35 thoughts on “Lesley Gore’s PSA”

  1. OS:

    I see nothing wrong with trading with other countries. The hats which Romney bought probably cost 3 dollars each or less. If Bills Khakis are any indication about the cost of American made clothing Obama’s hats probably cost 20 bucks each.

    That is 17 dollars that the Romney Campaign can spend on other things made in America and otherwise.

    Your understanding of economics is amazingly similar to the President’s.

  2. Blouise,
    As I read it, rMoney and Ryan are voting for the Chinese, not the other way around. That is the only logical explanation.

    As for kickbacks, I would not be the least surprised to learn that Chinese money has found its way into rMoneys campaign coffers.

  3. OS,

    Are any of those Chinese workers going to vote for Romney? Maybe some of those Chinese factory owners have offered Mitt a kickback ….

  4. Bron,
    Your mental gymnastics defy all the laws of man and nature. I never cease to be amazed at the leaps, twists and spins you use to explain away something as simple as the Romney campaign buying their gear from China, while the Obama campaign buys all American made, from union shops if they can.

    There was a flap earlier in the year when the Romney campaign was caught flying an American flag with a “Made in China” label. They quickly regrouped and have been using flags with either no label or “Made in America” since then. It appears they have continued to be sloppy about outsourcing their other merchandise.

  5. BRUCE:

    Bush spent close to a billion dollars on his wall street buddies, you dont see a problem with that?

    This president was given a major war and a shi++y economy. You can argue about the philosophical differences on how it should have been handled, I think Keynes is wrong but a good bit of the animosity against this Pres is that he is black.

    It has nothing to do with Keynes or laissez faire. Which is what it should be about. Unfortunately many in this country see a black man instead of a Keynesian. If you ask most people why they are voting against him, they will say because of jobs or the deficit. Try and get them to explain in some fashion why we have deficits and high unemployment, my guess is they cannot.

  6. Otteray Scribe:

    I have to admit, that does say something.

    How much did the hats cost?
    Where they donations from the unions?
    Did an American company sell the hats to Romney’s campaign and put Americans to work or did he buy them straight from the Chinese?
    Did an American ship bring them to LA?
    Did American workers off load them at LA?
    Did American truckers bring them to the seller?
    Did American workers package and sort them for distribution?
    Did UPS and Fedex workers deliver them?
    Did Americans feed the truckers?
    Did the truckers buy American gas?
    Was the gas refined by American workers?
    Did the oil come from American wells?
    Did the eggs and bacon used to make the truckers breakfast come from an American farm?

    But it really doesnt say much except that Romney has to buy his hats with his campaign money instead of American workers union dues. Many of whom are looking for work and many of whom will not vote for the Pres. All in all I would say buying hats in China with your money is better than sponging off working men and women who may or may not support you.

  7. Bron:
    “a great job”
    Like bailing out Democratic bundlers at Solandra with tax payer money.
    Like bailing out the union auto workers and screwing the bond holders and
    non union workers at G.M. and Crysler with tax payer money.
    Like letting the ambassador hang out dry in Lybia.
    Being Black has nothing to do with it, but someone that has their head up their a$$ think thats the problem

    1. “someone that has their head up their a$$ think thats the problem”

      How’s the weather down there for you Bruce. I imagine it’s also dark for you.

  8. Bruce:

    how could it be his record, he has done a great job. it is because he is black.

  9. Swm, You mean everyone turned aganist Obama all of a sudden because he’s half black, or could it be that he now has a record to run on?

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