Democratic Candidate Withdraws From Maryland Race After Records Show Her Voting In Two Different States

Othello once begged that he be thought of “one that lov’d not wisely but too well.” Democratic candidate Wendy Rosen could claim the same defense regarding voting. She voted not wisely but too well by voting in both Maryland and Florida in 2006 and 2008. She has now withdrawn as the challenger to Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st Congressional District in Maryland – though it is not clear if her name can now be removed from the ballot. She waited until after the August 28th deadline for ballot changes in announcing her withdrawal.

It is not clear how Rosen might have failed to notice voting repeatedly in two different states. This will now leave the Democrats with no alternative but to put forward a write-in candidate with little chance to win in district covering the Eastern Shore and parts of Harford, Carroll, Cecil and Baltimore counties.

Rosen, 57, is a businesswoman and Maryland voter and was able to register in Florida because she owned property there. She says that she cannot remember if she voted twice in the same elections, but, when asked specifically about the 2008 presidential primaries, she refused comment “due to possible litigation.” The matter has been referred to the state attorney general and local prosecutor for investigation.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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  1. Wait a minute, wait a minute — I thought well dressed persons who run for public office (like persons holding public office) were all honest! Isn’t it a given that she could not have done something wrong?

  2. Hubert, It’s more likely that those who controlled the computer voting machines “counted” the number of votes required.

  3. Imagine what would be found if they were to do an investigation into Obama’s election with the same fervor as they did with President Bush and Al Gore. The media were counting votes over and over and over and finally after about a year or two, I believe, they published a very small article buried in the newspapers that President Bush had more votes in Florida than Al Gore. (Surprise!)

    This is how Obama got an election: People were voting multiple times in different districts. There were some districts, for example, that had more votes cast than they had registered voters in that district! Prisoners were voting, homeless people were voting, family pets, dead people were voting, etc… And this is exactly why we need voter ID. This would take care of such a problem of voter fraud. The reason why there is so much controversy about it is Obama would not be able to win on a simple vote. He requires the fraudulent votes in order to win. Plain and simple. This woman got caught and it will be interesting to see the media bury this story as well.

  4. The VoterID laws are primarily designed to prevent someone from impersonating another voter, or from Voting when they are not a qualified citizen. These laws would do little to prevent someone from voting in a national election, in multiple states.

  5. Lies are a way of life for those to whom integrity has no meaning. And when the liar is caught in his own web, we come to the rescue with the word ‘misspoke’…. or in this case misvote?


    One of my sisters thinks she’s going to maintain condos in Anchorage, Puerto Vallarta, and some other undisclosed location. She will of course maintain her permanent residency in Alaska because there’s no state income tax. And lets not forget about the oil royalties.

  7. This woman has just made it easier for vote suppressors everywhere to make their case. No class, no concern for her party, the System, and most of all, low character.

  8. The two words “business ” and “politics” should not be in the same verbal sentence if there’s no ability to connect civilly and politely and legally with the state you live in.

    Wendy Rosen is 57; is there a medical problem like amnesia or confusion that would give her the presumption of innocence ? Odd characterless behavior can be less damning if there’s a reasonable explanation . Forgetting that she is in another state from her residence seems inappropriate behavior for an adult . However, severe anxiety can cause anyone’s memory to play tricks with reality .
    To Waldo : I come from a distinguished DNA line of idiots , most of whom overcame their adolescences in spite of the behaviors being modeled .

  9. Yes, and Willard voted in MA using his sons address as his when he lived in CA.

    A couple of keys you wingnuts here might want to take note of: IT WAS THE DEMOCRATS THAT TURNED HER IN, while this happens it is not wide spread nor anything like a problem that will turn the outcome of an election like disenfranchising 750,000 voters could and finally it is not one that voter ID would necessarily catch as she could just as easily had an ID in both states, I did after I moved but didn’t care to vote in my old state.

  10. She should have used the “evil twin” or dual personality defense. And, of course, there’s always the Twinkie defense. We know that works. As long as they keep making Twinkies anyway.

  11. Perhaps the real story here is that “business people” aren’t nearly as bright as we think they are!

  12. A claim of ignorance about how she voted by a person who’s occupation is achieved solely by election.

    Not a candidate I would trust with public office.

  13. Come on….. Nod once, wink twice….. It’s happened before… I’m very sure…..Chicago style….

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