Video: Philadelphia Officer Sucker Punches Woman At Heritage Parade

This video shows a ranking Philadelphia officer sucker punching a woman during a parade for Puerto Rican heritage. There is no apparent provocation and the woman was walking away at the time. (Updated below)

The woman is showed being led away bleeding. Even if the officer was provoked by the woman or mistook her for someone else, he does not try to grab her or hold her before the sucker punch. The injury to the woman could have been far more serious as she fell to the concrete. Notably, she was surrounded by officers who could have easily restrained the petite woman.

The white shirt of the officer would indicate someone with supervisory authority. What is most striking is the lack of any reaction from officers. We have previously discussed how, even when departments are forced to act against abusive officers, they rarely move against officer who fail to report such abuse or file reports that omit or misrepresent what they clearly witnessed. I would be interested in reading not just the charge but the reports of other officers after this arrest.

UPDATE: The officer is being identified as Lt. Jonathan Josey and the woman is being cited for spraying silly string at officers at a vehicle stop. That’s right, silly string. If that report is correct, Josey responded with a sucker punch. Josey was previously involved in a shooting of a man who robbed a convenience store.

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  1. Where did skinny dog’s comment go? Everything in moderation, even moderation.

  2. The guy needs a whipping. He also needs to lose some weight. Like ten weeks on short rations in a Philly cell. Pistol whippin is in order. The other guys in uniform who saw this and did nothing to arrest the bad cop need to go South and lose their jobs. East Berlin in the 60s is about right for these guys. Philly. We fly over and flush.

  3. Skinny Dog,

    These folks were celebrating. They had not anticipated that the police would train crowd control on them.
    How about watching the parade next year. Several with silencers can we guess.

  4. What Rafflaw says.
    A long time to cool off and take some punches for this man, if he can be called that.

    Not bragging, because it was stupid of me to stop and let the guys loan my car jack—-but do you know what a punch like that can do. It broke my cheekbone. My pax could rescue me and dríve on. I was out in the back seat. Don’t stop at nights in Oklahoma.

    I survived. Not all who loan jacks to probable car thieves are so lucky.

  5. With a good attorney, she should get a big payday from Philly for this police misconduct. He should get a demotion.

  6. Exactly Woosty……..I do not understand this police ethic of the decent cops sticking up for criminal cops. It is disgusting!

    One criminal in their ranks taints the whole bunch. Let this guy serve some hard time for assault like any ordinary citizen.

  7. rafflaw
    1, October 1, 2012 at 2:16 pm
    so, wouldn’t the decent cops absolutely insist on it? because he makes them all look like drecht…

  8. Disgraceful morally bankrupt cop!

    When the government is crooked,
    The cops are too,
    They are the 1%’s muscle,
    That oppresses you…

    Election boycotts — as a vote of no confidence in this crooked totally hijacked sociopathic corporate owned government — are the only peaceful way out.

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  9. Of course a guy with a rage on would pick a woman as a target.

    He could have punched any of the men milling around. Or he could have punched the guy who threw water. She did nothing that I could see to warrant this vicious attack.

    What a coward.

  10. it appears the cop thought she was the one who sprayed his freshly pressed shirt with water and mistook her for the culprit and lashed out.
    i think that is one cop is now done with policing,(i hope anyways).
    that behaviour is indefensible.

  11. Frankly 1, October 1, 2012 at 11:29 am

    cheeses dredd – how many of JTs 13 million visits do you get to click though to your place?
    Duh link pulice …

  12. Unless the bottle contained acid, I don’t see how a sucker punch would be at all justified.

    This officer should be charged with assault in addition to whatever penalty the department would favor. But, I would expect a demotion to patrol officer would be a minimum penalty. I expect better of supervisory positions as they are a leadership position. I would speculate the white shirt would signify a rank of at least lieutennant and having abusive officers in this rank would lead to other abuses by his subordinates that he might either ignore or sanction as that is often the case when abusive persons hold leadership positions. Not something to have in a department.

    On a side note, I have always taken exception to the use of white uniforms. Coming from a rural county it is tactical blunder in doing so. Talk about officer safety issues, especially at night you stick out out like a target. But that is not the important issue for this discussion.

  13. Oh! forgot to mention, if she threw water somebody needed to, this bully with a badge definitely needed cooling off.

  14. If this type of behavior is exhibited by a ranking officer, It looks like some serious retraining and sensitivity sessions are definitely in order. I hope the police part with some serious cash and the officer should be fired with extreme prejudice. There was no excuse for his behavior. A lot more of this stuff is being documented by citizens. Big brother is not doing all the watching.

  15. hope the officers report is posted on line. would be interesting to see cops descriptions

  16. I didn’t see her do anything except be within a couple of big steps of a bully. Hope she didn’t hit her head on the pavement when she went down.

  17. cheeses dredd – how many of JTs 13 million visits do you get to click though to your place?

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