The Boughs Of St.Mary: Faithful See Holy Mother on Tree

By Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

It’s hard to strike the right balance between respect and mirth in writing this story, but I will try. Faithful in West New York, New Jersey, have commenced pilgrimages to a tree at the intersection of 60th Street and Bergenline Avenue. The skinny tree stands in front of a music store. On it, they say, is a revelation showing an image of the Virgin Mary resembling the famous sighting at  Guadalupe.

Candles, flowers, cards, and towns folk have gathered around the opening in the bark where the purported miracle is said to be. Catholic diocesan spokesman and aptly named, James Goodness,  is not convinced of divine intervention saying the image is likely “just some discoloration” that resembles St. Mary. However,  the churchman is not one to disabuse the faithful of their faith. “But if it helps people to be stronger in their faith, then it is a good thing,” Goodness said.

Or is it?


~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. I see that no comments were made after 6 PM.

    I summarize in saying that the picture of Mary in the tree, of the worshippers, and having passed the usual comments pro and con, the usual hubbub is broken by Father Theresa, his ringing tones challenging the norms.

    His point mede, it is smoothed over and the virtue of JTs restored by Mespo, those few left would leave.

    But no, the goats speak again. Father Theresa does not concede the holiness of this blog, but returns on another issue. None dare to do other than speak brief praise of Messpo, with a caveat (Rafflaw).

    I join the the fray on the anti-deist side with the motivation defense of mankind and of children.

    This is met with silence…..the only thing demonstrable. No words recorded.

    Now if it is so that I am ignored by most of the regulars, as Oterray Scribe hss written, then so be it. And if the sheep here can do nothing but follow their leaders in ignoring me, then so be that too.
    But it speaks of corruption when the custom whareby the gueat blogger is to reply to major comments containing major points made is now broken.

    It is in fact perversion of the purpose of free speech.

    We may discuss religion’s role in our politics, but apparently not in our lives. Seems to me that the latter should have highest importance.
    Especially to those (lawyers whose interest in in the justice system, which inevitably has been rooted in and is an expression of religion.

    One can only hope that the guest bloggers will take up this touchy subject, avoided here, for the first time.

    We do not have freedom of speech if sensitive subjects such as religion can not be discussed fully. It is sensitive. Of course it is. That is why it should be discussed, particularly as religious affiliation is a driving force in politics.

    Someone here is deserting their duties. And it is not the commenters… thay have no official ones.

  2. Malisha,


    And more to boot.

    Is it worse to abuse a child’s integrity by sexual abuse or to abuse their minds and its useage. Permanently deforming it. Equally wrong I feel.
    I am not lessening my opposition to sexual abuse but using it to express how terrible the consequences if we abuse our childrens minds.

    We strive for obedience because obedience is required by society. To teach a child to use their minds will achieve that, and the knowledge that comes with growth, coupled with age.

    Some treat their children as they would their dog. Training for the parents convenience only. Leaving in the car is convenient while I drink tea with my friend.

    II believe here in Sweden, small children from one year are taught respect as they wish also respect from others. And their wishes for that respect imposes a bind on the role of the teacher. It has nothing to do with religion. Just pure humanism, not sure of it’s the right term.

    I am sure we are right to destroy sexual abuse, and am glad that abuse has many other nuances which folks are
    aware of in the USA. But as long as the child is reckoned as the chattel of the parent, we will see many forms of abuse continue, including that of religion.

    It is in fact so simple. Live the life you would that your children would in the future. No preaching is necessary. And yoúr words are the ones that are godly in the eyes of your children. No man in the sky with super powers and hateful ways shown in the bible is not necessary.

    And every word and gesture is registered and recorded at some level and will guide your children forever. To the seventh generation.

    That is your job, and life gave it to you.

  3. Mespo said:

    “We respect religions for the good work they do and that cannot be taken away or ignored. We decry them for their hypocrisy, occasional silliness (as shown here), and when they stray from the ethics and
    morals they seek to impose on others.”

    So their straying is deplorable, but not their seeking to impose. Then we should then tolerate the muslim who propagates for honor killings, execution of rape victims, etc. for these are but his attempt to impose his ethics and morals on others. And we can rest assured that he will follow them, the pictures from Afghanistan prove that, as did the terrible killing in Stockholm which gave us a female secular saint whose birthday is celebrated in the honor of her and of women. Come see it.

    I also respect humans, no matter their faith, but suffer no fool (borrowed phrase) to impose his ethics on me unless they are those imposed in that country. And hopefully I may leave that country.

    Mankind deserves respect, by right of life. Religion is but repression imposed by tyrants clad in odd costumes and ill-smelling beliefs. Defilers of man’s mind get no respect from me. A fool’s belief he may keep as long as he does as Thomas Jefferson opined.

