The Great Escape: Kangaroo Kingpin Escapes With Help Of a Fox and Boar

Criminal gangs are nothing new to prisons. However the recent breakout at a Frankfurt zoo left people scratching their heads. The kangaroo at Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück west of Frankfurt escaped with the help of a fox and a boar.

The male kangaroo broke for freedom after a young fox snuck into the park and dug a hole next to its cage. Then the Kangaroo and fox went to a second and larger hole dug by a wild boar under the exterior fence. The three then bolted.

The Kangaroo is still at large — likely receiving inside information on the search from a mole.
Source: Guardian

17 thoughts on “The Great Escape: Kangaroo Kingpin Escapes With Help Of a Fox and Boar”

  1. Only the kangaroo is still at large?

    Who turned in the boar and the fox?

    Did the kangaroo have an anchor-joey with her?

  2. rcampbell, I thought it was the one about them passing the bar. Something they would not have to do @ the Milwaukee Zoo.

  3. Is this the one about the kangaroo, the fox and the boar entering a bar? I heard that one.

  4. I would call in Lancelot Link and Mati Hari for questioning before the bobcats.

  5. These three animals are low-level henchmen. To solve this crime, you must find the instigators. Bobcats! It’s always the bobcats!

  6. Now if politicians could follow their lead and work together for the common good….

  7. I think a human security guard must have also been on the take. Maybe not money, just sexual favors from the boar.

  8. Unfortunately, handling AK-47s may be their only chance. Has anyone tried to teach them? Seriously should be considered…..especially since they can disable traps and communicate the skill.
    Hope they design a better society than ours.

  9. 707 there was just a story online the other day about wild gorillas warning each other about traps that poachers had set and even disabling the traps. If we could teach them to handle an AK-47 I think the fight to save them would be over. Our only fear then would be that they figure out how to organize & travel outside their home range!

  10. We’ve seen various animals mother the young of other species.

    We’ve seen videos of different species as friends.

    This is a rather different set of friends but this kind of cooperation among species is good news for them.

    Maybe they’ve been planning a real revolution and broke out to spread the news and get recruits.

  11. Did Disney produce it, or at least film it?

    Now if lions viewed by safaris would start eating them up, and start driving the cars, then I might be impressed.

    Or is the mountain gorillas came down and cut off the hands of there murderers and sold them to tourists that would be good to see too.

    Gory, gory hallelujah.

  12. This sounds like a bed-time story for aspiring young jailbirds….

  13. I think this and the story of the ape that was seen planning attacks on annoying park visitors my eventually lead us to believe that animals are a whole heck of a lot smarter & have higher levels of thinking than we have believed. We may even begin to see zoos as torture for these animals and have to balance our need for entertainment against their well being. OTOH some of these animals hardly exist outside of zoos & if we ever get done screwing up the planet it might be nice to return some to their actual ranges.

  14. A Roo, Fox and Boar…. Oh My…. Off to see the professor….. In the wonderful world of law…….oh my….

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