LAPD Officers Caught On Video Body Slamming Nurse After Traffic Stop and Then Giving Each Other Celebratory Fist Bump

There is another claim of excessive force and abuse against officers with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) after two officers who were allegedly caught on surveillance camera (shown below) slamming a nurse, Michelle Jordan, 34, on the ground twice after a traffic stop. Not only is the basis for the action in doubt, but the two officers are shown giving each other a fist bump afterwards.

Jordan was talking on her cell phone while driving and was pulled over. If true, that is a perfectly justified pullover and reckless conduct by Jordan.

After she pulled into a parking lot of a Del Taco restaurant, however, things went from bad to worse. The security tape shows the officers pulling the 5-foot-4 inch registered nurse from the open driver’s seat and then slamming her on the ground. She is then yanked to her feet for a pat down. Then for some reason, she is slammed to the ground for a second time.

She was later booked for resisting arrest and later released. We have seen various cases where abusive arrests are followed by charges of resisting arrest (here and here and here and here and here and here).

The identity of the officers is not known but one was a 20-year veteran of the force while the other was a probationary officer on the force for 10 months.

The video not only raises questions of excessive force and false charges, but tort liability. There is no evidence of Jordan resisting, though the camera is at some distance. That could lay the foundation for assault and battery charges as well as false arrest.

Here is the video:

Source: NY Daily News

70 thoughts on “LAPD Officers Caught On Video Body Slamming Nurse After Traffic Stop and Then Giving Each Other Celebratory Fist Bump

  1. Wow. The lady deserved a ticket, but I did not know that being stupid is an offense that requires police officers to body slam people to the ground! I think the city better check its insurance coverage because I don’t think they want a jury to see that video.

  2. Police have decided that they can mete out extra judicial punishment whenever they chose.

    These guys are cowards.

  3. dont cuss at a cop. I have been stopped a few times and I say yes sir, no sir and have gotten out of a ticket with a warning most of the time.

    You start acting like a prick and what do you expect. I wonder what she actually said to them?

    A friend of my daughter was drinking at school and got arrested and started telling the cop he had a little weenie and cussing at him and even kicked him in the shin. He just took her to jail and wrote her up.

    most cops are decent people and have to put up with a lot of BS from citizens. Maybe this dumba$$ nurse shouldnt be talking on her cellphone, it does cause accidents.

  4. What do you think would come from this woman’s claims in the absence of video? It certainly makes me wonder about all the other times people claim excessive force and there is no video.

  5. I don’t see a single movement on her part that would require body slamming her. Maybe the cops can make up an interesting enough story for the first bodyslam, but there is no way in he double hockey sticks they can ever explain the second body slam.

    You gotta have a real big little man attitude to body slam a handcuffed 5’4″ woman to the ground.

    Absolutely offensive.

    Two terrible police videos in one morning…I think my day is shot.

  6. Bron, there is nothing this woman could have said to deserve being body slammed after already being handcuffed. Nothing.

    There is no law that says you have to treat officers with respect and nice language… Its smart to say yes sir, yes ma’am…but its not required by law and police are supposed to be trained to ignore insults/etc.

    There is simply no excuse for their actions. None.

  7. Bron: While it is true that some people “cuss” at cops – some people cuss at a lot of people – for cutting them off on the highway, budding in line, or just for existing. However, we don’t get to beat the crap out of someone when the “cuss” at us. These guys are entrusted by the people to walk around with guns – not only do I expect at least as good behavior as is expected of us, I expect better.

  8. “Mike Appleton

    Ms. Jordan will ultimately be grateful for having received this ticket.”

    Very true … lemons made into lemonade

  9. Some police officers have developed a Judge Dred approach to every person they encounter. In short–“I am the law.”. Judge, jury and executioner. The problem for anyone is you cannot tell which officers feel that way so each one is a threat to personal safety. Having to cowtow to a police officer and be totally submissive–no questions, no objections no matter how civil and respectful they may be can be made. It is freightening and it is destructive of both public safety and ultimately democracy.
    These officers should be fired, prosecuted and sued. Unfortunately this rarely happens thus such be have is seen as tacitly approved of. I hope the victm of this incident is able to fully recover.

