Florida Police Sued For Allegedly Pulling Over Mother For Rolling Through Stop Sign and Then Strip Searching Her In Front of Children and Passerbys

There is a shocking lawsuit filed against the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department in Florida in which Leila Tarantino claims that she was pulled over for going through a stop sign and then stripped searched by the side of the road in front of her children.

Tarantino says that she was pulled over last July for allegedly rolling through a stop sign. She claims the officer immediately pulled his weapon and pulled her from the car without explanation or warning. She says that she was left in the back of his squad car for two hours and then strip searched by the side of the road in full view of bystanders. She further claims that a female officer “forcibly removed” a tampon from her during the strip search. She claims that there were five male officers and one female officer.

The civil action suit is against the government of Citrus County, Florida, Sheriff Jeffrey Dawsey and six unnamed police officers.

This is one of those cases where only a fraction of the allegations would need to be proven to make for an outrageous case. A strip search by the side of the road is itself a gross violation of standard procedures. We have not however heard from the officers or the department. They may contest that this was an actual strip search and contest the specific graphic details of the complaint below.

The long period of detention and lack of charges however raise serious questions regarding the basis for holding Tarantino. She was released with only a citation.

Here is a copy of the lawsuit.

Source: RT

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  1. Instead of spraying them, if the look promiscuous, they should spay them to prevent them from reproducing. Population of controlled subjects (citizens) is growing unmanageable anyway.

  2. Al, please do have them make sure to cuff the vic, er, citizen FIRST, with their hands behind their backs, prior to the tazing and spraying. (This helps the aiming to be more effective.) After all, we don’t want them to make trouble during the procedure. Additionally, if all are lucky, maybe they will help us all out and shoot themselves in the head while their hands are cuffed behind the back. That saves the legal, lawabiding citizens taxpayer money in the longrun, if they decide just to do us all a favor and off themselves. it’s just so TIDY that way!

  3. Oh, I fergot. Do a forfeiture on the vehicle involved, no matter how minor the violation. And if the vic… citizen doesn’t like it, a good Tasing, pepper spraying and maybe a beating if the citizen persists in objecting, demanding “rights,” etc.

  4. If yer gonna have laws, enFORCE them! Tired of traffic laws enforced sporadically. Every one who has a burned out tag light should be pulled over, strip-searched and their vehicle impounded.

  5. I think it’s much more likely that she gave a passing cop a comeon look that obviously said, ”Hey Honey, come on over and I’ll let you detamponize me in front of God and everybody, and you’ll just love every second of it.”

    I mean, it’s OBVIOUS that’s what happened. Didn’t you read her BACKRGROUND? Just remember! Don’t form an opinion until ALL the facts are in. You’re not Jesus you know!

  6. What Gene H and Nick S have said makes me now begin to wonder: Was this over-staffed psycho-stop perhaps some kind of orchestrated action that the police performed at the request of somebody suing for custody? Hmmmm. I heard of a custody case back in the early eighties in Virginia (and New Mexico and Texas and Germany) that started with a father arranging a “police action” [he was connected, which is how New Mexico, Texas and Germany got involved] so that the mom could be immediately thought of as either crazy or perjurious. One of the police officers who was involved in it actually admitted to a social worker that he had gotten his first call not from the mom (who was charged with making a false police report) but from her husband (who told the cop that his wife needed to speak with the police, and to send a squad car to interview her). In Maryland recently there was a custody case brought by a maternal grandmother against her own daughter, again, starting with a peculiar and seemingly random police stop, but the custody-seeking grandmother was an employee of the state agency (of a neighboring state) evaluating child abuse claims; again, well connected.

  7. Fortunately the Lord has an infinite numbers of cookie cutters. Some models emit more gas than others. Design error? The Lord is perfect they say. But why this obviously imperfect world. Teodice, I think it is called.

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    He has also taste for modern folk composer/singers such as Cornelium Vreesvik, a genius who drank himself to death, one of two here. A long tradition. Of course, not all the deaths were composer/singers of merit.

  8. Darren,

    Just in case nick doesn’t oblige you: You think you’re Shiva and you sell vodka what done made me to wake up married to a dozen Mormons!

    I didn’t want you to feel left out. :mrgreen:

  9. Good day to you Lotta Katz.

    Without referring to persons, I believe you are less sensitive to certain stimuli shich would cause my gorge to rise. Sanctimony being one I recall. Self-esteem spreading its flabby grey flesh over a scene is

    also nauseating.

  10. GeneH and Rafflaw,

    1. Amazed that the question is posed after all these years together here. Staged?

    2. Such techniques which the Jesuit fathers employed and alleged to be standard lawyer experiences would seem potentially trqamatizing. Of course some are more resistant to trauma than others.

    3. For the sake of futhering this I will presume that GeneH did resist the effects and escaped with personality intact.

    4. I offer the above comment solely as an observation due to my interest in emotional trauma and its treatment. And I am obviously not equipped to diagnose it if it were present.

    5. Gene’s debate can be observed and be found to follow certain recurring methods. Where these come from I have no idea, as again my experience of the field is noll.

    6. Basicly it is one used in political debates, but with the gloves of protocol and politesse removed. An effective one on the stump circuit if you have good bodyguards with you. At least I imagine it was so in Huey Long’s time.

