29 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. Light tuna in water. The cat ran as soon as I opened the door. Don’t have any cat food.

  2. was it light or dark tuna? My cats go nuts when they hear the can opener thinking it will be tuna. Both do the crying, dancing around but the other night I had some dark tuna and the one cat went nuts,so happy and munching away the other acted like I had offered her poison, gave me a dirty look and marched out of the kitchen..

  3. Put the can of tuna fish by the steps to the deck. So far, no takers. Opened it with an approved can opener. Waiting until nightfall.

  4. Nick,

    I could offer a few up…… Now if wiccan no way in hell would I try….

  5. There was a black cat sleeping on my deck this morning. Looked fatigued. Ran off when I left a can of tuna fish.

  6. I have trouble finding these tricky felines, but once I look at the picture to find them, they jump out at me in the original picture and I can’t imagine why I didn’t see them in the first place. Their camouflage is really great. The grey cats find grey places to sit, the orange cats find orange places. Uncanny.

  7. AY, It’s just a joke, cats are cool. It’s just that some cat people can be so humorless about cats, just trying to lighten them up. How about a witch on the bonfire?

  8. Matt, Just remember, nobody holds a grudge like a Sicilian. His grandson may kick your ass 40 years from now.

  9. Looks like a woodpile. Don’t burn the kitteh.

    Nick, I really did beat up the Sicilian.

  10. Saw it…..


    There are some folks on here that’d throw you in after the cat if you set the fire……

  11. Uh oh. I found the wrong kitteh. I thought under the wood pile approx 4-5 O’Clock from the actual kitteh was a little head peeping at us.

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