  10. Talking on a cell phone while driving is stupid and is a traffic violation in most localities. The woman should have gotten a traffic ticket. I would presume that she was treated that way because of her words to the police officer. The problem is that many of today’s police believe that being disrespected by citizens is an offense to be personally punished. While I have never been disrespectful to police officers, despite at times feeling provoked by gratuitous officiousness on their parts, this is mainly because they are the people with the weapons and the power. The problem, as old as law enforcement, is that many are attracted to it not by civic duty, but by the desire to wield power over others. This seems to be such an instance and the officers should be severely punished for their actions, though I doubt they will be.

  11. No one deserves a ticket for talking on a cell phone–it’s a victimless crime, I don’t care how unsafe you believe it makes the roads. No victim, no crime.

    The only victim was this woman who was harassed and beaten by thugs in badges.

  12. As some others have inferred, I’m sure it was a good old case of “contempt of cop”, punishable immediately by a pummeling by these brave men. She may be an obnoxious person; I wouldn’t doubt it. But these guys don’t get to mete out the punishment. Take their badges (pending a full investigation, of course).

  13. Importantly, unlike many of the brutality cases you discuss on your blog, LAPD is taking swift action here. The Chief has removed and initiated demotion proceedings against the district commander for failing to take appropriate action in the wake of this incident. He also called the video disturbing and said administrative and criminal investigations are underway against the officers. It is a terrible incident but the response, to this one at least, seems to be adequate (so far).

  14. wow… all of this for talking on the cell phone… how many cops talk on there cell phone each day ??? even if she mouthed off at them …its only words.. you learn to handle this in Human Diversity Course in the Academe when you go through the course… words can’t hurt you… even if she was getting back into her car let her write her the ticket … she wasn’t going anywhere the police car was behind her…. and a Vet cop with a rookie … wow he is teaching him a lot hmmmmm no need for the slamming the second time… and there are a few cops out there with an attitude when they pull you over… and there are some that are very pleasant… I don’t think they will lose there job… but she her medical bills will be paid for….I am sure of that and than some…… the world we live in today …..

  15. At least this wasn’t racist..sexist maybe, but not racist. I’m singing Monty Python’s, “Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

  16. I agree that the officers had no justification for shoving her to the ground in the first place, but the officers’ actions may look worse than they actually were due to the quality of the video. If you look at the traffic in the background you can see that it is very jerky. This indicates that the video has very few frames per second. Fewer frames per second results in action that looks faster and more violent than it really is.

    Here’s a “nanny cam” case from Miami a few years ago:

  17. Why was she pulled from the car in the first place? Talking on her cell phone was good for a ticket. Is it also something for which you can be arrested? I don’t understand anything except a ticket. Was there a warrant out for her arrest? Did she take a swing at a cop? I thought it wasn’t against the law to bad mouth a cop, which she may have done. The streets just aren’t safe anymore due to cops.

  18. bettykath
    1, August 30, 2012 at 12:40 pm
    Why do the police departments get to investigate themselves? It’s a conflict of interest.
    I guess the same could be said for lawyers…..

  19. Dude, those cops are such tough guys. I mean, I see how big their penises (or is it penii?) must be. This video shows me how badass they are. I am afraid of them. I would never go to LA because it is full of manly men with badges and big sticks, I mean dicks.

  20. I don’t get how swearing at or arguing with the cops is “resisting arrest” as the witness talking seems to think it was….so far as I know “freedom of speech” is still allowed. Course, if LAPD is as sexist as it is racist, that likely WAS the real issue, how dare that ‘little lady’ use bad words and not be all sweetly submissive?

  21. Truthfully, the State has given so much power to Police to do what they want when they want too, if it was not for cell phone taking pictures, this would have been sweep under the carpet.