    7, It can be defeated, given certain presumptions which are fulfilled. I have seen GeneH defeated. And the victor did his victory rounds for about three days and then disappeared to other places.

    8. No one awarded the victor a “belt” to bear with him as proof of his achievement.

    9. Just so you know, repeated exposure to “trauma” non-painful stimuli without pain will de-potentiate the response over time. However true extinction is not accomplished. My presumption is that the “total” is not stored in just one place in the brain. Dredd might know.

    10. I am thankful for the opportunities which JT’s provides. Smile.

  11. Darren: “Oh, and on a personal note …

    I enjoy your commentary and am glad you visit.

  12. Two caveats here. As for the plaintiff, look up the term Rape Shield and see how that might influence what comes up with regard to any repute questions of her in court. Second, as Mespo says no need to do this in the field, unless maybe a half pound of Semtex was to be found. Maybe the girl officer heard Semtex instead of Kotex. What do I know.

    Oh, and on a personal note can I have a derrogatory phrase assigned to me as well? It’s been almost 8 months since I retired from LE and I haven’t been insulted enough lately. Gene’s one for working at 7-11 and thinking he is Jesus was great. I’d like one as well if I may.

    Spare me no dishonor, jest, or humiliation and I shall absolve you of your sins. A scapegoat for blogosphere shall I be. I will turn the other cheek. And when I am to blame for everything, contention between others will be no more. And civility will be risen.

  13. Wow, I was busy with other stuff when something I said got someone riled and then someone else defended me and all like that, and I’m sorry to say I didn’t get any good additions to my own stand-up act from it all. But anyway, thanks, BettyKath et al., for pointing out that there was real information available in the Zimmerman case (which used to be called the Trayvon Martin case).

    I think my statement was: “The same goes for young thugs like Trayvon Martin. Once somebody allegedly murders you, anything you have ever done or were alleged to have done in any way that was considered imperfect in any way is proof positive you were a thug who needed to be killed in the defense of the good people who want a good world to live in.”

    OK, nothing I have said in that paragraph refers to evidence. It DOES refer to “allegations not in evidence [yet],” of course. The reason I don’t opine on evidence is that I am not a judge. The reason I do weigh in and give my opinion of news items, blog items, and other stuff is simply that I have a First Amendment right to do so and at times it pleases me (or at least doesn’t DISplease me) to do so.

    But I don’t mind explaining how I came to my opinions.

    OPINION: “The same goes for young thugs like Trayvon Martin.”

    HOW I CAME TO MY “OPINION”: This is not my opinion. This is an attempt at sarcasm. I am pointing out that a person who was, in my opinion, victimized (deprived of life without due process) was thereafter characterized as a young thug because many people putting up articles and comments on the web wanted to portray him as a young thug in order to make his killer seem innocent of wrongdoing.

    OPINION: “Once somebody allegedly murders you,”

    HOW I CAME TO MY OPINION: Zimmerman was charged with murder.

    OPINION: “Anything you have ever done or were alleged to have done in any way that was considered imperfect in any way is proof positive you were a thug”

    HOW I CAME TO MY OPINION: Many comments on many blogs have vigorously asserted that Trayvon Martin (against whom no evidence has ever been entered in a court of law, EVER) stole, intended to steal more, threatened, projected the image of a violent racist, smoked and/or sold drugs, and was generally bad. All of these comments related to “information” that was unconfirmed from any official sources and that would have to be confidential, even if it had been valid, since he was a juvenile for his entire life. None of the negative “information” promulgated about him was public record anywhere. Yet it was used to convey the impression that Trayvon Martin was not only a thug, but a would-be murderer who intended to kill George Zimmerman and who was only foiled because HE FORGOT HIS WEAPON and George Zimmerman (who said HE FORGOT HE WAS CARRYING HIS WEAPON UNTIL TRAYVON MARTIN REACHED FOR IT) did not.

    OPINION: “… who needed to be killed in the defense of the good people who want a good world to live in.”

    HOW I CAME TO MY OPINION: Frank Taaffe got on TV and said that the shooting happened because there were so many crimes committed by young black men and George Zimmerman was “fed up.” Many commenters on various blogs (some on the Turley blogs included) wrote: “Live like a thug, die like a thug.” Other commenters have actually written that George Zimmerman did a good thing by killing this particular thug so he couldn’t do more harm. Police Chief Lee said he did not know why Zimmerman “thought he had to shoot [Trayvon Martin]” which presumes that Zimmerman DID THINK HE HAD TO SHOOT TRAYVON MARTIN. Zimmerman wrote in his statement to the police on 2/26/2012 that Trayvon Martin was “the suspect.” Some goons in Virginia came out with a poster, clearly depicting Trayvon Martin as a target to shoot at, with the legend saying that they of course supported George Zimmerman and believed that “he shot a thug.”

    Yes, there are the rumors, documents, and recorded voices that gave me the sources from which I drew the opinion that I wrote.

    Of course, I could be wrong. But if I am in Wonderland, the looking glass that I passed through to get here was reflecting the society in which I live. And it is not a “fun house mirror” — it is reflecting something with very little discernible distortion.

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