Sandy Goes Sharia: Syrians Claim Storm Was Engineered By Iranians and Sent To U.S. By Syrian Special Forces

Having finally made it home and reunited with my children after being stranded in New Orleans, it was a shock to learn that Sandy was not a natural disaster but, according to various Syrians, a vehicle of Islamic justice sent by their special forces with the help of the Iranians. Getting stuck in the blizzard in the mountains with Leslie in our rented jeep, I should have seen the hand of the Bashar al-Assad given the wanton destruction caused by the storm. Yet, somehow I like this better than Hurricane Katrina being sent by God to punish us for homosexuality or earthquakes sent to punish “pacts with the Devil,” according to Pat Robertson.

In Syria, the view that Sandy was a Syrian special op is the rage on the Internet with pro-government activists. One pro-government group (News Network of the Syrian Armed Forces) declared “Sources confirmed to us that Hurricane Sandy that is slamming the U.S. was set off by highly advanced technologies developed by the heroic Iranian regime that supports the resistance, with coordination of our resistive Syrian regime.” Now I wonder who those sources might be?

The group went on to explain “This is the punishment for whoever dares to attack Syria’s (Bashar) al-Assad and threaten peace and stability.” That might tick off Cuba, which has supported Syria and Iran but was left decimated by its Iranian-engineered hurricane.

Regime supporters however expressed disbelief that some would doubt the obvious special op: “Why are you surprised by such a heroic act that our special forces carried out with the help of the Iranian experts? Yes this is the great work of the brave lions of Syria in retaliation to the evil conspiracy against our great nation. We will have our victory even if it will take some time.”

I actually heard that the original design for Sharia Sandy was to actually throw off lions. Now that would really freak people out. I do find it interesting that Robertson believes hurricanes are just sent by God automatically as punishment but the Syrians had to turn to the Iranians to manufacture a hurricane hit.

Leslie and I were able to take shelter (no thanks to the Syrians apparently) in a no-tell motel on the side of I-81. We tried to beat the blizzard to get to our kids after driving from New Orleans. (They turned out fine with electricity and our wonderful sitter and her husband at our house). We slammed right into the bizarre hurricane generated blizzard. Visibility went to zero and we were barely able to get off the road. However, we were able to push on in the morning and make it home. We did not even have to crack into our survival kit of Moon Pies bought in Alabama (large boxes of Moon Pies are hard to find in McLean). It was quite an adventure but 1100 miles later, we made it as the storm was still dissipating.

To Assad, I will only say this: your hurricane came and went. However, we remain standing tall and defiant with a Moon Pie in one hand and a Big Gulp in the other. This is America, Buddy. We have shown over and over again that, with sufficient refined sugar and caffeine, we can stand up to anything.

Source: CNN

36 thoughts on “Sandy Goes Sharia: Syrians Claim Storm Was Engineered By Iranians and Sent To U.S. By Syrian Special Forces

  1. THATS NOT TRUE! I have it on the most reliable of sources – an email forwarded to me by a wingnut relative – that Sandy was cause by Obama to prevent the upcoming election, round up Christians and relocate them to FEMA camps for re-education. This email must be true since it quotes several unnamed sources deep in the government.

  2. Delusion upon delusion.

    The Republicans think the scientific assessment of systemic damage to the global climate realm is the greatest hoax ever fostered on humanity.

    Fundamentalism is the exercise of avoiding issues intellectually.

    The key is to understand that the global climate is a system which operates in a systemic way:

    Yes, global warming systemically caused Hurricane Sandy — and the Midwest droughts and the fires in Colorado and Texas, as well as other extreme weather disasters around the world. Let’s say it out loud, it was causation, systemic causation.

    Systemic causation is familiar. Smoking is a systemic cause of lung cancer. HIV is a systemic cause of AIDS. Working in coal mines is a systemic cause of black lung disease. Driving while drunk is a systemic cause of auto accidents. Sex without contraception is a systemic cause of unwanted pregnancies.

    There is a difference between systemic and direct causation. Punching someone in the nose is direct causation. Throwing a rock through a window is direct causation. Picking up a glass of water and taking a drink is direct causation. Slicing bread is direct causation. Stealing your wallet is direct causation. Any application of force to something or someone that always produces an immediate change to that thing or person is direct causation. When causation is direct, the word cause is unproblematic.

    Systemic causation, because it is less obvious, is more important to understand.

    (Lakoff, HuffPo).

