Wait, Wait, There’s More! QVC Host Continues to Hawk Items After Co-Host Passes Out

This YouTube video shows a rather bizarre scene as QVC co-host Cassie Lane passes out. However her co-host continues to pitch the sale without missing a beat.

The passing out of the co-host did not interrupt the selling of the tablet for children. This is not the first time that Lane has passed out. She reportedly passed out on the air in 2010.

She has clearly passed out on her co-host who continued to hawk the tablet. That is why the “C’ in QVC stands for class.

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  1. It’s clear that Cassie Shane suffers from severe hypoglycemia if not type II Diabetes mellitus. She hadn’t eaten all the night before and that morning (said on Today show w/Matt Lauer). Her blood sugar was way off. This is a common occurrence. The present CIA director (Gen. David Petreaus) did the same thing on camera about a 2-1/2 years ago (time-stamp 02:14 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cigr7b1B1cg&feature=related).

    I had a guy do this in an elevator and I couldn’t catch him. He bashed the back of his head on the railing and woke up a few seconds later like nothing even happened. Said it was the 2nd time that day too. He too had poor blood sugar control and had not eaten. I tried to catch him but a dead-weight fall makes you helpless. A human body (he was about 185 lbs 5’11) falls like a bag of bricks. If you aren’t prepared for a dead-weight capture forget about it.

    When she was grabbing for her chest I feel she was trying to reach for a glucose or insulin pen or a baggie of sugar she had in her blouse pocket. But she didn’t have enough time and out she went like a light. QVC had 2-EMT medics take care of her off-camera and they probably gave her a glucose IV or used her personal stuff. She did this before back 2 years ago too.

    Dan Hughes did the right thing and did the “show must go on” thing. However, QVC could have at least explained what was going on. Dan did NOT step over her body as many people falsely think. He was very concerned about her safety.

  2. Malisha 1, October 10, 2012 at 2:05 am

    Matt J, “Is that a selling point, or not?” Depends upon whether you’re selling an object or you’re selling sociopathic behavior showing a human being failing to respond with ordinary necessary co-living-thing conduct to the obvious crisis of another living thing. I think if a host had ignored the collapse of a dog or a cat on stage he would have been mobbed and beaten half to death. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?
    Okay, I think she was either too nervous for the job or it was staged.

  3. That’s pretty heartless. I can’t believe he kept plugging away like a human being wasn’t more important that some item they were pushing for profit!

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