Fliz or Flop?

It looks like the bicycle out of the Flintstones but two German designers believe “the Fliz” is the future of biking. I have my doubts.

The name comes from “flitzen,” or to whiz or dash.

It has no pedals or seat. You just strap yourself into a harness and run like a giant skateboard — just more uncomfortable.

The bike was entered into the competition for the annual James Dyson Award, where students are asked to “design something that solves a problem.” The question is what problem is solved by the Fliz. What do you think?

32 thoughts on “Fliz or Flop?”

  1. nick, I used to tend bar in STL city hotel connected to some residential highrises. One of the regular patrons from there had one and let me ride it once. They are pretty cool, but I heard cost a few thousand dollars as well. I was surprised how fast it went.

  2. Juris, They rent Segways on the boardwalk in San Diego. You’re correct, many of the folks using them should be walking, skateboarding, or biking for health reasons. Plus, those bad boys tip over easily.

  3. I’d love to see a video of someone “riding” this thing up a steep 1/2 mile grade. For commuting over rolling hills, I’ll stick with fabulous 19th century technology as it has been perfrected for the 21st century.

  4. Tough crowd! Didn’t people say the same thing about those Segway thingies? Other than the rare cult-like Segway groups, that was also a flop wasn’t it? Thank goodness for that. We don’t need another invention encouraging more laziness and less activity.

  5. Speaking of (dis)comfort on two wheels. A long 120 mile trip as a novice motorcycle renter is not adviseable.
    When your buttocks scream for relief, the legstand takes over, briefly. Spurred by the prospect of my waiting Peace Corps girlfriend, my torture was finally and adequately compensated but not soothed. Would have taken the bike on the train back to Bangkok—if there had been one.

  6. This contest is part of the silly season ones occuring every week of youth. You know the famous ones. Notably college Spring breaks.

    Here the students of a predominantly university town have one contest where floatable craft are designed by student organizations and are launched upstream of a 5 foot waterfall in the little river. Bizarre costumes and “ships” are de rigeur. The water is very cold then, just above freezing. Alcohol warms they say.

    And so do willing arms, later.

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