The Unhappiest Place On Earth: Hezbollah Builds Theme Park In Latest Attraction In “Resistance Tourism”

We previously saw how a Middle Eastern children programs cut off the paws of rabbit characters under Sharia law and feature murderous Mickey Mice. Now those fun-loving men at Hezbollah are creating a multi-million dollar theme park celebrating its military victories over Israel.

The new theme park will be located in the Lebanese city of Mleeta and feature those staples of children entertainment of barbed wire, tanks, rockets, archive battle footage and an assortment of weapons used against Israel. It is what the party called “resistance tourism.”

What a delightful way to spend the family vacation.

Source: Business Insider as first seen on Reddit

28 thoughts on “The Unhappiest Place On Earth: Hezbollah Builds Theme Park In Latest Attraction In “Resistance Tourism””

  1. Celebrating their victories over Israel?

    Can’t be much of a park with no exhibits or rides.

    Unless they include murdering civilians with rockets a victory. (And I am sure that they do.)
    And then do they count the missile or the dead and wounded?
    Can they actually count at all or do they take the AP’s word on the number of casualties?
    If it is just the rocket I presume they can count to one.

    Ignorance is an izlamic treasure because without it there would be no followers at all.

  2. David ((*_*))
    Iguana, “The Jews [will] shoot[] us”[46] or “The Jews are killing us.”[ yep, no anti semitism there.

  3. leejcaroll

    The link you offered may be the best link I have seen yet. Jesus camp I was aware of, but a website loaded with documentaries I was not aware of.
    I have it Booked, Locked, and Loaded. Thank You

  4. Credulous?

    There are *thousands* of examples at MEMRI, and you want to impugn the entire lot based on…. what, exactly? Someone’s anti-neocon blog???

    Are you actually making the argument that antisemitism is NOT rampant among hundreds of Arab leaders, speakers, and schools? Perhaps the Pew research which showed strong majorities of Palestinians supporting the use of suicide bombing in defense of their religion was bogus as well?

    Perhaps the multiple exposes of Wahabi schools teaching the same antisemitic filth were fabricated as well?

    Get a clue.

  5. I haven’t visited this site in a while, and I wish I had. This doesn’t just come from fox but from Memri TV, whose video translations are not reliable. MEMTRI TV is ran by former Israeli intelligence agents and zionist hucksters. They’ve been busted multiple times for mistranslating, and the provenance can’t be determined. Here’s one link that has a collection. There are others if you take the time to search.

    n 2007, CNN correspondent Atika Shubert and Arabic translators accused MEMRI of mistranslating portions of a Palestinian children’s television programme.
    “Media watchdog MEMRI translates one caller as saying – quote – ‘We will annihilate the Jews,”‘ said Shubert. “But, according to several Arabic speakers used by CNN, the caller actually says ‘The Jews are killing us.”‘ [45]
    Several commentators, such as CNN‘s Arabic department, have claimed that the transcript of the April 13 show (2007) provided by MEMRI contains numerous translation errors and undue emphases. Brian Whitaker, the Middle East editor for the Guardian newspaper (UK), wrote in a blog for the newspaper that in the translation of the video, showing Farfour eliciting political comments from a young girl named Sanabel, the MEMRI transcript misrepresents the segment, by attributing a sentence said by Farfour, (“I’ll shoot”), to the child, and ignoring the child’s statement (“I’m going to draw a picture”).[46]
    Whitaker further criticized MEMRI’s translation. He and others commented that a statement uttered by the same child, (“We’re going to [or want to] resist”), had been given an unduly aggressive interpretation by MEMRI as (“We want to fight”). Also, where MEMRI translated the girl as saying the highly controversial remark (“We will annihilate the Jews”), Whitaker and others, including Arabic speakers used by CNN, insist that based on careful listening to the low quality video clip, the girl is variously interpreted as saying, “The Jews [will] shoot[] us”[46] or “The Jews are killing us.”[47] Other sources have also pointed out that MEMRI’s translation “I will commit martyrdom” should more accurately have been “I’ll become a martyr” – a passive statement rather than an active/aggressive threat.

    You’all shouldn’t be so credulous.

  6. To summarize:

    We are all phucked up. Why should our side be surprised and exclaim outraged when the other side shows itself to also be phucked up?

    Hopefully, not to far in my dream future, all who teach religion to children will be incarcerated as child abusers.

    And Romney’s dog will get to s”t on Romney’s head.

    Justice, I crave justice.

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