13 thoughts on “I Am The Walrus, Coo Coo Ca Choo”

  1. Someone said whales sang well. I wonder!
    Not snarting, just so you know.

    Anyway love his “noises! Given the right national exposure the kids would be imitating him after a day. did this go viral?

  2. Who here wouldn’t also indulge in a command performance such as this for a nice piece of chocolate? Sex and food are great motivators, the latter being greater @ my age.

  3. Campaign speechs? They dirty the mind. How can you clean it after viewing? (good line anyway)

    Speculating where Ben will find his life’s meaning?
    Healthy interest here.

    Amazing routine. Better than a balanced ball on the nose.

    Does the walrus ever initiate and use sounds to communicate needs etc.? I would love to discuss fish with him sometime.

  4. Gene, spot on, lol

    I wouldn’t be surprised that lots of animals are more intelligent than we give them credit for. Some are so intelligent that they don’t see any sense in letting us know, poor creatures that we are, spoiling our nest.

  5. Still sounds better than Russel Brands rendition of I am the Walrus from the closing show

  6. In this one I am a ditto head….. Rarely…. Rarely…. Ever use those words….

  7. Far more intelligent and watchable than any of the current campaign speeches going around.

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