Two-Thirds of Americans Polled Support Separation of Churches From Politics

A Pew Research Center survey has shown that, despite the faith-based politics of both Democratic and Republican leaders, most citizens like separation of church and state — including separation from politics. Two-thirds said that religious organizations should not endorse or openly support candidates. For a prior column on the issue, click here.

Since 1954, the IRS has imposed limits on the political activities of tax-exempt organizations, including churches and other religious institutions. Both parties have been actively organizing churches and church leaders.

Recently churches joined together to challenge this rule and openly support candidates from the pulpit.

What is astonishing is that our leaders continue to work hard to incorporate religious leaders and institutions into our political system while much of the world struggles with the instability and violence caused by such entanglement. We have largely avoided the unrest seen in other countries with our commitment to separation, but it continues to be under attack by members of both parties.

Source: PEW

54 thoughts on “Two-Thirds of Americans Polled Support Separation of Churches From Politics”

  1. Repetition is also the key to brainwashing and housebreaking. Artie doesn’t realize the internal contradictions of his statements any more than others can tolerate his infernal parroting of the Bible and religion as he comprehends it. He cannot separate his religion and his morals, so he cannot comprehend how moral decisions can be made without a formalized religion to base morals on.
    I refuse to be considered a Christian, not because I have problems with Jesus, but because I will not be confused with or like Artie. I refuse to acknowledge any formal religion for the same reason. I have my faith and my beliefs, but they’re mine and no matter what I base anything I do on, my morals and the strength of them will stand on their own or fall no matter what. I’m a born citizen of the USA, and I support my freedom if religion by not revealing it.
    Artie, Matt 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pay to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly

    1. If this was like Sodahead or youtube I could edit what write, but this web page is not like that. That is why you see what you see. Jesus does not contradict himself. Not good to accuse. To accuse is being immoral. Satan accuses. Religion would call some kind of sex or nudity immoral, but God made both. Moral is loving your neighber as yourself. Persecuting religions break that Mora law. Legal sytem breaks that moral; law too.That means church,and state are the same. I refuse to be part of a religion too. Religion is against me. How come you do not see this? I agree with Matt: 6,6, religions do Just the opposite to get the praise of men. I do not do that.

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