Chicago Man Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Gay Couple and Then Stabbing Local Prosecutor

Edgar Diaz, 21, may have picked the wrong Good Samaritan to beat up after attacking a gay couple. Diaz attacked a man who came to the assistance of a gay couple being allegedly assaulted by Diaz and his friends. Diaz is accused of beating and stabbing the man who turned out to be a brave young prosecutor on his way to fish in Lake Michigan. Diaz not surprisingly is a reputed gang member and he is being held on $750,000 bond

The incident literally struck home with me because it occurred in the same park that I take my kids when visiting my home town. Chicago has beautiful parks running along the beaches of Lake Michigan. However, recently there has been an uptick in gang activity along the lake.

After the 32-year-old prosecutor yelled for the men to stop, he was stabbed multiple times and cut in his face, right side and arms. What is disappointing is the lack of other arrests since accounts indicate that Diaz was part of a group.

The Cook County prosecutor tried to stop Diaz from assaulting the gay couple which had been walking hand in hand in the park. Diaz is now charged with attempted murder and two counts of aggravated battery.

I would not expect a plea from the Cook County prosecutors.

Source: CBS

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  7. Seamus, I couldn’t find the YouTube video of the incident, but I would bet that the prosecutor is innocent, even if she bit a man’s leg. What probably happened is that she exited the lingerie shop, she and the man had words, and he said, “BITE ME!”

  8. Could we ever expend our energies against the truly guilty ones….and you know who I mean, if not your choice.

    It is incredible the energies we expend on those close, but who differ from us. Those we are propagandized to hate—and the propaganda comes from many sources.

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