YOLO: California Man Sends Tweets About Driving Drunk Shortly Before Crash Killing Five

Right before five people in a car ran a red light and crashed into a wall in Ontario, California, one of the occupants sent a tweet reading: “Drunk (expletive) going 120 drifting corners.” He followed it up at 1:20 a with “Driving tweeting sipping the cup (expletive) yolo I’m turning it up.” YOLO means “You Only Live Once. A few minutes later, all five were dead in the 2005 Nissan that crashed into the backyard of a house. The tweet was sent by @ink2flashyy belonging to Ervin McKinness, 21 (shown left).

With him in the car were Marquell Bogan (shown below left), 23, and Dylan George, 20 (shown below right), Jonathan Watson, 21, of San Bernardino, and JaJuan Bennett, 23. Watson was driving (shown right).

Bogan was the only one who did not die at the scene. He died at the hospital about thirty minutes later.

It is only fortunate that no one else was hurt from this reckless act. The car actually came to rest near the bedroom of the house.

Source: SB Sun and CBS

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  1. Its crazy how so many people commenting and praising the loss of people you only know through a picture and a brief discription on what happened before they died!!! It’s crazy. Juju an was a hard working man who happened to be in the car an passed away. The boy who tweeted the tweet was not the driver and was I the back seat. Being that I have been in a accident similar to this and repeatedly telling the driver to slowdown its no ones fault no one is asking to die especially if your young. It’s a tragic loss and drunk driving is a very stupid decision but acting like a lot of you have not been there is really interesting. Rip

  2. To the people on here commenting who are racist you know who you are don’t hide behind it with your ignored comments ! opinion is one thing but to seem as if you are apart of a movement to hate other races is another, remember human compassion and decency is expected from everyone towards everyone even though it is clearly not given. This is tragic no matter what race or social status things like driving drunk and texing and deadly outcomes is a world wide issue and we do not hear about all the stories and victims.I am clearly concerned for all involved because poor choices not race have caused a lifetime of pain and devastation.

  3. The driver was in my class. Heard about him being in the accident today in class. Truly heartbreaking and my thoughts and prayers go out to their families. Jonathan sat in the back of class and even though we never talked, I saw him every class. Such a tragedy and my heart breaks for this.

      1. At the Darwin Awards, they should establish a new ”Passed On” category… for those who text while driving or drunk, and end up dead… The only good thing related to this is that he didn’t kill any innocent bystanders…. I say, so long A-hole……………….

  4. Nothing new here! what did they expect? its common sense, drink drive + (bones) text = die

  5. Idealist.

    I just got home, having had to drive to Eastern Washington for court on a case I was involved with two years ago.

    I understand your position. Thank you for explaining it.

  6. Christ Lover,

    “wow idealist707 u have no heart ,how were u treated as a kid,dang”

    Thank you for asking. Poorly. Incredibly poor. As
    usual with major problems, some childbed trauma starts the trauma snowball rolling and so it goes when the slope is tilted inevitably in one direction. The inexorable influence of gravity withstands brief efforts to turn the direction. Hope you enjoy the analogy. It has taken major effort ameoiorate that situation.

    Those two comments were recidivism to old behavioural patterns. Perhaps for old times sake.

    They were in fact only small pinchs to someone with normally toughened skin from the schoolyard battles.
    I could have said much worse. I practiced from the age of six.

    The JC preachings are nice, but the church implementation is a catastrophe. Do we agree?

  7. Darren,

    Hope you come back for my reply, because you are worth it (of course all are, but won’t necessarily understand or even want to understand, such is reality.)

    You are correct in one sense. But instead of trying to make jokes type “glad it was only them that got killed”, I instead, and others try to relate it to some causal relation. What, I must ask, is the issue which we are missing to address. You only say again that we are missing by bringing politics.

    OK, with no answer from you as to “correct” issue, then I again reply that our society is second to genetics (and microbes with a nod to Dredd) and first as a causal factor in individual behaviour. And when the behavior is multiplied and spread as in epidemics or mass poisoning, then it behooves us to search after

    factors which cause this behavior.

    And politically enabled mass decisions do effect behaviour, second only to food in the stomach.

    Using this incident to bring up party politics is BAD IMHO. We agree there. But sociological causes are necessary to discuss. We can only specualate as to these mens “causes” in formative years. So, we fall back on generalities.

    As to my SPOOF solution to unadapted AAs, I hope you and others understood that it was a spoof. BUT, it is with a view of the radical killing of Americans and the terrible chasing of leakers, those who utter support to “terrorist” organizations (is there a list available to John Doe?), etc.—-then my SPOOF turns into a future view which might soon become dejá vu.


  8. Idealist contributed:
    “If Obama can torture and kill without due process, then detaining sociopathological AfroAmericans in “villages” in some cooperative African nation should be easy to achieve.”

    I wrote: “Another thing, why is it so often the case here where a completely non-political event such as this turns into a venue for political grandstanding on those running for office or criticisim of political figures for unrelated political subjects?”

    To which you replied to me:
    “And how are the issues avoided, if you will explain”
    I don’t know what more there is to say. Five young men die and The talk is about how President Obama can torture and kill without due process. It’s called lack of inherency. There is no causal relationship and instead becomes an avenue for criticism of unrelated persons or policies under the pretext of being related when it is not. Rather than focusing on the topic at hand, it just becomes a platform for political shill. It degrades from what the topic is at hand. That’s all.

  9. PDB,

    I just love righteous a#¤holes. They are cute with their little faces screwed up in indignation. Do you still live at home with Mommy? Or are you writing from your hideout in the library cellar. Who feeds you there? Or do you eat mice? Shame on you.

    Get in touch with life and faint. Go to the ER and sit in the waiting room and watch what comes walking in. They won’t let you see what comes in on blue light transport. You’ll get sick where you are sitting now.

  10. Why should we be ashamed? It is a pity that something like this happened, no one here wants for anyone to die, but don’t defend what they did. I wouldn’t call this suicide either, they weren’t necessarily trying to die, so that comparison makes no sense. They were trying to be cool, according to the tweets. Any judgements made here are based on the content of each of these individuals character, or lack thereof. The 4 other young men are just as at fault as the driver.

  11. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Irrespective of how you feel about the actions of the driver, five young men are dead. (Four of whom were not driving!) Yes, the young man driving engaged in senseless, reckless behavior — but that in no way justifies the kind of apathy for human life in these posts.

    If you think it does, then surely you have the ba!!s to tell the family of a young man or woman who has committed suicide, “Who cares?! She did it to herself.”

    No. You don’t. But for whatever reason, you think it’s ok to say here.

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