16 thoughts on “When Games of Catch Go Horribly Wrong . . .”

  1. oooo. poor puppy. Guess that expression is the one guys try to hide when they catch the ball, or whatever, in the same manner. yes, nick, as soon as the dog is able to walk he will show forgiveness and affection to the thrower of the ball.

  2. And that loyal dog will come up to the thrower of the ball and lick his face. We humans can learn much from dogs about loyalty, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

  3. OT OT


    Are you there? With thought to your comment defending
    wealth of self-made men, I reacted to this news item. For those wondering how I found the news item, it was my fondness for Borowitzreport in the New Yorker which led to curiosity about a man listed by Forbes as the 8th richest man in America. You can climb off your defense position and examine from a neutral stance.

    “Adelson made back his initial $265 million investment in one year and, because he owns 69% of the stock, he increased his wealth when he took the stock public in December 2004. Since the opening of the Sands Macao, Adelson’s personal wealth has multiplied more than fourteen times.”

    For those wondering, it is his libel suit against the NJDC which topped his Google search.

    A man with undoubtedly great savvy, I feel. And he started at the bottom, but found how to increase employment and his wealth using our weaknesses. So what’s news?

    Just what CLH was stating.

  4. Yeah, put a bucket of ice on your own….. This is not a game of bally….
    Dog’s best friend today is C-a-t.
    That breed of dog can fart in the middle of the night and wake up the neighbors.

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