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I have of course been basking in the warm glow of the ascension of the Chicago Bears, who are now tied for first in the NFC North (a position solidified not only with the 41-3 blowout yesterday against the Jaguars but the loss of the Packers to the Colts). However, nothing quite matches the final play in the game of Trinity against Millsaps College on Saturday, October 27, 2007. The play by play coverage by the announcers is enough to make this worth the watch. The two announcers appear to have a joint aneurysm at the end.

In this final play, Trinity players used a total of 15 laterals to secure the game-winning TD.

On one side note, this announcing was still better than Fox last night. As a Bears fan in Washington, I have to live with the fact that I often cannot watch the Bears play on television even with the Cox NFL package. The featured games go heavily for the Redskins, Ravens and East Coast teams. However, yesterday, the featured game with the Redskins ended and the Fox Team came on to correctly note that Green Bay was facing a huge loss to the Colts — one of the true upsets for the season. They let us watch until the final 2 minutes when the teams were locked in an unbelievable seesaw games. They then cut away from the game and began a long and inane conversation about the games that had already been played that day. Occasionally they would tease the viewers by saying that there is an incredible game going on with the Packers and they would not return to the game. Instead they joked and chattered about their impressions from the day, including the importance of team work and having a deep bench (that’s right, you heard it on Fox: team work is important). They only cut back to the game for the final field goal attempt by the Packers for a few seconds. It was hands down the worst judgment I have seen in television coverage in years and is another example of “personalities” becoming more important than the game itself. Watching the cliffhanger, upset game itself was less important that hearing these guys talking about football games. Thanks Fox.

I’ll take the two guys at the Trinity-Millsaps game over the FOX-NFL team any day.

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  1. bettykath, Fair or not, that’s the reality. There are heroes and goats. I’m actually w/ you, but I am also a realist.

  2. tayz0r, Right. One guy’s the hero when it took the whole team to advance the ball on that play.

  3. Malisha, What a rational thing to propose! LOL Maybe if we took up a collection?

  4. Professional football has so much money! They could give each team its own ball and they wouldn’t have to fight! :mrgreen:

  5. I was at Trinity when this happened! It was easily the most memorable moment of our college experience, and the guy who scored became a campus celebrity.

  6. That outdoes the famous Stanford v California game in 1982. The only thing missing was a band in the end zone.

  7. An outstanding example of teamwork – finding the right person in the right place to advance to the objective.

  8. There are some NFL rules about how much of other games can be shown. IIRC, the network can’t show any of the second game past 4:15 pm ET.

  9. The fact that no flags were thrown is noteworthy. Ed Hochuli would have thrown 10 if he had them!

  10. Da Bears did come alive in the second half to make it a runaway victory.
    This Div 3 finish was unbelievable and as said earlier, the announcers were obviously Trinity fans! I have never seen that many laterals actually succeed!

  11. I have a MUCH bigger beef w/ what Fox has done to the superior game, that being baseball.

    Jay Cutler has a million dollar arm and a ten cent head. He’s not a leader which is what a quaterback needs to be if your goal is to win a championship. He is disparaged not just by the media, but also by his teammates. Being diabetic, I want to like him but well…he’s no Ron Santo.

  12. First of all that is probably the most exciting football play that I have ever seen. Secondly, as Dredd said it looked a lot like Rugby, which is a game I love but get to watch little. Thirdly though and the truth is our Professor used this clip to draw us in to the real reason for his ire, that being the FOX networks football coverage and the great season that his beloved Bears are having. The truth is that FOX football coverage sucks and always has. It is rife with cross-promotions, that ugly robot, animated football figure that takes up too much screen and an announcing staff that believes they are the stars.

    Finally, although I’m primarily a NY Jets fan (of futility) and often root for the NY Giants by default, I’ve always had a warm spot in my heart for the Bears and Papa Halas. I also like Jay Cutler because he has been disparaged by the football establishment for much of his career, even though I think he is quite talented and exciting to watch. Sometime, when it is appropriate, I will do my rant on why Ruppert Murdoch is responsible for turning American sports into a reflection of his rapacious sensibilities, which harkens directly back to his purchase of the NY Post.

  13. Anonymously Yours 1, October 8, 2012 at 8:43 am

    The bears are tied for first place……oh my…..


    Ever watch Australian Football….. I did back in college…. It was a trip……

    My daughter played Rugby in college. Since she is so feminine, a good school teacher and mother, I could not figure that one out.

    Wat up wid the Australian Football? Soccer like?

  14. The bears are tied for first place……oh my…..


    Ever watch Australian Football….. I did back in college…. It was a trip……


    I’m sure MikeS has a melancholy memory of that call.

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