  3. This is patently wrong. Everyone knows that the weather, just like banking and Hollywood, is controlled by a secret Jewish cabal. Oh, that and the secret U.S. government program known as HAARP based on the works of Nikola Tesla. Oh, and some guy in Poughkeepsie named Ed. And David Berkowitz’s dog.


  4. Did anyone else watch the “What if a major hurricane hit New York City?” episode on The Weather Channel series “It Could Happen Tomorrow!“?

    It depicted exactly what happened with Hurricane Sandy, in terms of subway flooding, etc., because of storm surge, etc.

  5. Glad to hear Prof Turley made it home safely and had an adventure. I think this one would be a good USA Today column, and I hope he submits it.

    I repeat my suggestion that it might be a good solution to his airline woes if he got a pilots license and a plane or go in as partners in one. It is a ton of fun as well as being useful. Since OS lives around his neighborhood, he might be able to give him some instruction or suggestions on how to proceed and the kind of plane that would meet his needs.

  6. Here is a photo of the impact of Sandy from space. Unfortunately, the changing climate is going to make these kinds of events more common in the near future. I see that Rep. Peter King (R-Asylum) says that government must move slowly so that rescue money to the victims is not spent on Gucci handbags.

  7. When I was stranded in New Orleans it coincided with Mardi Gras and I called my job and told them about my car being broke down. When I drove back through a snow storm we got stranded in Cotton Plant, Arkiansas and almost got run over by a teenager. When I got back home to Detroit my dachson was fat because the nanny fed him too much. The kids in my class were well behind in their studies because I had been gone and flunked their bar exams. It was a bar tending school so they drowned their failures in sorrow and took it the next week and passed– out. The class took up a collection for my dog nanny and the dog got back on his diet of Armour Hot Dogs.

    In the long view of things I had a blast, the teenager with the car in Cotton Plant did not get a ticket, the dog lost weight on the Armour Hotdogs, the students all got good bar tending jobs, the nanny bought a freezer full of Armour Hotdogs. Oh, I am a guide dog for a partially blind guy.

  8. This sounds as stupid as CNN’s claims about “Iranian drones over Syria”.

    Contrary to the quote, there are lies big enough that people won’t believe.

  9. P Smith 1, October 31, 2012 at 10:44 am

    This sounds as stupid as CNN’s claims about “Iranian drones over Syria”.

    Contrary to the quote, there are lies big enough that people won’t believe.
    Interesting point.

    This year’s presidential debates were the first since 1988 to fail to address global warming induced climate change.

    Rushing into that vacuum are weird ideologies not based on science, but rather based on demented cognition, hate, and fear.

    We are in Groundhog Day mode unless and until we face the challenge.

    The challenge to stop anthropogenic pollution.

  10. Welcome home Prof. Turley. Driving without seeing is tough on the nerves.

    Now unfortunately you can say that about most of the leaders of the world, including Assad.

    And with Romney as Prez, he’ll need Ryan to tell which flop or was it flip that he is supposed to do next.

    Obama at least drives a consistent line—-hard right.

    I wonder what they will call it when Iran eats up Iraq, and then Syria, and then Lebanon? You know, tell the UN what their new name is.
    Will it be Auntie Saudi?

    BTW, the Syrians have just proved what I’ve always believed—that the NHC is infiltrated by muslims, shiites of course.

  11. Professor Turley,

    If you have any Moon Pies left, I challenge you to open and eat one live on an apppropriate TV interview.

    Tell’em that you gave some to Obama to help him find his way back to the Constitution. Obama of course replied: “I prefer the white coconut ones”.

  12. For those wondering what this was meant to say:
    “BTW, the Syrians have just proved what I’ve always believed—that the NHC is infiltrated by muslims, shiites of course.”

    I meant that how else could the NHC have known that Sandy would doa hard left (Obama victory?) inot Mew Jersey, just between our nations two campitals.

    New York City with WS as our center of government; and Washingtom as the combined center for financial improvidence and farcical entertainment.

    You get to rest now (from scrolling by me), as it is hunger time. And sadly no Moon Pies. Guess it will be PNBJ sandwiches.

  13. Having never had a moon pie, these comments are making me feel very deprived. I am headed out to buy a Gucci bag to console myself.

  14. ARE, I would be glad to offer my ideas and suggestions should anyone, including Professor Turley decide to buy a plane and learn to fly. You may have heard the old joke that if you want to survive the crash, buy a Beechcraft. If you want to avoid the crash altogether, buy a Cessna.

