Iran Cleric Learns The Benefit Of Covering Up

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

In the rural Iranian town of Shahmirzad, Muslim cleric Hojatoleslam Ali Beheshti encountered two girls on his way to the local mosque for noon prayers. The cleric confronted the two girls and admonished one of them to cover herself more completely. “She responded by telling me to cover my eyes, which was very insulting to me,” Beheshti said.

He repeated his demand for the girl to cover up and the two girls gave the cleric a boxing lesson he won’t soon forget.

Beheshti emerged from the infirmary three days later.

The article states that:

The girls may have put the “jab” into “hijab,” but fighting with morality police or private individuals telling women to cover up is rare in small towns. It’s more common in larger cities, where women are more likely to take a stand.

When religion has the power of the state behind it, standing up to the religious police takes a lot of courage.

H/T: Jerry Coyne, CNN.

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  3. OS,

    In Rush’s case, it’s probably the drugs.

    As for West … isn’t there a study about the effects of too much tea drinking?

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  5. Magnificent!

    All the elements of good entertainment: standing up to oppression; girls who are tough; authoritarian jerks getting taken down, and the schadenfreude of watching this guy spend three days in hospital.

    Made my day. Thank you.

  6. Iran is great stimulus and great to enjoy their style.
    Things like Iranian style Jesus preachings: “If thine left eye offends thee then cast it out.”

    But am glad when we come back to our own clerics, and their hanger-ons.

    Ine prolonged tale of domestic violence including pointed guns by the man ended when the father said that
    if he did it again, he was a dead man. Of course, his acquiring two felony convictions from other matters might have made him be more restrained.

  7. I think it is quite probable that “more happened than was reported.” I think the real story has probably been covered up.

    @Frankly — there was a movie THE WEATHERMAN in which a kid’s father goes ballistic on a molester. I doubt that it happens much in real life. I did personally know of a situation, though, in which it played a certain role.

    Morgan versus Foretich was a famous (notorious) case involving divorce, custody and incest allegations. The child involved in that case had an older half-sister by the same father, Foretich. The older child’s custody case was in a different jurisdiction from Morgan/Foretich. That older child had a different mother and thus different maternal grandparents. While the maternal grandparents of Morgan’s daughter fled with the child to Australia to keep her from having contact with her father, the maternal grandparent of the older girl told me personally that he simply went right up to Foretich one day and said the following:

    “I know what you did. If you ever come near my granddaughter again I will kill you. I will go to jail and maybe even get the death sentence but I will kill you and I don’t care what happens to me.”

    Whereas Foretich fought the mother of his younger child vigorously in every available forum, he VOLUNTARILY gave up his visitation with the older daughter after the alleged contact from her grandpa. I’m just sayin…

  8. “Pity the poor muslim guy that weds one of these girls and starts giving out orders.”

    Or, pity the poor Muslim guy who weds BOTH of these girls and doesn’t want them to get uncovered!

    PS: This is what should be done to all people who try to effect cover-ups. Penn State, Seminole County Florida, etc. Cover-up? Try a little beat-down.

  9. As a bonus, I presume they were dressed to be anonymous. Kind of a hidden benefit of the traditional dress.

  10. According to ???? sources, Iranian men are very good at arguing, regarding it as a sport as it were, and a duty as well. They can plead, cry at will. and use all manner of “unmanly” tricks.

    He will greet his worst enemy with congeniality. He will offer agreement, while having 10 mental reservations to offer one in later use as to why he reneged as we see it. Even the most “pro-American” is in fact not thet more than any other one, but is playing with a view to his position in his Iranian arena.

    They love poetry, of their kind, often at parties in Stockholm breaking out into spontaneous contests of off-the-cuff creation of poetry.

    Clerics, I know very little of. Like all monomaniacs they are special. They are allowed to marry, if they can afford to do so. This particular one perhaps had had a dressing down by a superior cleric and sought emotional compensation. He made a mistake at any rate, for which he suffered.

    The girls may have perhaps many relatives who support them.

    I must remember to visit that town. Perhaps the next revolution can start there.

  11. That seems to me to be an act of reckless courage. Give that the cleric has the power of both the state and the church behind him it would seem he could more than return the beat down he got. I’m not sure I’d have that much moxie.

    Only slightly tangential – a priest in St. Paul MN has been charged with sexually molesting 2 young boys over a period of months. Why is it that this sort of thing has been happening for years and we never read about one of these guys getting whooped by the family, friends or a now adult victim? I am strongly against vigulanty justice but I know it happens & am only wondering why it does not happen in cases like these. Given the length and breadth of the abuse and the non responsiveness of the people in charge I would have thought it happens more than a few times.

  12. I love it when the subjugated rebel against their oppressors. From what I have read of this story, the two young women really opened a can of whoopa$$ on the jerk.

  13. I think her comment was probably that he should LOWER his gaze-we are all as Muslims to be modest and to lower our gaze when we see a person of the opposite sex. Had he not been keeping his gaze on them, he would not have been at all ‘stumbled”. In any case, more happened there than he admitted and it would be interesting to know what it was!

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