California Pet Owner Calls Police After Dog Brings Home Human Foot

Most of us with dogs have had our pets bring home an array of unwelcomed gifts from birds to squirrels to an occasional cat. However, the owner of Lucky, was a bit more put out than usual when the Beagle proudly brought home a human foot.

The San Bernardino sheriff’s detectives promptly began a search and found more body parts. Police are still trying to determine the identify of the person.

If this becomes a murder case, the chain of custody testimony could prove particularly interesting.

It might be a while before Lucky gets to lick his owner’s face.

Source: WTSP

20 thoughts on “California Pet Owner Calls Police After Dog Brings Home Human Foot”

  1. The next door neighbor has a beagle named Peanut. The beagle would mouth off frequently, and the neighbor lady kept yelling at Peanut to shut up.

    The ex-wife said I wish she would stop yelling at that dog.

  2. I’m glad I keep my beagles on a LONG leash! Lucky was merely being a beagle in following her nose and proudly presenting her find to her master.

    I’ve long suspected my younger beagle (Bagel) is really a German Shepherd on a beagle chassis. She’s a savvy abuse survivor/former street dog from Kansas now living in the Colorado mountains.

    Great comment about Joe Biden!

  3. Where does RandyJet look to listen to GOP commentators.

    I know that you all know the answer.

    And here’s a little love for RandyJet from the DemCon thread.

    1, September 7, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Your vision of politics is astoundingly like that of Josef Stalin.

    You write:
    “It should be YOUR candidate without even having lifted so much as a finger to support the party or served as an election judge or other grassroots position. I am outraged at this kind of thing!”

    Josef Stalin also thought it should be his candidate that he chose from Moscow, or his local standins, who would be chosen There was no opposition to him or his stooges.
    None living anyway.

    So what is the difference from Stalin’s USSR to your ideas that the local cadre should, on eventual orders from Washington, choose and finance the “right” candidate?

    And that the candidates should be chosen from the local apparatchniks is of course neither true nor realistic nor democratic.

    Should we choose our future from the “hard workers who have been faithful to the party”?
    Or should we choose people of principle, morals, and integrity and good ideas which we support?

    You would quite simply give us “one candidate” elections.
    That suits you, but not me or BettyKath.

    Where did the famous phrase and practice of letting anybody throw their hat in the ring and stand up to appeal to the people?

    RandyJet supports machine politics. And we have ample proof where thet leads to.

    PS Thanks BettyKath for bringing up this important point.

    1. sorry that you don’t watch CNN otherwise you would have heard where I got that one.

  4. Actually the best comment of the night came from the GOP commentator who said that Obama PROVED he had courage when he let Biden have access to a live mike.

  5. nick spinelli

    With the foot in his mouth I would rename the beagle, Joe Biden.


    lol … that was good

  6. On the chain of custody, I would never want to try and qualify the dog as a witness. Unless he’s like the dog on the Jetsons[reference for folks older than 50].

  7. Cute beagle. How come no white stripe down his nose?

    Next headline: One-footed man seen hopping home with stripe from nose of unidentified beagle.

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