    I gather from these words you do not decry the maltreatment and opposition to other faiths and the associated humans in those faiths. Nor do you decry the opposition of free thought, rational thinking, and the imposition of irrational thought through the centuries. Has the RCC ever apologized for those executed by the Inquisition in Spain. The number two man in the Vatican heads that organization under its new name. It’s goal is perhaps still the same, it would appear so as AIDS is less important than condum useage.

    Simply to teach that man is the center of the universe, and that the universe will end when man’s day of reckoning comes, is enough to forbid such institutions for me. But it is not so in the USA, and they are free to force their views through state laws on other persons.

    Smoothing over the issue is not a good way to follow.

    Hope that Father Theresa continues his lectures.
    And that all read from the “Portable Atheist” by Christopher Hitchens.

    In actuality I am not an atheist, because I don’t know.
    But I am a rationalist. And not a deist who believes morals as coming via the mouth and mind of another man and coming direct from the authority of a god.

    Such nonsense. My morals come from the millenia which created me and the rest of mankind. And if the rest would suffer me to live then they will get no opposition from me—-as Jeffferson said.

    I am glad to exercise my first amendment rights here. And am glad there are so many free thinkers here who show their minds workings openly and freely.

    But the USA is on the way to hinder that useage, as you yourselves testify. Another thread that.

  4. Father Theresa — you say “Religious thinking is essentially a self inflicted mental illness.”

    Much if not most religious thinking is inflicted on children before they even suspect such perfidy!

  5. This has probably been said many times, but here goes: how does anyone know what Mary or Jesus looked like? It’s just a riot to see people gathering around an artifact (or “Jesus on toast”) proclaiming the image is that of someone who lived (or maybe not) 2,000 years ago.

  6. Well said Mespo. The sad news is that many of the major religions are doing less good and worrying more about monetary issues caused by their own foul play.

  7. Father Theresa:

    “What is it about journalists, critics and other public commentary where they somehow strive to “respect” religious views? ”


    I see no such respect for religious views here. We respect the people who adhere to the views by virtue of their status as human beings. We respect religions for the good work they do and that cannot be taken away or ignored. We decry them for their hypocrisy, occasional silliness (as shown here), and when they stray from the ethics and morals they seek to impose on others.

  8. Father Theresa,

    You have my wholehearted support.

    Last night I was reading Hitchen’s “Portable Atheist” collection of others writings.

    I won’t try to repeat what he and his cited persons have said. Can only recommend it to all. All who can think.

    It commences with De rerum naturum, continues with the Rubayat by Omar Kayam, and amazes again by showing what clarity of perception which exists, if not clouded by faith and religion.

    One point of my own: A religious person is one who believes what authorities tell him which go against his own common sense snd senses. That sort of mind should be exclude from reproduction and public affairs. It is obviously defective, if not insane.

  9. What is it about journalists, critics and other public commentary where they somehow strive to “respect” religious views? Why? Religious thinking is essentially a self inflicted mental illness. Religions have caused untold pain and suffering and followers of religion are some of the most heinous creatures on earth. They deserve no respect; rather, they deserve ridicule and derision. The reason catholic priests were so successful in raping children is because the public “respected” religion. Deep suspicion is the proper starting place when thinking about religions of all kinds. For more on just how horrible religion has been, is and will continue to be, watch a lot of Christopher Hitchens on YouTube. Amen.

  10. To folks at JTs:

    I’m sending this to all my friends because I think they will enjoy Messpo’s comment.————————————————————————————————-

    A referral to this film and the Swedish star was made by the blogger as the inspiration to his blog title “Boughs of St Mary’s”, by Messpo727272.

    Here ’tis. Enjoy, especially Ingrid Bergman. Of course she was banned by the Vatican and RCC when she had an out of marriage child with an Italian film director.

    They later married. It the RCC forgave them the story does not say. What do you think was the right thing to by the RCC?

    All answers received before confession this week will get an extra gold star in heaven and a candy nun, all parts lick able. Only organic flavors used. Ho ho ho. Your friendly priest.


    Don’t you agree it is a nice story for my friends to see? All persons living or dead are purely fictional, etc.

  11. Woosty,

    Did your mom draw you out of one of those?
    I got the stork story instead. Flying is nice. Is it creepy in the tree? Do you go and pray at the tree each week? Sorry for all the questions. Have fun.

    Over here in Sweden, we draw sick children through a cleft in trees which have been split into two trunks at some point. Only a village witch can do this. Wonder if the ladies of Salem did that too?

    We stopped doing this when we got state medicine. Before it was mushrooms and stuff.

    I have seen one which has been used until a few years ago out on an archipelago island, Was especially popular when child epidemics broke out. Now in a national park. Nobody prays there now, except maybe at night.

    Now you know another mystery. Don’t tell anybody. Promise?!

  12. idealist707
    1, July 16, 2012 at 9:01 am
    Of course it is a vagina, …..
    STOP!!!! (giving away the secrets of the Universe….sheesh!)

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