Swedish Police Shutdown Downtown Area Only To Uncover Scourge of Surströmming

For years I have tried to raise international awareness of the menace of Surströmming, fermented herring. Now, Swedish police has faced the reality of Surströmming terror. The police closed off a whole street after hearing reports of a gas leak only to find a stash of fermented herring.

An army of police, fire trucks and an “emergency gas leak team” descended upon the on the Södermalm building only to find Swedish surströmmingsskiva, their name for Surströmming.

It is described as as a “decidedly non-piquant shark odor . . . resembling “a well fermented urinal on a hot summer’s day.” People first smell it and then, in a rejection of decades of rational actor theory, eat it.

This would make for an interesting nuisance lawsuit when the very smell of your food is making people ill. It certainly diminishes the use and enjoyment of one’s property though the manufacturer could claim that the food is a national tradition and touchstone of Swedish culture. The question is whether the manufacturer should have to use a closed manufacturing system to contain the Surströmming. For private makers of Surströmming, the creation of this dish may be best left to factories in remote locations like the top of Kebnekaise mountain.

As a general rule, I find foods that pass for major gas leaks to be best left on the “do not eat list.” It also explains the failure of those fastfood “Surströmming Shacks” that tried to open around the country.

Source: Register

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  2. idealist707 1, September 13, 2012 at 6:31 pm


    Seemed to be a good site. Very good Hendrix “Experienced”. Know what I will do tomorrow.

    I was there in H/A after the beatniks and before the hippies. Immigrants from the east looking to recreate an era.

    The story of my life. Mostly personal drama. Shared a few highlights with y’all. List another time.
    You know them all well anyway.

    Bet nobody was in the West Bank one month before the June ’66 war. We CIA guys were setting out radio beacons for guidance of Israeli planes.

    The last sentence is a lie. Smile.
    Went there a few times. All very polite, but it wasn’t my reality.

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  3. I’ve never smelt surströmming. I wonder how it compares with two abominations I encountered in South Korea:

    * Dried squid, which smells so bad it is banned from indoor buildings except restaurants. Even people who like to eat it hate the smell when others around them eat it.

    * Bbeondaegi, the boiled maggots of silkworms. Yes, people eat it, and the smell combines the worst parts of rotting beef and a septic tank.

  4. Woosty, that’s a nice bread site, yummmmm, hot homemade bread.

    Malisha, 31 times! LOL, I don’t have enough time left in my life for that many failures on the way to a success. 🙂

    You must make a seriously great challah by now, I bet it’s a real treat.

  5. It took me 31 failures to finally make one decent loaf of challah and after that it was easy.
    Justagurl, bummer, sorry! 🙁

  6. nick spinelli: “lotta, Are you a Cards fan?”

    No, but like the other city taxpayers I did help pay for a couple of stadiums for our ex-baseballers before they- their owner actually- bailed for a sweeter deal the (*insert word no longer allowed on the blawg*) and our footballers.

  7. justagurlinseattle
    1, September 13, 2012 at 11:12 pm
    Lottakatz, I am also into food… I LOVE baking…. and cooking…
    I get cravings for foods all the time…. then I have to make that food….
    a while back, it was bread…. I failed at bread making…. that is my ONLY failure to date….
    lately, I’ve been too sick to cook…. It is driving me crazy….
    I’m sorry you don’t feel well… I have a nasty thing called fibromyalgia so I can relate a bit. BUT lately I have been so into making Artisan bread…..it is very easy and the results are usually as tasty a s anything….and no kneading required!
    (and no unknown ingredients and nasty toxins…)


    In South Florida I have found NO decent Canolis….I haven’t had one for years….sometimes when I sleep I wake up drooly and I know I’ve been dreaming about tasty things….

  8. Lotta,

    Re bursitis, what does the doc say? Would he approve a physiotherapist treatment? I am getting help now with my back pains by one and it helps. But no -itis, ie inflammation.

    Otherwise, a good acupuncture person who is well versed in all variants helped me out after 3 months shoulder inflammation. Doc gave no diagnosis, just said inflammation and find therapist. After 2 failures I found a good one.

    “The stars I have seen. You would never belleve it.

  9. Why do I have to sleep? You have fun then.

    JAG, what are you doing up at 5 AM swedush time? Early riser. Hope it was not the pain. Enjoyed your comments,
    Scandinavian night? Guess you’ve all never experienced a Christmas buffet. Very dependent on quality of ingredients and preparation, otherwise a grease orgy.
    Guaranteed indigestion.

    If Babette could fix one then I would be content. If she can cook so well, how must she not be as a companion?

    Thanks for asking. My boobs are fine after exam, even a cytological tissue examination.

  10. justagurlinseattle, I’m sorry to hear that you have been ill, too sick to cook is horrible.

    It got very cool here for about 4 days so on my last visit to the grocery I got some fall-goodie ingredients. I can make chocolate pecan turtles or a Hungarian pecan bread, Retash, which my granny would make and I am very good at making. Also its cousin, poppy-seed Retash. It’s my best bread, I’ve got them nailed but bread in general kind of eludes me. She would also make the classic apple strudel about once a year, an all day job. I could never do it properly. I only helped once and tried it on my own once. It was a stupendous failure. 🙁

    I am paralyzed by indecision and a locked up shoulder from persistent bursitis which now requires treatment. Just locked up, very painful, lack of mobility. I WANT TREATS! Homemade treats and cannolis, lots of cannolis. 🙂

    Get well soon.

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