal texas man got hit by a car while being chased by a man in a gorilla suit and i thought, alright, texas has finally taken the bat$hit prize.

    and then floriduh spoke.

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