35 thoughts on “Lesley Gore’s PSA”

  1. The poignancy of Lesley reminding us that that song was a hit 48 years ago, juxtaposed with the attempts today to put women again in chains, is that the fight for freedom is never ever ends. Each new generation brings with it sociopaths and their followers who would put us in chains for their personal pleasure and benefit. I’m not sure who said it but truly the price for freedom is constant vigilance.

  2. “Mitt Romney is endorsed by singers who can’t sing, guitarists who can’t play, and comedians who aren’t funny.” Charles Johnson

  3. Yes! Women need to unite to take back control of our bodies.
    Also, workers have to take back their rights not to have to promote and vote for a candidate management supports. We have to find a way to hold the banner “You Don’t Own Me” high in both circumstances. Our current downward spiral of taking away individuals’ rights should be referred to as the Era of Regression.

  4. Bruce, which would be cheaper? Paying for contraception, or support an unwanted kid with SSI and Medicaid until he or she is grown?

  5. Two words for you: Stupak Pitts. Here’s a couple more: Hyde Amendment.

    If Dems are such big champions of women’s rights, why do those phrase even exist?

    Oh, yeah, ERA??? Don’t tell me the Dems haven’t been in charge of Congress & the White House anytime since it was introduced.

    Women need to organize independently of both the parties. Oh, and this time you could vote for a woman doctor who supports women much more than the collective Dems: Jill Stein.

  6. The Democratic party has it so right!!! Women only vote on women’s issues. We are not stupid enough to vote on the economy, foreign affairs, etc.

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