The Kitty Claude Rains

Why do most cats seem constantly shocked by human behavior? They are often “shocked, shocked” by everything from a suggestion that it get off the couch to the accusation that the feathers all over the floor indicate that it finally ate the family’s pet cockatoo.

Ok, perhaps the owner could have taken a little more time working up to the neutering issue.

21 thoughts on “The Kitty Claude Rains”

  1. I have been asked by an unrelated kitty on Facebook named Clawed Rain to relay the following message: “I am not the shocked kitty in question and would appreciate not being mistaken for him on Facebook. Very little about human nature surprises me, but then again I am prone to having a very even disposition as my servant is the dulcet voiced actor Douglas Rain, best known to you as the voice of HAL 9000. The only time I get that look on my face is when the vet gets out that nasty evil thermometer. Bad evil vet. I thought I was going to there to get ‘tutored’. But I digress. Otherwise, I take what you bad space monkeys do in stride so long as the box is clean and you aren’t tardy with the food bowl. Your assistance on these matters is appreciated. Sincerely yours, Clawed Rain, C.C. (Cool Cat).”

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