Iran Cleric Learns The Benefit Of Covering Up

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

In the rural Iranian town of Shahmirzad, Muslim cleric Hojatoleslam Ali Beheshti encountered two girls on his way to the local mosque for noon prayers. The cleric confronted the two girls and admonished one of them to cover herself more completely. “She responded by telling me to cover my eyes, which was very insulting to me,” Beheshti said.

He repeated his demand for the girl to cover up and the two girls gave the cleric a boxing lesson he won’t soon forget.

Beheshti emerged from the infirmary three days later.

The article states that:

The girls may have put the “jab” into “hijab,” but fighting with morality police or private individuals telling women to cover up is rare in small towns. It’s more common in larger cities, where women are more likely to take a stand.

When religion has the power of the state behind it, standing up to the religious police takes a lot of courage.

H/T: Jerry Coyne, CNN.

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  1. Malisha

    HA HA HA HA HA Rush never got laid by a feminist — that’s why he’s so cranky
    he never will either. most feminists have the idea sex is like a chinese dinner, it ain’t over till ya both get your cookies.

    he might be there for a looong time

  2. Good job girls, we will be watching out for you.
    A similar incidence happened few month ago, in Saudi Arabia in a mall, when a girl was asked to leave the mall, because she was wearing nail polish ! She refused, and asked him how he noticed it when he was suppose to lower his gaze ! plus she told him that he wasn’t in a position to request that she leave the mall / wear nail polish. Right directions girls.

  3. The two women– if this guy ever discovers who they are — will: 1. have acid thrown in their faces 2. Be ostracized 3. Be stoned to death 4. Never be heard from again ….

    Take your pick or figure on all four (most likely scenario)

    Doesn’t Iran claim to be the Cradle of Civilization ….?? or something like that. Numbers 1 thru 4 speak well of a society that looks to join the modern world ….

  4. The Iranian President is a figurehead. The mullahs rule. So it is.

    In Morocco women are uppity as hell. In Iran, not so much. In America, you tell me. ??????

    Iranian women have suffrage. What does that help when only mullah-approved candidates are on the ballot.

    Only approved candidates????——sound familiar in some way????

  5. Sharon

    You are aware the clergy is essentially the government in Iran and that this government oppresses people using religious authorities? This was more of an act of defiance against the repressions of the Iranian government as manifested through the girls attacking a person who represents that government authority exercising that authority and oppression.

    It is not about fashion sense, it is about breaking the chains of tyrants.

  6. Great story David. This is the kind of action that people everywhere have to remember when religion tries to take over government.

  7. so everyone here is okay with putting some person in a hospital because he expressed his distaste for another’s fashion choice.

    Remember that the next time someone gets told not to wear baggy pants (or gets arrested because of it),

    Remember that the next time someone expresses that another’s behavior isn’t totally appropriate.

  8. Shoot the so called Cleric. What is a Cleric anyway? A clerk with a pencil up his rear?

  9. The Soviet Union was never as bad as this place on Earth that some call Iran. Others say Persia. Some speak Farsi, Some cant see too far at all. Flush when you fly over.

  10. This is a phony story designed to appeal to Western Leftists. The subcretinesque Leftists will say, “See, Islam permits women to have rights” and “feminism can exist in Islam.” Of course, the reality is that if anything like this happened, the women would very quickly find themselves flogged beyond recognition and worse.

    Do you think for a second that such an act would go unpunished, in Iran no less? Of course not. In the United States, the land that used to be the home of the free and used to be the home of the brave, when a Muslim woman falls out of line, she is terminated, without consequence. So things will go better in Iran? Look up the story of Mrs. Alawadi in El Cajon, California. She attempted to divorce her husband and she ended up with her head smashed in with a tire iron. The El Cajon police know that the killing was an “honor” killing, but the husband gets a pass because Sharia Law is recognized by the El Cajon police.

  11. Otteray Scribe 1, September 22, 2012 at 9:09 am

    I love it when the subjugated rebel against their oppressors. From what I have read of this story, the two young women really opened a can of whoopa$$ on the jerk.
    Industrial strength. A six ounce can of whoopa$$ that’s concentrated.

  12. I obviously meant to write: men who have a loved female who was raped… in my above comment.

  13. I have always wondered why men who have a loved female don’t beat the living daylights out of the rapists. My three brothers told both my current husband never to lay a hand on me lest they would find him at the end of the world and follow through! I haven’t dated many GOP men, but I admit, those that were were obsessed with their penis size but were not necessarily the best lovers. If you want names, you’ll have to pay up! Cheers!

  14. Now the Mullah is wearing a burka with his eyes covered.

    Macho, Macho, Man!!!!

    Good job done Ladies! I hope you smashed his nuts.

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