  22. I work as a nurse in a hospital psychiatric ward, and I get sworn at all the time, threatened with murder, etc. But I don’t go body-slamming my patients, or even cursing back. Why? Because I’m a professional, not a thug. Meeting attack with attack is not helpful. I am under better control of myself than the patients are. And lastly, I KNOW I’m in control. I don’t need to prove how tough I am, because I know inside. Cops like these brutes don’t have that sense of manliness or control, even though they’re wearing the weapons, so they have to prove to themselves over and over that they’re tougher than some foul-mouthed motorist that they pulled over. What pathetic little men they are. When a patient swears at me, it makes me feel more manly by keeping my cool and smirking back at them, because I know they do not have the power to control me when they try to push my buttons. Sometimes I get to push a syringe of Loxapine into their butt if they’re banging their heads into a wall or it’s 0300 and they’re screaming loud enough to keep the other patients awake, but that’s another story…

  23. rafflaw
    1, August 30, 2012 at 1:41 pm
    that’s good to hear. I’m guessing they are the exception rather than the rule….


    Bukko Canukko
    1, August 30, 2012 at 1:43 pm
    I work as a nurse in a hospital psychiatric ward, and I get sworn at all the time, threatened with murder, etc. But I don’t go body-slamming my patients, or even cursing back.
    ditto….as a nurse I had my share of ‘out of control’ patients…I have been hit, spat upon, other nastiness….but it would never have entered my mind to do anything aggressive towards a patient….especially one that was not in control of their emotions. I get that police see crazy more than nurses do but this was a 5’4″ woman with a vocabulary deficit….these boyos need more than discipline, a different career choice perhaps…

  24. Bron, nothing she said to those officers justifies, under the law or otherwise, their conduct.

    If your that big of a hot head, you should not be allowed to wear a badge.

  25. Just off the press Both officers have been transferred to somewhere else WOW aren’t we all impressed with that… Let me say.. I was law enforcement … never never did a bad word hurt me or make me want to slam someone… these officers should be fired… there are good cops and bad cops and those ones that wear that badge that think they are God ruin it for all the good out there…. its sad… I say a pic and a recording speak a thousand words…. The dept out there needs to clean it up…. send them back to Human Diversity Class… learn how to act… and speak to other in public…. just saying

  26. I read the training officer of 22 years has been placed on leave pending the investigations…..


    They got caught this time…. Alabama used to do this all the time for confessions……

    I understand that all interviews that lead to a confession are being taped for corroboration these days….. I think I read this in a defense article….

  27. Wanna called them “Leos” and not “Pigs”? Fine with me. Leotards. Leo Retards. Law Enforcement Officianados.

  28. It is time for both of them to find another line of work, with NO pension. It would be outrageous for the older cop to get a pension for his abuse of citizens. THAT will cause other cops to sit up and take notice that they should not do likewise.

  29. Makes one wonder (at least with the 22 year ‘officer’) how many OTHER times has this happened with this same ‘officer’…multiply that times the number of cops in the LAPD…looks like we have a real problem here.

  30. The police are militarized and used on a city, county and state basis in the way the army would be used in a smaller country to suppress and oppress the citizens IMO. We don’t need to wait to see Federal troops in the streets to realize that there is an authoritarian relationship between the government and the citizens.

    Soon there will be real-time , seamless integration of personal and law enforcement information integrated with CCTV tracking. Already the police are using military equipment (Sound canons, APC’s, aircraft, etc.) to stifle protests and for general use. The government makes this equipment available to local LEO’s. All of the folks worried about seeing martial law with Army troops rolling into their downtowns are missing the boat, it will look just like it always does with the local police leading the charge

  31. More links for above comment. These are from Justnet, The Website of National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, operated by a grant fro the Federal Government. It’s an interesting site, well worth looking through.

    This is an article on the Federal surplus equipment program for local police (1033- general program and 1122- drug specific programs):

  32. In a more civilized time we’d publicly name these “men” for bashing a woman. We’d also arrest them since force against this woman can hardly be justified. Alas we are in the world of protect the government from its citizens with most judges and public administrators carrying the water.

  33. I am very thankful for the fine people who are police officers in my town and am very grateful that these guys are not among them.

  34. The fallout at LAPD has been swift since this has become one of the top stories on the Internet today. Here is a snip from the story on ABC:

    LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement Wednesday he has removed Captain Joseph Hiltner from his command. The officers involved in the incident have also been removed from field duties while the Internal Affairs Group conducts a criminal and administrative investigation.