    I do not advise anyone to buy an airplane with the notion of using it just for trips. One needs to fly…a lot..just to keep current. If one is going to fly in high density airspace such as the DC area, then the need for practice goes up exponentially. I have lost several friends who tried to get home quickly. One was a very high time pilot who took off in his Piper Malibu into a 400 foot overcast two days before Christmas at Rochester, NY. Think about that. December 23; Rochester, NY and low overcast. Recipe for disaster in a plane with no anti-icing capability. They found the wreckage approximately two miles from the airport. Impact angle was 85 degrees.

    My advice to anyone who is thinking about buying an airplane: If you want to fly and have the time, then by all means. Buying one for transportation only is not a good idea, unless you are getting a corporate aircraft and can hire an experienced crew. ONLY get an airplane well within your budget and skill level. JFK, Jr. learned the hard way that you do not start out as a low time pilot in a high performance complex airplane.

    There is one more thing about airplanes. Everyone has heard the joke about a boat being a hole in the water into which you throw money. Well, an airplane is a hole on the ramp into which you throw money.

  15. I could not agree with you more. For a new low time pilot joining a club is probably the best bet. You can spread the cash over a larger number of pilots, and you can usually find a hungry CFI who would be glad to build some time flying right seat if the weather and other considerations require it.
    It is incredible that any pilot would take off from ROC in the winter into low IMC with no icing capability. I damn near bought the farm on my first flight as a new SA 227 captain doing the same thing out of SYR. We did have anti-icing equipment, and I barely cleared the tops at 8000′ with full power, and the plane shaking so badly I could not read the instruments the icing was so bad. I was down to 120kts and barely stayed in the air. I had to declare an emergency and divert to ROC. ATC cleared me to descend, and I refused since I said there would be NO problem getting down. By the time I got to ROC we had shed enough ice we could continue to CVG.

    As for JFKJr when I heard he had crashed, and the conditions, I knew he had done the graveyard spiral. If he had had an instrument rating, perhaps it would not have happened. Just goes to show that what is legal is not always wise.

    My Uncle learned to fly at age 72 and he has been flying out of a club with other folks. He recently lost his medical, so he is grounded as a pilot, but he still loves to fly with other pilots. I think that Prof. Turley would be willing to take your advice and input. I do very little VFR flying except in my local area which I know well, and even then I use flight following. Any trips I always go IFR especially in the DC area. That way, the controller, not me, will get in trouble if I stray into prohibited areas.

  16. ARE,
    I was watching an episode of Pawn Stars, the reality show about the guys who own a big pawn shop out in Las Vegas. A guy was trying to sell an AT-6. The pawn guy said he had been wanting to learn to fly, and was considering buying the AT-6, since he knew it had been used as a trainer.

    I was incredulous. I have some AT-6 time and am familiar with their handling characteristics. 600 horsepower radial engine, complex airplane, and a tail dragger. What could possibly go wrong?

    Fortunately for the pawn guys, they could not get together on price. I guess nobody told him the “A” in AT-6 meant “advanced.”

  17. I saw the same program, and I saw nothing but disaster looming if they tried to learn in it. Of course, I know of no CFI who would be stupid enough to give a novice instruction in that plane. I have a couple of hours in it too, and from the rear seat, you are totally blind. Crosswind landings are impossible from the rear seat since you cannot see a damn thing. It is a great advance trainer though, and it has nasty stall spin characteristics that will kill an unwary student. Get it slow and do an unco-ordinated turn with a lot of rudder, and you will be learning spin recovery techniques. It flies like a dream in the air though, it is light on the controls which really surprised me and very responsive.

  18. A large box of Moonpies and a no-tell motel, is that the American dream or what?:-) Welcome back Professor.

    Every time there is a natural disaster or tragedy some of our religious “leaders” make some stupid and callous statements regarding the disaster being the fault of some particular group or behavior or legislation, generally discriminatory and hate-filled remarks. I’m always embarrassed by this. Those statements go out into the world and as an American I’m embarrassed by this level of stupidity and meanness being publicly aired to the world as our own. So in a way, I’m kind of glad that the Assad supporters have said these ridiculous things; this time around our own crazy people won’t be the only crazy people making crazy pronouncements and at least some of them may get lost in the shuffle.

  19. lottakatz
    1, October 31, 2012 at 5:34 pm
    A large box of Moonpies and a no-tell motel, is that the American dream or what?

    be still my heart

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