29 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. Cats are just weird. My guys lap up the tuna water like it was, I don;t know, tuna water ((*_*)).

  2. Nick,

    I only buy tuna packed in water. That’s all I’ve got except for Great Value Chunk Chicken Breast. Fully cooked, with rib meat, in water.

  3. Matt.Matt..Matt, Everyone knows cats only eat tuna packed in oil. You can get it packed in olive oil now.

    Pete, “You are correct, sir”[ Phil Hartmann]

  4. That cat is ADORABLE!!!

    I found him really easily. But it is easy for me. In real life, I have to be able to spot them immediately in any situation, if I want to be able to eat my food myself. Most of mine are snatchers!

  5. nick

    from what i remember about literature if you run a tiger around a tree fast enough they turn into butter.

  6. I’ll wait until tomorrow morning. If it’s still there, I’ll throw it out.

  7. wow more afraid of a person then in love with tuna. that is strange (and can;t have any better cat food then tuna (as far as most cats are concerned – so I hear) (:

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