  35. I bet these devices will become mounted in every police cruiser as soon as they hit the market.

    From BoingBoing:
    “Apple granted patent for location-based camera phone disabling”

    “On Tuesday, Apple was granted a patent that could prevent photos and videos from being taken in particular locations. Other restrictions include forcing the camera to go to sleep so it cann’t be used at all:”

  36. OS,
    Good news. Maybe these officers will be held accountable.
    That is startling news about the device disabling phone cameras. How can it be legal?

  37. raff, they can do all kinds of things with your device. I have read of them deleting whole books from Kindles and iPads when there was some kind of copyright dispute.

    I don’t have a smart phone, and that is one of the reasons why. As for taking pictures, I doubt the ghost of Steve Jobs will shut down any of my Canon cameras. The only way they will delete any of my books is if they break into my library and steal it.

  38. Raff, I was hoping a lawyer could tell me that, If I have a right to photograph police or any public person how could it be legal to not allow it by disabling the technology? I know that the possibility will be considered when the tech rolls out.

    OS, I’ve read that some of the book-readers are downright malicious. If you get into its programing code to add your own reader programs to improve their versatility that the readers self destruct, won’t work at all- android based readers as I recall.

  39. It occurs to me that if they can keep a “smart phone” from taking pictures, the same technology can also be made to delete photos and videos remotely. As I said, I do not have a smart phone, and this is just another reason to not reconsider my position.

  40. we can’t have radar detectors but they can control your camera.

    just wait until the next time one of these brave boys in blue are in an emergency room. word gets around.

  41. Why is the district commander the only one to be demoted? It seems that the LAPD has a historic systemic problem amounting to the same thing in police practice as habitual criminal activity is in criminal practice. Perhaps demotions of all personnel directly above these officers reaching right up to chief would be in order. Then, these “superiors” from their new lower vantage points might take more interest in the quality of their personnel and what they are doing in the field.

  42. I wonder if this was part of on the job training – the experienced cop wanting the new one to show his stuff? Most of these slammings seem to be don to much smaller people. I’m thinking of the kid in the subway station who was slammed to the ground.

  43. @bettykath “Why was she pulled from the car in the first place? ”

    Good question. I hate to admit it but I have had a few tickets over the years. The police, DC, Maryland, VA, invariably tell me to stay in the car.

  44. Nick S, I do not follow your comment: “At least this wasn’t racist..sexist maybe, but not racist. I’m singing Monty Python’s, “Look on the Bright Side of Life.” ”

    Are you suggesting a sexist assault is somehow morally less reprehensible than a racist one?

  45. I used to know a doctor, a neurosurgeon, who was known for his lead foot and bad attitude. He was pulled over by a deputy sheriff going WAY over the speed limit. The deputy was going to cut him some slack and cite him for only 15 MPH over the speed limit until the surgeon said, sneeringly, “You know this car cost more than your house.” The deputy then cited him for the full amount the radar recorded over the speed limit. He had been going in the neighborhood of three digits. About two more miles an hour and it would have been a mandatory arrest and the car towed. Cost the loudmouth a very hefty fine. When he told about the old meanie deputy at the nurses station, it was all the other doctors and nurses present could do to keep from laughing out loud.

