Help Wanted: Angry White Guys

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R. S.C.) is always good for a sound bite (though civil libertarians are still smarting from “free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war.”). Now Graham has identified the greatest threat to the GOP: the declining numbers of “angry white guys.”

Graham told the Washington Post that “The demographics race we’re losing badly. We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

It is not clear if this is a decline in white males alone or whether the demographic decline of whites (including white men) has been magnified by the decline in anger among white men. There is also the seasonal aspect of anger to fit into the calculation. For example, I tend to get very angry when the Chicago Bears play the Green Bay Packers. Indeed, if the calculation is based on raw anger levels instead of individual angry men, I could easily make up for reduced numbers of males when the Packers prevail against God’s team. (Of course, with Romney’s selection of a die-hard Packers fan for his Vice Presidential candidate, my anger issues are unlikely to be addressed by the current ticket).

The key is to reach angry men at offices and funnel that anger from common anger producing objects like computers to President Obama with slogans like “Obama Jams Copiers”:

Or “Obama Built That (Computer)”:

Or “she was talking to Obama”:

Source: Washington Post

94 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Angry White Guys”

  1. “Those folks really don’t understand that this country has people who look like people from all over, but they’re really from here!”—Betty Kath.

    Four “foreign” girls were having an improptu as I entered
    my little grocery store. I broke in with the help of a little jocularity. I told them that I am American, that’s why I’m so fresh. Where are you from, they asked. Which gave me a chance to ask the same: Eritrea, said one. And you are from Somalia, I said to the niqab-wearing one. Yes, she expecting abuse. Well, you just show how pretty a girl can be in a niqab, I said. All smiled, even the two without niqabs. Then followed a series of challenges and answers from both sides. These were no shy muslim flowers. Fully capable, I hope, of challenging their uncles.

    BTW. they also spoke English quite well, when I tested that. And North Carolina, yes we know where that is. Good, I said. Some Americans don’t know where Sweden is.

    Some get it, others don’t. The youths are our future, it behooves us to handle them well.

  2. Elaine, interesting. Those folks really don’t understand that this country has people who look like people from all over, but they’re really from here! Ignorance is rampant and is bubbling over at the RNC.

  3. lottakatz
    1, August 30, 2012 at 5:13 pm
    BTW, Hope you’re feeling better JAG.

    Thank you so much…. That is very thoughtful of you…

    soon, I should be feeling better…. 🙂

  4. Interesting story Elaine! I am shocked that an RNC delegate would be offended by someone other than an American at Disney World!

  5. And, Dad, you dumb old fart, you made your living on being a union carpenter and now you jump ship because someone tells you to hate the negro who is the President. Dad! Dont be so dumb. It all Koch Brother BS trying to manipulate you in your dotage.

  6. Historians, years from now will narrow in on the theme of this blog. The Southern Strategy has morphed into appealling to the racism of the old farts. This will be called “The Old Fart Strategy” and whether it wins for Romney or not it will be the defining moment for racism in America. So, kids, if your dad has these old fart racist tendencies from his childhood, then you might say: Dad! Quit being a dumb fukin biggot! Romney aint the right thing for America.

  7. What rcambell and Mike A. said. Lindsey Graham isn’t helping increase the numbers of new angry white men, is he?

  8. rcampbell’s comment was succinct and historically accurate. Lindsey Graham’s only hope is that the Quiverfull movement conducts a massively successful recruitment campaign and figures out a way to cut the normal gestation period in half.

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