Husband Dies After Rape By Five Wives

There is a bizarre rape story out of Nigeria where Uroko Onoja, a wealthy businessman, reportedly died after being raped by his multiple wives. Polygamy is common in Nigeria and the wives reportedly became jealous with the husband’s focus on his sixth and youngest wife.

Uroko Onoja was reportedly pulled from the bed by his five other wives and attacked with knives and sticks. The wives demanded sex and, over his resistance, he was forced to comply until he finally collapsed.

Police are searching for the women who ran into the jungle after realizing that their husband was dead.

Since Sharia law is imposed in Nigeria, the case raises an interesting question. Many countries maintain that a wife may not refuse a demand for sex with her husband. This appears to be based on various religious passages:

Muhammad said: “If a husband calls his wife to his bed and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning” (Bukhari 4.54.460).

He also said: “By him in Whose Hand lies my life, a woman can not carry out the right of her Lord, till she carries out the right of her husband. And if he asks her to surrender herself she should not refuse him even if she is on a camel’s saddle” (Ibn Majah 1854).

However, some sites point out that the meaning is different from men and women:

The Prophet said: “When a man calls his wife to his bed (for intercourse) and she refuses and he spends the night upset with her, the angels keep on cursing her till the morning.” [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]
If we study the wording which is reported in the above Prophetic narration, we will find out that the pronouns which are used refer to the feminine. For instance, “she refuses”, “upset with her”, “cursing her”, and all these refer to the pronoun ‘She’ which cannot be used for a male.
Therefore, the pronoun ‘her’ in the narration refers to the wife and we have not heard any linguist or grammarian who said that the pronoun ‘she’ or ‘her’ could refer to the male as well.
As regards the address (speech) that is directed to men, the women are included as well, but it is the men who are mentioned as they are predominant.
Allaah Says (what means): {And establish prayer and give Zakaat.}[Quran 2:43]. Allaah also Says (what means): {O you who have believed, fear Allaah.}[Quran 2:278]. Ath-Tha’aalibi when interpreting the above verses, said: “The address here is directed to men and women, but the style [in the Arabic language] is directed to men as this is the predominant style in Arabic.”
To conclude, it is not correct to interpret the above narration with what the questioner mentioned, that if the husband does not answer the call of his wife to bed, the angels curse him until the morning.
However, we mentioned in Fatwa 90306 that a husband should fulfil the desire of his wife for sexual intercourse according to his ability because the nature of a man differs from that of the woman, as their ability for sexual intercourse differs.
Allaah Knows best.

Given this different interpretation for men and women, a religious argument will not be particularly helpful for these women. However, if a husband may force a woman to have sex, what are the limits for husbands in the use of force for a “Sharia court”?

A New Jersey court has often been cited for the clearly erroneous decision that a man did not rape his wife because under Sharia law she could not refuse him.

Source: Indian Express as first seen on Reddit.

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  1. David B, yes, I think everything in moderation is generally good. Except when I make comments and they end up in moderation, that is. :mrgreen:

  2. Since no one else has asked, I guess I will. When the deceased was discovered, did he have a smile on his face?

  3. hit send too early, most states follow federal or state law which is based on the common law.

  4. Sharia is only enforced in a few Northern states, most states are just a point of clarification

  5. bettyKath,

    If you are a swedish billionaire, and can have a new very young wife every night, you have to have a good heart, and not use narcotics and blue pills to help you keep going.

    He left a righ daughter.

  6. Malisha, LOL Everything in moderation just moved up on my lifes list of things to pay attention to. :o) …..However age and rusting has already been moderating many of my life habits. :o(

  7. Hey! Wasn’t there some flack recently about Five Wives Vodka? Was this situation the worry and concern? I don’t know. Could’a been involved.

  8. Couldn’t understand his stuff, but thought his eyes and eyebrows were kinda creepy. Maybe he shouldn’t wear yellow.

  9. David B, some fairly exquisite details here:

    “So this fellow, upon his death by “too Much” passed through the pearly gates,….. and was greeted by 72 willing Virgins !!!!”

    NO — you only get those 72 virgins if you die defending Allah by killing his enemies in a suicide mission. If you just poop out trying to f*ck, you’ll presumably just end up in an ordinary heaven, where you get to rule a moderate sized harem of pre-owned dead women.

    “Where do you go after you die all over again in heaven. ?”

    That depends. If you’re a good Muslim, you go right back to heaven again and keep doing that until you get it right. If you’re an infidel you go anywhere — because you didn’t belong in Heaven to start with and somebody just got your paperwork screwed up. If you’re a Jew you go directly to the head of a pin. If you’re a Blameless Hispanic Noble Protective Non-Racist kinda guy, you go to Sanford Florida and take part in one of George Zimmerman’s fevered day-dreams, wherein you quietly whisper to him as much as you have been able to download about god’s plans, secure in the knowledge that he will neither second-guess nor judge you. 😉

  10. Since Sharia law is imposed in Nigeria, the case raises an interesting question.

    Point of Privilege – my family is from Nigeria and I’d just like to clarify something for the record: Sharia law is not imposed throughout all of Nigeria. Only the few Muslims in the North follow Sharia law and have actual Sharia law courts. The rest of Nigeria, including the President, the Senate, the Assembly and the Nigerian Supreme Court all follow the Nigerian Constitution which dictates that the Courts follow the English Common Law system that was adopted from the British. It’s the same system we currently follow here in the U.S.

  11. So this fellow, upon his death by “too Much” passed through the pearly gates,….. and was greeted by 72 willing Virgins !!!!

    Where do you go after you die all over again in heaven. ?

  12. ….”…..businessman, was having sex with his youngest wife when the other five women attacked him with knives and sticks, demanding that he have sex with all of them at once.”

    Still what more could be asked of him…….

  13. His eyes were “bigger than his…ahem” — well, “hoist on his own…”

    Whatever. Allah’s will.

  14. I seem to recall that actor Errol Flynn died in the saddle too–with his (then) 17 year old paramour. As Dirty Harry said, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” That is especially true as we grow older, and do not have quite the ‘athletic’ ability we did back when we were much younger.

    She is reported to have said, “He died laughing.”

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