Collared: “Father Angel” Arrested After Reportedly Chasing A 12-Year-Old Boy Down Street In His Underwear

Oregon police have arrested the Rev. Angel Armando Perez at Saint Luke Catholic Church in Woodburn after he was allegedly seen chasing a 12-year-old boy down the street dressed only in his underwear.

The boy later told police that his parents let him go to the priest’s house after Perez asked his parents if he could take the boy on a trip to the mountains. The boy said the priest gave him a beer while watching a movie and then told him to go to sleep on an air mattress that was set up on the living room floor. He says that he woke up being fondled by Perez who held a cell phone in the other hand. When the boy pulled up his underwear and tried to leave, he said “Father Angel called to him saying, ‘Come back to bed.'” It was then that he ran off and was pursued by Perez.

Witnesses said that Perez caught the boy as ran ran up to adults seeking help.

One of the men, James Curths, 35, put the boy behind him and said that Perez stood there wearing only what looked like a speedo.

Witnesses said that Perez appeared intoxicated and said “I am very sorry; I made a mistake. I didn’t mean to hurt . . . I am just one who serves in the church, and I have sinned; don’t stop believing in the church.”

Perez was arraigned in Marion County Circuit Court on Tuesday on charges of first-degree sexual abuse, abuse of a child in the display of sexually explicit conduct, furnishing alcohol to a minor and driving under the influence of intoxicants.

This is the factual record where Perez should hope that God will have mercy because he is likely to find little with a jury.

Source: OregonLive

43 thoughts on “Collared: “Father Angel” Arrested After Reportedly Chasing A 12-Year-Old Boy Down Street In His Underwear”

  1. Rafflaw:

    I know it might have been difficult as you say to hold back when interviewing a child molester but what can help is to know that you are going to either be the one who exonerates the accused if he/she was unjustly accused or the one who takes the guilty off the streets and into prison where they belong.

    In doing the latter often interviewers used constitutional interviewing techniques, but employed every psychological device they can to cut through the truth of what happened if possible. Some in the public might take exception to this but often one has to get into the favor of the child molester mind or to make them uncomfortable with what they have done and they want to tell what happened but you offer to them a face saving way out of it.

    Interviewing the child molester is an ugly affair. It is from the perspective of the interviewer a most Machiavellian afffair to have to seemingly stoop to their level, but in the end you can at least know you removed him from harming other kids.

  2. Us dogs in the dog pack who were once humans in a prior life and came back as dogs all went through the Pearly Gates and had an interview with Saint Peter at least once. Usually Saint Peter has a stand in for the interview. Could you imagine the scene at the Pearly Gates when Angel Dust’s time comes up and he is angling to avoid Hell. Let us just suppose what some of his defenses might be. Forget the Ninth Amendment on this one. First, The Devil Made Me Do It. Second, He was a Consenting 12 year old. Third, alcohol is the route of all evil.

    Hell has a special place for pedophiles and a separate dorm for Pedophile Priests. We got a dog in our dogpack who went through Hell and he informed the dogpack this morning about all of the different venues down there. HumpinDog says that the Pedophile Priests, or Pee Pees, are shuffled into a clinic and their weenies are whacked off and made into hot dogs which are then force fed to the new inductees. HumpinDog says that a lot of the inmates down there speak with New York accents. That and Russian. The story gets worse but the trauma would be too much for the folks on this blog. HumpinDog predicts that this particular Pedophile is going to be dubbed Angel Dust.

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