  46. I was recently pulled over by an officer Brandon Ridgeway in oklahoma city while taking my son’s friend home at 1am after their movie was over and I was pulled over for what the officer said was a tail light and was detained for over an hour, frisked, given drunk test etc etc…I dont drink I dont do drugs, I pay my insurance and current on everything have zero on my record and the officer told me that was what was strange is that he has never met a good citizen and then told me we were fishy going home so late, and threw me in the back of his patrol car and proceeded to question my children for 45 minutes and the friend had to call home and the officer talked to his parents asking if I had kidnapped him or if he was a runaway I was stowing! I was appalled! Scared my children to death that their stay at home mom who does nothing outside of take care of my kids, I dont even have girls night once a year with my friends..Im a very boring person I guess, but thats how I chose to live my life…and the officer said he couldnt find anything on me which is suspicious and i told him why is that bad? he then yelled at me and said your nothing but a no good mother having your kids out at 1am and i said we were not “out” out we just got in the car to take him home thats all…i started to tear up and he yelled at me and asked why i was so nervous and I said bc your yelling at me and he then gets into my face and said no no thats not it, why do you hate police, I said I dont then he screams “ma’am I could get you for obstructing justice, no blinker, no brake light (at first it was a tail light) and eluding police officer” and I said WHY I did nothing of those things!!! then after an hour he said he would let me go IF i got into my car and told my kids that cops are good people and here to help people…..after he yelled at the kids earlier and telling them they better fess up whats really going on bc we are wasting their time….and the kids told them exactly what we were doing was taking a friend home and he didnt like that answer nor could he find alcohol or drugs or any previous record on my record so I guess he decided to finally stop harassing us and let us go without even a warning! I called the cheif of police who then told me that there are dash cameras on every car and he saw what happened and apologized…now everytime we pass a cop my son has panic attacks…bc the cop was yelling so loud that several houses flipped on lights to see what was all the yelling….it was a nightmare!!! I have lost all my faith in the police, I know some are very good people but to take the risk of finding who those are I steer clear of them all together! OH AND we took in our car to get the tail light fixed the next day and there was never any light on the back end of my car that was ever out or malfunctioning…nor did I ever turn or use a blinker and those were not broken as well….so all the lies the officer listed of wrong doing were completely fabricated by him to stop us and treat us very very bad…as I was sitting in the back of the patrol car I was in shock that this was happening….I wasnt scared bc I knew I have never done anything but scared after he made up lies what in the world would he try to charge me with a false charge bc the cop is always believed….thank god for cameras!!!!

  47. DHM, No. It was in the context of the other police incident involving a black guy. If I offended your sensibilities I will treat you to a lunch and it won’t be “Dutch.” However, first I’ll need to get someone to “Hold down the fort.” Lighten the hell up!

  48. Ashley,

    This is worse than bodyslamming IMO. You have my fullest sympathy. I especially feel for your children whose faith in police is forever damaged. And that is an understatement.

    Now, a legal question. Can dashcamera recordings be used in investigations instigated on the basis of a complaint being filed against the LEO? Are they admissable as court evidence? Why not?

    They certainly can be used against a suspect that the police arrest.

    Only in America?

  49. Nick,

    Remember, as a PI, you are not supposed to let idiots make you angry. LOL.
    What is more, we have quite a few “speech police” here. I was one myself, and then realized how stupid it is. DHM has maybe problems coping with sex and race. Coping with you is outa his class. 😉

  50. I would file a formal complaint about this so called officer, and make damn sure he is off the force. This needs to be publicized if he is not fired.

  51. “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Note that he didn’t say, “possibly injurious,” “potentially injurious,” or even, “almost bloody well certainly injurious.”

    Just the fact that they pulled her over for the commission of a non-crime makes these cops nothing more than terrorists who should be put down like the rabid dogs they are. . .
    Can talking on a cell phone while driving be dangerous? Yes it can. . . but unless/until a person causes actual harm to another – their actions are perfectly legal – no matter what law some braindead tax leech passes. . .

    Thank you, Doug Voluntaryist – you get it. I was beginning to fear that I was alone in the world.

  52. Where have the men gone. If this ever happens to my child or wife the culprits will have no where to hide from their death.

  53. Wait a minute — she cussed at them?

    SHE’S NO CHOIR-GIRL! I don’t know why they didn’t just shoot her through the heart and get off for self-defense.

  54. Here’s another woman who apparently cussed at officers. After she was handcuffed and shackled, she was kicked in her genitals. She died.

    The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating at least five officers after one of them allegedly stomped on a woman’s genitals and she later died of suffocation.

    Patrol car video camera captured a struggle between police and Alesia Thomas and several officers on July 22, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    LAPD Cmdr. Bob Green admitted to the Times that a female officer had followed through with a threat to kick Thomas in the genitals when she resisted being put into the patrol car. Video shows a restrained Thomas struggling to breath in the back of the patrol car. She was taken to a local hospital and later died.

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