Wait, Wait, There’s More! QVC Host Continues to Hawk Items After Co-Host Passes Out

This YouTube video shows a rather bizarre scene as QVC co-host Cassie Lane passes out. However her co-host continues to pitch the sale without missing a beat.

The passing out of the co-host did not interrupt the selling of the tablet for children. This is not the first time that Lane has passed out. She reportedly passed out on the air in 2010.

She has clearly passed out on her co-host who continued to hawk the tablet. That is why the “C’ in QVC stands for class.

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  1. Wasn’t this a good thread to joke on all day? Whazzup?

    Hello out there…….! (classic line frem a one-act play)

  2. Ron Popeil certainly appreciated the guy’s response. And, while I agree it was heartless, that’s a guy I want as copilot on all my flights.

  3. This is something I think many businesses don’t understand. People WANT to see ethical behavior from the businesses they patronize. The default attitude of everyone was that they had to keep selling because that is their job. They think that viewers will suddenly stop calling in to buy products if they break the script. But what they get is a backlash. People think “How callous! How mercenary! How greedy!” I would bet that a significant percentage of their calls weren’t to order the kid-friendly Android tablets, but to ask if she was ok. What if the host and crew had responded the way they should have? Then people would have felt :These are wonderful people! I am going to buy one of those tablets just because they deserve my business after that!”

  4. Where are the media pros here? This “selling” is supposed to be recorded in advance, although with a “live” feel. Or isn’t it?

    Tangent: Isn’t it peculiar that their are a statistical fraction of viewers that respond to these pitchs? Remember your first visit to a fair and listening to a hawker? Did you get the urge to buy? I did.

  5. What _is_ wrong though? Obviously the problem was known and acknowledged, presumably while the image was off an army of professionals were taking care of her. Stopping the show wouldn’t help her, so what exactly is wrong with continuing?

  6. Matt J, “Is that a selling point, or not?” Depends upon whether you’re selling an object or you’re selling sociopathic behavior showing a human being failing to respond with ordinary necessary co-living-thing conduct to the obvious crisis of another living thing. I think if a host had ignored the collapse of a dog or a cat on stage he would have been mobbed and beaten half to death. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?

  7. Let’s see. She passes out with her hand on her chest, and is that a selling point? Am I being insensitive? Is that a selling point, or not?

  8. Unbelievable. I could see the control room going to a short notice commercial break, even if a little awkward, then coming back a few minutes later to announce she was ok or something to assure the viewers of her condition. But to continue on to hawk goods? Looks bad for the network.

    I don’t think the makers of the widget they were selling would at all worry the sale of their good had to be postponed for a short time to address the woman’s medical needs. And, if they did object; well they’ll just have to deal with it.

    But there is another side to it. I guess one point of view could have been that the male announcer wanted to do his job and not let the viewers or the widget maker down by not continuing as the contract required.

    Yet things happened pretty quickly here and I suppose they tried to make the best of it. Retrospect can be very easy in cases like this. it is what it is, maybe I should hold judgement and temper my earlier shock at this.

  9. Sounds like a bit much. Maybe they should have sold ice cream instead.

    Add some hot fudge. I think she could have manged that.

  10. That’s not “fainting,” that’s some kind of cardiac event, and it isn’t funny. That’s why she’s motioning to her chest. I hope they have a defibrillator at hand.

  11. raf,

    Pretty quick work by the Control Room too. It’s entertainment … the show goes on.

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