Dogged Prosecutor: Chicago Prosecutor For Biting Man Outside Of Adult Sex Shop

The same week that a Cook County prosecutor is being justifiably heralded as a hero for intervening to protect a gay couple, another prosecutor from the same office is under arrest for biting a man outside of an adult shop. Sarah Naughton, 31, has been put on leave so that she is not prosecuting people while awaiting for her own trial or plea for misdemeanor battery and trespassing. She is accused of biting a man on the leg — bringing a new literal meaning to being dogged by a prosecutor.

Naughton and her friend, Bradley Gould, 31, were reportedly intoxicated and visiting Taboo Tabou, which advertises itself as a “Purveyors of Adult Accoutrements, Toys and Lingerie.” Witnesses say that the two were causing a disturbance and asked to leave the shop. Once outside, witnesses say that the couple were flipping the bird at everyone walking by and “acting like jackasses.” When the manager of the business next door The Blue Havana Cigar Lounge reportedly confronted the couple, Naughton allegedly bit him in the leg.

Worse yet, the owner of both stores says that when he told them that they had to leave, Naughton pulled out her badge and said “You can’t do this to me. Do you know who I am?”

To make matters even worse is the video below reportedly showing Naughton under arrest and calling the arresting officer a “b—h” and a “whore.”

Naughton is an eight-year veteran of the prosecutor’s office.

Now here is the question. This was treated as a misdemeanor, though it is worth noting that less serious acts against police officers are routinely charged as a felony, as we have previously discussed. However, it has just been charged as a misdemeanor and Naughton is clearly drunk. Public intoxication is clearly the result of poor judgment and poor conduct. This is obviously also an embarrassment to the office. However, she is not the first person to make an ass of yourself on a drunk binge. Should she be fired for such a lapse if this is an isolated matter? What do you think?

Source: Sun Times

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