Yes, Indeed Mr. Prime Minister, This is a Bomb

One of the things that we teach law students is how to address a jury in understandable terms without talking down to them. It is sometimes a delicate balance in dealing with complex questions or fact patterns. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed how not to strike that balance when he took the entire United Nation’s General Assembly through a “this is a bomb, this is a fuse” demonstration that instantly became a mockery around the world. That was a real missed opportunity when following Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who never fails to offer a clownish, absurd performance. It is one of those debates that you win by showing up and just stating your case . . . until you pull out cutout from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.

What is odd is that Netanyahu has a strong case about the danger of Iran having a bomb but proceeded in dumbing down the presentation to the point of insulting everyone above the level of a pre-schooler. Did anyone actually watch this presentation in advance? Presumably so given the fact that it was prepared for the event. That leads me to think that people around Netanyahu are either so clueless or enabling that no one bothered to tell Netanyahu that it looked ridiculous. In fairness, one of the aides may have said “Prime Minister, this is a bomb” and Netanyahu might have thought he was suggesting an actual line for the presentation.

The funny thing is that he had me at hello in describing the danger of a sponsor of terrorism with the bomb (though I am against a war as the way of addressing proliferation concerns with Iran). Then he pulled out the cartoonish diagram of a bomb and I actually thought he was making some type of joke. He then continued to explain the bomb with Romper Room delivery to the General Assembly. The only thing that he didn’t do was say “this is Billy the Bomb.”

In my view, it is a great example of losing an audience with you delivery. What do you think?

In the end, I do not know why he didn’t show the actual footage of Ahmadinejad heading out to get the bomb:

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  2. ID707,

    I think instead that you should realize the following:
    I was not writing a position paper on the jews, existence of Israel. judgements on the existence of war crimes, etc. I WAS SIMPLY CAUTIONING MATTS JOHNSON THAT ISRAEL WOULD NOT THE AN EASY VICTIM IN A WAR AS HE CLAIMED IT WOULD BE.
    Don’t tell me what I’m claiming. It’s obvious they wouldn’t be an easy victim, but they’re surrounded. Without U.S. support they’re toast.

  3. “This is a bomb….! if taken seriously in with another viewpoint makes it clear that we are capable of annihilating ourselves today.

    We fight and negotiate using the same tools used 8,000 years ago. We rule with generally the same tools those under us. Our capability to “other” your neighbors is extraordinary, and of no little effect.
    Witness the Shía versus Sunni slaughters that went on weekly in Iraq, and presumably do today.

    These problems are highlighted by the speechs made at the UN. Was enforced peace under the threat of arms so bad as under the British protectorate to take one example of many.
    The problem is, as we know, that strife between neighbors is not the problem today. It is world hegemony and resources, whether it is solar panels or oil.
    And so long those driving factors exist, we will be encouraged in our rages to continue to be pawns.

    Seems I have heard that word before.

    Well an imposed uncomfortable peace may be best for all. By that I DO NOT mean an American one. But lacking an alien from space to impose it, I wonder if the American one is the only alternative, or the Chinese, or the Israeli….in all seriousness. But that is another story.

    I’ll close by saying what I did in a comment recently.

    We ARE heading towards and imperial presidency, and an imperial position internationally. For the same reason that Rome left the democratic Senate (with the terrible reality behind that), and embraced the imperial Caesars who became divine. Why. Democracy is too slow in reacting. Military discipline, not exploding bureaucracy.

    Where is the space for the individual. I think we will have to begin to study that problem again.
    Meanwhile we must admit we are up against tyranny, corporate tyranny of the most inhumane kind. The rape of the pension systems and replacement with 401Ks, reduced benefits, withdrawal of health care……all paid in advance, fully funded, and capable of siphoning off into—guess—executive salaries and feeding into the corporate budget as earnings. I diverge. But check out the Ellen Schultz links given yesterday. Both the radio interview and the recorded address by her are excellent.

    So we know who the enemy is: the “job creators”; we know how they work: using “money” to purchase laws, contracts, prevention of enacted regulation, etc.

    “So, whatta you gonna do? says the demonstration leader.
    They are rapidly equipping themselves and organizing against unruly citizens who oppose. The longer we wait the more difficult it will be to effect a change.

    Ellsberg calls for massive civil disobedience.

    Any better ideas. The corporations control so much, that a list would frighten the most hardened.
    Food, fuel, minerals, money, etc. They can make life difficult for the USA. Clinton said to Jon Stewart, that if you don’t know what the money market and our national debt means, then you want survive. (my paraphrase—-the interview is recommended)

    So not wisdom here, just a few observations on where we stand. None originates with me. Much picked up here.

    As some say, our only media sources of truth are the comedy shows, like Stewart and Colbert.

  4. MikeS,

    Let me correct one thing which I have already corrected.

    Immediately after I suggested the one state solution IN JEST, Í returned to say emphasize that it was in jest. Your post, before my second one, made clear that they were 12 million Palestinians.

    How can I prove mine was said in jest. Because in the comment about a one state solution being preferable, I also joked by saying that then we can let the best wife-beater and child-creator win. Meaning it might be a close match. So read that one again. and my following one where I said that if the game was already over in terms of numbers then there was no match. So a proponent of one-state I am not.

    Actually I think it was fine they got some land. JOKE FOLLOWS: About time. No more of this “next year Jerusalem”. Now they have got it.!!!! And that again was an ignorant joke. Ignorant, because I don’t know what the “next year” says to a jew.

    Just a little news: I have NO native tongue. When you are ostracised from 3 years, the only sources are books, newspapers, etc. So I have two languages which I do not speak as a “usual” person does.
    As I have successfully made contacts more often in spontaneous opportunities the last few months, the swedish has become more colloquial.

    When speaking English in America, I strove to speak using the “correct” word, not the words used by others.
    I did not know what others used.

    This is not seeking a victim position or looking for sympathy. It is facts. And what I work with daily.
    So if it is weird or offending words, don’t look for mean spiritedness. Just say: hello, did you know….!

    Enough. It will be a tough exercise learning. Language use changes over time.

    As for paranoia, IRL goes rather well now. But when chastised by you and others who’ve kicked me before, then I may misinterpret intent.

    Glad for the correction. I’ll attempt to start over with you.

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