Smackdown Irish Style: Audio of Irish President Giving a Tea Party Pundit a Piece of His Mind Goes Viral

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

According to Huffington Post, the following 2010 interview that Michael D. Higgins, the current president of Ireland, did with Boston conservative radio talk show host Michael Graham went viral recently.


Michael D. Higgins, Ireland President, Takes Down Tea Party Pundit Michael Graham (AUDIO ) [Huffington Post]

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  1. SwM,

    Welcome back. And what chance is there that the lake will run over and drown only the baggers? Or could the wzxwings exact nature’s revenge and peck out their eyes?

    How’s your hearing now? Oompah! Did you hear that?

  2. Elaine , You were right. I did not want to come back to the crazy land of the tea party. Looks like the polls are very close here.

  3. Thank you Milord! And a intelligent voice from Alaska.

    I felt since reading “To build a fire”, by Jack London, that to survive in Alanska you had to be savvy. But since Palin I was afraid that it had gone soft, in the head at least. Hunting moose is no proof of anything. Even I can do it five miles from Stockholm.

    Coveting is fine. But imitating is safer than stealing, and sometimes the only way.

    Ladies nad Gentlemen, our new voice from Alaska (or have you just been away for a while?),

  4. To Alexander, Hubert and the various other commenters who seem to get their misinformation from Fox News, Mssrs. Limbaugh and Beck,

    I implore you to at least try to omit the name calling and non-sequiturs and include just a modicum of factual truths in your arguments. The “constant crippling inflation” you refer to is nowhere near the highs it reached in 2007 and is currently near a 20 year low.

  5. GOP Platform Chair: Rape A ‘Detail’ In The Abortion Debate
    By Zack Beauchamp
    August 26, 2012

    Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA) today claimed the issue of a rape exception to abortion was a “detail” to be left up to states and Congress. On ABC’s This Week, George Stephanopoulos confronted the Governor and Party Platform Chair with the absolutist anti-abortion language in the platform he led the development of. This was his response:

    McDonnell: We’re affirming that we’re a pro-life party.The details certainly are left to Congress and, ultimately, to the states and the people on how they ratify such an amendment. More importantly, what they do at the state level.

    Stephanapoulous: So is the party for a rape exception or not?

    McDonnell: The party didn’t make any judgment on that. It’s a general proposition to say we support human life. The rest of the details are up to the states and the people respectively, George. That’s simply not covered.

  6. Back many years ago, just after the first world war, when propaganda was still an acceptable word, and had been used to get us to favor the war against Germany, there occurd a major change. “They” realized that coercion, physically was not possible (oh some kept to the old ways), and that propaganda was better. It gave rise to a phrase and methods called “Manufacturing Consent”. The name of a famous journalist I think is associated with it. As well

    others such as the father of modern advertizing, named (?).

    Today the method have been developed much further.
    One obvious one which they are using here in America is manufacturing DISSENT and DISCORD and DISTURBANCES and forms of political trench warfare, and DISABLING genuine discussion. It looks to us like we are busy, but it is only mental and political gridlock.

    Change? One never knows. But when we have food riots then it might happen. Why we accept all the poor we have escapes me.

    Anybody tried living on food stamps? I would not like to.

    1. we should call you WISE man…. 🙂

      You said it Idealist….
      “One obvious one which they are using here in America is manufacturing DISSENT and DISCORD and DISTURBANCES and forms of political trench warfare, and DISABLING genuine discussion. It looks to us like we are busy, but it is only mental and political gridlock.”

      also… How can you have an HONEST debate about the state of the USA, when so many lies keep coming, and one has to work to debunk those, first…???

      It saddens me to NO end, just how UGLY it has gotten….

      they deny that some of it is racism rearing it’s UGLY head….

      BUT, why else would they be on about a FREAKING Birth Certificate.????

      That would NEVER happen to a WHITE President name John Anderson……

      It has really put the USA, in a very bad light….

  7. One last point on my scheme for “helping”. Well, I have heard that some states, bar assns, whatever requires pro bono work by lawyers. That was one seminal idea behind mine. Of course that means less money for them, but my idea was that it could be something more than what some sat ut us, ie a useless blow for justice—-nothing is changed.

    That it instead could be something to push through change in the system, and through media pressure, could change attitudes in people. So it ain’t Lady Bountifuls nor lawyers discussing their pro bono work. It would be better. How would depend on the lawyers. Lawyers end often up a politicians. There must be untapped talent there.

    Now I could go on spouting, but will rest there. There’s a pop song line echoing through my head; is it “I will survive….”

    Seriously, is pro bono work useless? Can the system NOT be changed?

  8. Zvyosdochka,

    They are here and need to hear it for their health and future’s sake—ours too. If they wanted to sing “America, the Beautiful” there are sites for that too.
    I agree with you.

    1. Zvyosdochka…

      YOu are both right on there…..

      this whole MYTH of AMERICA being the best country on earth keeps being repeated over and OVER…..

      Too bad the very people who CLAIM this, are the very people that keep voting against what would start to make the USA much better, and PROGRESS towards being an EXAMPLE of Greatness again……

      to be clear… I mean great… NOT the GREATEST….

      Sadly, I think that ship has sailed….

      You can’t have a country that is so divided, in constant gridlock, and actually make any meaningful changes……

  9. Having worked for extended periods in the USofA, I’m prepared to generalise and say that Americans are typically shocked to discover the worldview of people looking at THEM.

    Does Amercian ‘Exceptionalism’ mean you ignore constructive criticism continuously until it’s too late?

    I think this explains many of the denialist and reactionary attitudes to ideas that are not “your own” and why “foreign” is a scare tactic. Eg: there’s no way that the USofA can have universal healthcare or broad education because the Scandanavians do it!

    (I’m sorry, I know I’m down on you guys a lot, but ……..)

  10. the reason the economy is in such trouble….
    It used to be that making money and building your company little by little…. and having the company make a stable profit was good enough….

    NOW, EVERYBODY wants to be a millionaire over night….

    It is about the HIGH RISK, quick and high return….

  11. As for us working more for less, that is because of the devaluation of the currency and constant crippling inflation. The devaluation of the currency is the bank’s fault, as well as the fault of the FED. The banks keeps screwing up and the FED keeps bailing out their buddies and printing money, and buying bonds when the government straight up can’t pay it’s bills. The FED facilitates all the bad practices including high levels of government spending by just printing more whenever needed. Every time they print (QE3 is on it’s way, my friend) the people lose and the banks win. More free, or nearly free, money for them to loan out at interest.

    NO Alexander…. this is NOT the case….

    If it was the case…. then the CEO’s would not have had HUGE increases on their pay, while the actual workers make FAR less….


    Back in 1980, the average large company CEO only received 42 times the average worker’s pay

    in 2011 that CEO is making 380 times what the average worker is making…..

    let that sink in for a minute….

    perhaps if the CEO did not make $50 million a freaking year…. they could pay the average worker MUCH more…..

  12. The reason corporations are such a problem is because we regulate them too heavily. They have too much to lose by NOT trying to corrupt legislators to pass favorable legislation. The free market no longer decides which corp’s rise and fall. Government regulation does, and so it behooves them to throw millions at lobbying efforts.

    That is such a LOAD of bull….

  13. “If corporations weren’t regulated so heavily and given a safety net, their bad practices would cause their business to crumble. So fear of losing everything would be all the regulation they need.”


  14. Malisha, Atticus Finch fits your description. And, many people went to law school w/ the Atticus model in their head. But, they graduate and lose their soul. C’est la vie.

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