Church Construction Ignites Widespread Protests in Bahrain

We have another example of religious intolerance from one of our closest Gulf allies, Bahrain. Christians in that country were hoping to build a large church — something they are prohibited from doing in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom had agreed to the construction in what was widely viewed as a major advance for religious freedom. That has now led to widespread protests and the statement from a prominent cleric, Sheik Adel Hassan al-Hamad, who proclaimed in a sermon that all further construction on any church should end in the country since “anyone who believes that a church is a true place of worship is someone who has broken in their faith in God.” The protests have led the monarchy of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to isolate al-Hamad.

Sunni clerics are openly opposing the King over the church with over 70 clerics signing a petition that says that it is forbidden to build churches in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Kingdom has ordered Al-Hamad to leave his mosque in an area with many of the Royal family. However, it canceled the order after protests. These protests occur at a time when Sunni and Shiites continue to kill each other in the Kingdom.

However, both sides are united against Christians. The most senior Shiite cleric, Sheik Isa Qassim, opposes any new Church construction.

The effort over the church is a commendable move by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s monarchy, but the response shows the continued intolerance among Muslims in the area toward other religions. What is worrisome is that Bahrain is viewed as the most tolerant of the countries.

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11 thoughts on “Church Construction Ignites Widespread Protests in Bahrain”

  1. My God’s bigger than your God. No he’s not. Yes he is. No my God IS bigger then yours. You’re a Poopy!! No I’m not, YOU’RE a POOPY. OH YEAH!! YEAH!!….. Well my God can beat up your God. …No HE can’t. CAN…..CAN’T ….
    Pretend 5 or 100 more paragraphs of this crap.

    We are not ALL GODS CHILDREN…… Some of us are ADULTS, and can openly, rationally, accept differences in religious worship and belief.
    I believe in goodliness …. If their is a God, I’m sure Gods Godliness is pleased to be associated with Goodliness.

    Religious Fanatics that berate, degrade, belittle, and war against good sincere people of other faiths, have No Goodliness or Godliness.
    They are frightened children acting out the insecurity of their own fears.
    This weakness takes the form of irrational Fanaticism, which Ironically envelops them in their own God seeming righteousness.
    “I am right because I am God”. ……IMHO… this is true for Fanatics.

    History shows personal human judgement to kill is often based on “God says it is right and just” …..

    Oh me of little faith, I hope I never use that rationale, because if I do, I will have lost my rationale.

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding why making a building is such a big deal. I mean if they have the property and the money It shouldn’t matter what the religion is? or maybe I’m just being too open minded on the subject.

  3. I see this as a continuation of the 100 year war and with the Serbia Croatia War….. Just call me skeptical….. If it is built….It will be blown away…… Converting to the so called christian religion is still punishable by death…..

  4. “anyone who believes that a church is a true place of worship is someone who has broken in their faith in God.”

    i can almost agree with that

  5. Whether it is a turbin on the head or a monk hood, the head under the symbol is warped and needs covering. I will take the good old days when we had the Soviets to worry about. The Time of The Turban will go down as an era as bad as The Dark Ages. Wait until Iran gets their nuclear bomb. Some “students” will get ahold of one and blow up Paris.

  6. Mike,
    you are correct that the religious right wants this same theocratic society. Would any of us care about Bahrain if there was not oil in the region and the need for military bases there because of our oil under their sand?

  7. Those who would theocratize society represent among the greatest threats to freedom and progress. We see this now in our own country and this will be one of the ongoing battles for perhaps the next fifty years.

  8. Frankly,

    Your sarcasm is noted. The fundamentalists have similar cognitive malfunction no matter what country they are infecting at any given time.

  9. It’s a Roman Catholic church, and supposedly a huge one, ordered by the Vatican .Its future not determent yet I read. The King is known for his openness and tolerance, and the first churches in Bahrain, dates back to early century, but the Muslim brotherhood which is exspanding their hold and strength in Arab countries, espicially those after the Arab Spring, are the ones we should watch out for.

  10. Thats what so great about living in America – nobody would protest the building of a mosque here in the US . . . right . . . right?

    Will anyone ever find a cure for religious insanity?

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