15 thoughts on “No Lap Dog”

  1. Malisha,
    Not to be mushy, but I wish your Great Whippet could have had 9 lives. Just so I could have met him.

    He sounds like me, only more charming and with 4 legs.

  2. Hick,
    “iD, a good line is after seeing a dog hump a woman just say, “May I cut in.” However, be ready to duck!”


    Or also bitten.

  3. This looks like an FAO-Schwartz dog!

    My grandwhippet used to get all excited and super-curious if there was an animal of any sort on TV. He would run all around the TV (this was pre-flat-screen-mounted-on-wall) sniffing and peering in, under, around, over, trying to find the animals. Not scared, but showing the kind of experiential positions this dog is in the video.

    One day my kid bought a door-mounted mirror, and before fastening it onto a door in the bathroom (where the whippet never went), he left it leaning on a wall in the living room. The dog passed it and got totally freaked by his reflection! He then alternately cowered in a corner and tried passing the mirror again, and then creeping up on it stealthily sniffing but with his tail signalling readiness to high-tail it if the mirror-dog attacked. When I came to show him the mirror and calm him down, he expressed great mistrust toward me and wouldn’t approach. I could almost hear him thinking, “Beta has taken leave of her senses; she is touching the dangerous odor-free beast that can kill her; I want no part of it; she’s on her own.”

  4. iD, a good line is after seeing a dog hump a woman just say, “May I cut in.” However, be ready to duck!

  5. ID, A dog trainer told me if you have a large male dog you should not allow him to sleep w/ your kids, he may try to assert his alpha on them. By sleep w/ them I mean on their bed.

  6. Nick S.,

    Guess it just proves they regard us as just another dog, what with the sniffing and the humpin’.
    And as to alpha, some will challenge younger children as to that position.

    Me, being shy, always when I saw a dog sniff a lady and hump, that why did I not have to courage to do that?

    Maybe if I went forward and asked if I might stand in line for my turn. Hmmmm!

  7. They’re incorrigible butt sniffers, that’s one reason why I love them. Our now deceased Golden Retriever wass also a big time humper. He was the neighborhood dog. You could put a stick in ol’ Kosmo’s eye and he wouldn’t bite. It was interesting to watch because kids, particularly boys, loved to get humped. NTTAWWT.

  8. Lovely dog! It looks like the dog is responding more to the sound than to the image. I have seen dogs respond to their human in the same way when their human talked to them on the phone. Why yes, I have held a phone to a dogs ear so that their human could talk to them, they both seemed to enjoy it. 🙂

    HumpinDog, you seem to run with an interesting pack, biscuits and marrow-bones to you and yours.

  9. The management here at the marina where the Dogalogue machine is located does not allow cameras to record our activities on the computer. Thank Dog for that because I have been known to hump the computer when Bessie is on the screen.

  10. The dog is so beautiful and perfect that one can wonder if it is a clone.

    Rmember “Blade Runner”?

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