Bear-est Of Accommodations

By Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

Travelers at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico might need some unusual gear when visiting. I’d suggest a field guide and maybe some bear repellant. Around midnight Monday, a curious black bear visited the resort and snooped around the hallways, popped into a conference room, and casually left through the main lobby. Guess he didn’t like the room. Here’s the video:

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  1. There are so many treasures in this country that we never got to see until my wife and I retired. Oh, we travelled for vacations but that meant flying and renting a car. We now spend winters in San Diego and the drive back and forth, taking different routes off the beaten path, is the highlight for me. My wife usually flies. I convinced her to drive and showed her southern Utah. That is a treasure that too many Americans have never seen. Bryce Canyon is the most uniquely beautiful place I have ever been.

    Mark, Thanks for the fun video. I was hoping to see if “a bear sh%ts in the lobby.” Angelfire, Taos, is another great treasure. Not far from Angelfire is the National Boy Scout Ranch in Philmont, NM.

  2. It was good of the joint to have a video camera on premise to bear witness to things.

  3. Maybe he found the lack of service in off peak hours by the resort staff to be simply unbearable.

  4. David, Good questions all.

    Do bears steal? Must be. The meat and deer head belonged to a person. Anyone/thing that takes from a person is a thief and must be executed. Never mind that she stole to feed the kids/cubs.

    Head covered in a paper bag? no video.

    Did the cops read him his rights? Bears don’t need no stinkin’ rights. Cop shot her, what do you think?

    The deer head was probably intended to give closure to the deer’s family.

  5. bettykath

    “The bear that was captured and killed the next day had previously stolen about 50 pounds of meat and a deer head to be mounted from a freezer in Angel Fire Resident Howard Colgan’s garage on Conchas Drive.”

    Do Bears steal ? Do they cover their heads in a paper bag while committing crime? Did the cop read him his rights ?
    Why would a bear want a deer head, was he planning on taking it home to impress his buddies. :o)

  6. Turns out that Angel Fire is having a huge problem with the bears. The drought and the fires have made food very scarce. There are reports that the bears know how to open car doors and house doors. Bear in the kitchen at 11 pm. Another, or maybe the same one, in a different house, on the couch eating popcorn. This one was shot.

  7. Name of Angel Fire: The natives called the red sunsets “the fire of the gods”. The Spanish missionaries would have none of that thus “Angel Fire”

  8. if y ou see a bear, stay calm and back away. The back away i could do, the stay calm – not too sure about that. If you forget they can be danherous, he was cute just kind of showinig catlike curiousity

  9. I was there in October. Nice little town. Most of the population is transient. Texans in the summer and I don’t remember who in the winter. Maybe another group of Texans who like to ski.

  10. I think the name has something to do with special natural lighting effects. I don’t remember exactly. Will see what I can find out.

  11. Swarthmore mom 1, August 11, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Dredd, The name of the little town is “Angel Fire”. It is a ski destination but in the summer it is a refreshingly cool destination for Texans. Been there.

    A lot of Texas has become “Angel Dust” after some of the fires, as have places in other states.

    Oklahoma is now ~97% extreme drought, up from ~72% not long ago.

    Meanwhile, they prepare to drill in the Arctic even though the nearest coast guard station is ~1,000 miles away and they have to plan to contain an Exxon Valdez or Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

    As soon as a resort on Mars is finished I am outta here. 😉

  12. Don’t know why no one was there…. But, it has good skiing….. And golf…. It does seem odd that no one was present…..hmmmm

  13. Dredd, The name of the little town is “Angel Fire”. It is a ski destination but in the summer it is a refreshingly cool destination for Texans. Been there.

  14. He was probably looking for the ‘all you can eat’ buffet.

    I noticed the logo too Dredd, not a great advertisement this spring/summer 🙂

  15. “Angel Fire Resort”

    I can’t think of a worse name for a “getaway” in these times of rampant wild fires and extreme drought.

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