Losing His Flock: Putin Takes Highly Symbolic Flight Alone As Giant Crane

Vladimir Putin continued his effort to create a cult of personality around his superhero exploits this week. If you recall, after his being featured as a race car driver, great white hunter, jet pilot, oceanologist, martial artist and Hell’s Angel, Putin was shown as a scuba diver. While only having dived three times, Putin was filmed at an ancient Greek Black sea site where he “discovered” two sixth century urns under the water — one of which was in pristine condition with nary a seaweed adhering to its surface. As many of us suggested, Putin’s worshipful staff later admitted it was staged — as Putin was fully aware. Now Putin has decided to morph into a giant white crane – flying a motorized hand glider to guide young Siberian cranes on their migration to Asia while dressed in a white costume. It turned out to be an incredibly symbolic moment. Like many voters protesting his authoritarian policies, all but one crane saw through him for what he was and refused to follow.

With the usual fanfare for a Putin photo op, an army was ready to film his latest superhero act. However, only one crane followed him. Putin immediately blamed the wind. Yet, the second try resulted in only two cranes sticking with him for the 15 minute flight. They must not be Russian Orthodox cranes or perhaps were fans of Pussy Riot (or civil liberties).

The scene –meant to be reminiscent of the 1996 “Fly Away Home” movie, ended up just “Fly Away” and Putin was filmed looking a bit silly in his white crane outfit without a flock. Surprisingly, his ever-helpful aides did not attach a line of stuffed white cranes to his glider to affirm his leadership among the crane population. What is clear is that the entire flock will be fully investigated and prosecuted for activities harmful to the state.

Source: AP

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  1. If you’re in Russia and Putin tells you to sign something, are you going to do it?

  2. LottaKatz makes a global comment here that is at the heart of the propaganda from Russia. Essentially, if I may, it would be laughable but the consequences are such that the thinking behind this propaganda can cost lives.

    During the 80’s I would often listen to Radio Moscow on short wave. It was just as much to listen at it from an entertainment purpose as much of it was such a lie I found it to be funny. Yet, the cold war could prove very deadly if it flashed up.

  3. Darren, Great comment and flick. Peter Sellers best movie. “We must protect our precious bodily fluids.”

  4. if the plane ever fell out of the sky, maybe he could turn around backward, grab hold of his cowboy hat, and …

  5. We laugh at this man but from the AP story:

    “Putin’s moment dimmed, however, when a biology student at the station claimed online that two chick cranes died and several others were hurt in the hurry to be ready for Putin’s arrival.

    “One of the chicks got into a hang glider’s propeller while training and waiting for” Putin, Mariya Goncharova wrote on her page on the Russian social netwroking website, vk.ru. “One more broke a beak and stripped its claws off on bad netting, and many simply flayed themselves” while being transported in boxes to the flight venue.

    Goncharova deleted the post several hours after posting it, but it remained available on Russian search engines.

    A researcher confirmed the death of a three-month-old chick before it was transported to the research station.”

    There are fewer than 20 of this kind of crane left in the wild. harming even one for some dumb-*** stunt is despicable.

    Also, there are allegations that the tiger he tranqed for collaring died of an OD because the dosage was upped in response to security concerns.

  6. We scoff and laugh @ this former KGB man @ our own peril. I admit from our perspective it is ludicrous, but this is the kind of little man who is dangerous.

  7. the will probably end up with a bullet in the back of their head. Darkness at noon for cranes.

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